Mahou Senshi Riui

Title:Mahou Senshi Riui
Louie The Rune Soldier
Rune Soldier
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Notables: Animation - JC Staff
INOUE Kikuko
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
The three-woman adventure team is almost perfect. With Melissa, the Priestess (blonde); Merrill, the Thief (brown); and Genie, the Swordswoman (red), they need only a mage to balance out their team. Their efforts to recruit a student-sorceress at a magic college town are turned down flat, but the student recommends her good friend, Louie. Louie is a sorcery student who is more interested in barhopping and brawling than his studies (Oh, did I mention that Louie is a guy). Later when Melissa has a holy revelation that the headstrong, brain-weak, and all-around beefy wizard-in-training Louie is to be her champion, a choosen warrior whom she is tasked to help achieve greatness, she can only comment “IT IS AGAINST MY WILL!” But it would seem fate has a nasty sense of humor, and the three adventurers find themselves having to break-in a new team member.

In a strange link to Lodoss Tou Senki (OAV), Rune Soldier is actually set during the same time as Lodoss War and is located on an island to the North. The creator of Lodoss War (who is the creater of Rune Soldier) confirmed this.

24 TV episodes (released in 2001)
Produced by J.C.STAFF

Licensed by ADV for R1/USA release under the title Rune Soldier

1:01min Series Trailer/Opening - ANN Video
[edit] The ↗Lodoss franchise:

Lodoss continent: Northern Island (same setting, different story/characters): Crystania continent (far future, some characters from Lodoss):
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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 1893
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Watch 7 6 7 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:552#1552]
Rune Soldier Louie's meant to be a parody of the medieval fantasy-adventure genre focused on student mage Louie partnering with a team of female adventurers. The gimmick here is that despite being a mage, Louie's cluelessness usually lands him and his companions in more trouble than they can handle. The majority of episodes feature Louie and his companions going on adventures or getting in some sort of shenanigans concerning magical items or their personal quirks. This could be a hoot if you are looking for a pure comedy dabbling into fantasy-adventure tropes. But if you also like your fair share of seriousness mixed in with the comedy as Slayers does, you may be disappointed going through Rune Soldier as the series mostly gets by on comedy and only has a single story arc in the final three episodes of the series devoted to a half-hearted effort at serious storytelling. Beyond the typical character types milked by Louie and his companions, there largely isn't much else to get attached to with them. While I did enjoy some of the comedy milked with the series, it did gradually wear on me over time due to the show's length and the lack of dimension with the cast. In short, whether or not you like a fantasy-adventure parody will make or break your enjoyment of this series.

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Rent 7 8 8 7 8 8 Dreamer [series:552#2279]
This is one of those series that doesn't look impressive at first glance..... and isn't impressive at first watch.... and doesn't get impressive by the end of the last episode. However, it still somehow is really enjoyable to watch.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork and animation was average looking. I wasn't that great but it was acceptable. Animation seemed a bit choppy at times but hardly noticeable really. As for character designs, they were a bit on the bland site in terms of detail, but they were still well rounded and most were loveable.

The OP was sorta like a lullaby. Not too bad but sounded a bit childish. Actually, after listening to it a few times over, It kinda grew on me. The ED was a rock piece.... sounded like a 80's piece even though this series is from 2001.

Series and Episode Story
This one was a fun series to watch. Characters were all lovable and the episodes had some good moments of laughter from some lap-stick humor. One thing for sure, this series can't be taken seriously. I mean, sure there's a really cool warrior chick, a swift little loli thief, a beautiful temple priestess.... and a block-headed male magician. This series is meant to be more fun and humerous than a serious one. As for the plot, there wasn't really one to speak of up until about the last 3 episodes. Then we get a small little plot that actually wasn't all that bad. The episodes prior (most), were simply episodic... meaning they were simply a story per episode... which were enjoyable.

Overall, it was a fun series to watch. Characters were lovable and you'll be laughing more times than not through each episode.

Last updated Saturday, March 06 2010. Created Saturday, March 06 2010.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:552#628]
(14 episodes watched):

I once went to visit a small anime club. The result was disappointing: the members seemed to just sit around and do things by themselves, without talking much to each other. Basically, they didn't do anything which I couldn't already do at home. But I did learn one thing: they were watching a show called Louie the Rune Soldier, which seemed like fun. Back at home I found a relatively cheap box set available on the internet, and ordered it.

...several years later I find myself with some time on my hands (due to the relative mediocrity of the Fall '09 season) and at last open the set up. This seems a show which does a great job of laying out its premise and grabbing my interest with its opening episode. Although I could guess what was going to happen regarding louie and Melissa (who is hypercute), it was handled in a fun manner. Often times my interest wanders away from a series' plot because it is too complicated but at the same time not interesting enough to hold it. This show, however, seems to have the right balance. I don't know if the long term plot will remain in my memory for long, but LtRS is definitely a silly show which ought to be fun. I did a little research and learned that this was written by the author of the famous fantasy series Record of Lodoss War, sort of like a self-parody. My only problem is that Louie gets beaten up by the girls too much when he hasn't really done anything to deserve it. The jokes aren't roll-on-the-floor funny, but they are definitely funnier than average.

However, "average" is a pretty low standard nowadays. I can't help concluding that although good, LtRS isn't the great show that I'd been hoping for. Episodes sometimes seem to peter out without much resolution.

My favorite line (so far): "If everything went according to plan, it wouldn't be an adventure!" --Louie

Last updated Wednesday, January 06 2010. Created Saturday, December 05 2009.
Buy Forbin [series:552#1573]
Anime Type
Story Line24 Episodes

It's a BUY-

While I love this series, it's a comedy so it immediately got a point for that. It's about Fantasy and that's another point. The primary plot though it's a bit weak. While it has one, it's like 1/2 episode of plot then POOF! 3 episode of plot and it's over. The evil guy didn't even make a real appearance until Episode 23.

