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Louie The Rune Soldier Buy See Mahou Senshi Riui

Mahou Senshi Riui
Buy The three-woman adventure team is almost perfect. With Melissa, the Priestess (blonde); Merrill, the Thief (brown); and Genie, the Swordswoman (red), they need only a mage to balance out their team. Their efforts to recruit a student-sorceress at a magic college town are turned down flat, but the student recommends her good friend, Louie. Louie is a sorcery student who is more interested in barhopping and brawling than his studies (Oh, did I mention that Louie is a guy). Later when Melissa has a holy revelation that the headstrong, brain-weak, and all-around beefy wizard-in-training Louie is to be her champion, a choosen warrior whom she is tasked to help achieve greatness, she can only comment “IT IS AGAINST MY WILL!” But it would seem fate has a nasty sense of humor, and the three adventurers find themselves having to break-in a new team member.
Rune Soldier Buy See Mahou Senshi Riui

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