Another is they left too many loopholes open (Maybe the manga didn't finish?). Celestia is a open plot hole, and why Jennifer wants Melissa to sleep with Louie. (I was hoping something on the lines of he being her Illegitmate Son or something like that).

Nothing is resolved though I think Louie is finally a True (but perverted) Champion

I was thinking this is a Harem since there are 4 girls involved. (Actually 5), but no, the only girl that is really after Louie is Ila and maybe Celestia.

It's just ripe for another Season. Too bad they didn't make one.

Also this is yet ANOTHER anime by Kikuko Inoue, doesn't that lady EVER sleep?

Last updated Wednesday, October 26 2005. Created Monday, October 24 2005.
Rent 9 9 4 5 5 7 The Coyote [series:552#64]
Ok this isn't going to make anyone's top 10 list. (it's not even in my top 20) but it is definatly worth watching. And for the avid anime fan even worth renting. (or for the anime Freak like myself worth byeing.) Louie at first is painful to watch in more ways than one but as the show progresses the real strenth of this series shines through in that without knowing it you actually start becomeing attached to characters that are very Cliche. For most anime fans this will come across as a C+ series that is fun to watch but as a rule forgetable story line and cookie cutter charater desine make this a Rent.

Last updated Sunday, May 30 2004. Created Sunday, May 30 2004.
Rent 8 8 9 7 9 7 Buzze [series:552#1034]
having seen a dozen episodes:
A female adventuring team urgently needs a magician who can open a ruin. Unfortunately, no female magicians are available, and they end up with Riui, a student at the university.
Riui turns out to be a real troublemaker, an idiot, a ... well, anything but adventuring material.
Problem is, because of some bad timed coincidence, Melissa is forced to accept him as her hero, revealed by her goddess to help him out on his quest. So the team ends up dragging him along on their adventures, hoping that he will finally learn something about being a hero, or a magician.
The art is quite nice, the music nothing special but the stories are quite funny. Although this one doesn't stand out, it's definitely worth a rent. Until now, there's no sign of boredom around.

Last updated Tuesday, November 11 2003. Created Tuesday, November 11 2003.
Buy 8 7 9 8 8 0 Jan-Chan [series:552#967]
This is a fun series.

A well seasoned adventuring team of three women; a warrior, a thief and priestess decide that they need a mage to round out their team. Well, what they end up with is Louie, a burly and lazy student of magic who would rather use his magic wand to club the monsters than try to remember a spell to defeat them. To make matters worse, the priestess has had a holy revelation that this obnoxious brawling greenhorn of a mage is to be her champion; a companion for whom she has a special task to assist to greatness.

Against a back drop of the pretense of treasure hunting and tomb raiding, they manage to turn up trouble no matter where they go or how low key their approach is. Well - despite Louie's stupidity, they do seem to make a good team, and they manage to muddle their way through a number of bad situations. The women do come to eventually accept him for who he is....Louie, the optimistic good hearted idiot who does not let his lack of understanding and experience stop him from doing what he does best anyways ..... charge headfirst into any situation! And who knows, maybe with a bit more experience with a sword and a lot more common sense, he might prove to be something more than just a big noisy pack mule for the team.

With a good animation, a good plot, and some very good dubbing by ADV films, this series manages to pull it off quite well as an adventure-comedy. The intelligent dialogue and interactions between the different personalities of the characters keeps the series moving and very entertaining.

While this is a very fun and humorous series, which rates somewhere between a strong (RENT+) and low (BUY-), but it should prove to be a favorite of most everyone.

Episode titles:

01. The Hero Descends
02. First Time
03. The Big Melee
04. The Phantom Forest
05. Inexperienced Extracurricular Lessons
06. Die For Love?
07. Merrill's Jar
08. A Tearful Festival of Mylee
09. What Comes In Summer
10. The Tower of the Four Greatest Magics
11. The True Hero Appears?
12. Flowers of a Moonlit Night
13. The Fugue of the Female Warrior
14. Flower Vendor & Flower Bride
15. Vacation By The Lake
16. The Conspiracy of the Darkness
17. The Fighter Louie
18. Transform X 5
19. Oh My, Home!
20. Sweet Wine of Victory
21. Melissa The Working Girl
22. The Rebel Army Appears
23. The Rule-Breaking Women
24. Louie Punch

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Buy 8 7 8 9 7 6 Jer Alford [series:552#614]
From Record Of Lodoss War creator Ryo Mizuno comes this apparent offshoot to the Loddos universe. Taking place possibly sometime after the events of the Chronicles Of The Heroic Knight TV anime, Rune Soldier (aka: Louie The Rune Soldier) is about a brash young man named Louie who teams up with Merrill the thief, Genie the barbarian, and Melissa the priestess to go on treasure hunts and dangerous quests for fortune and glory. On their first outing together however, Louie breaks his magic wand! So they have to travel to an ancient forest filled with demons to get some wood for a new one. This and Melissa is now enslaved to Louie's will and is being encouraged by her elders to be his willing sextoy. The comedy is pretty decent here, but not anywhere near The Slayers level of hilarity. Mizuno may or may not have intended this anime to take place in the same world as Lodoss, despite the fact that Louie looks like an older version of Spark from the Lodoss War TV series, and the elves and goblins in this anime are dead ringers for the ones in the Lodoss OVA. Check out the first volume on DVD of this show at first. If your hooked after that, then go for it!

Last updated Saturday, April 12 2003. Created Saturday, April 12 2003.

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