Mahou Senshi Riui - 3: The Big Melee

Title:Mahou Senshi Riui
Episode:3: The Big Melee
Story Line
Short Version
Melissa Learns the Name of her Champion

Melissa is in the middle of a special ceremony with her god who will reveal the name of her special champion (While naked). Mylee (the god) answers that the next person she sees will be her champion. Melissa is confused as the next person she will see is a lady (the Headmistress Jennifer) but an explosion overhead occurs and a man falls into the holy Mylee pool. It's Louie! Melissa screams.
Also begins the slightly ecchiness of this anime. This also begins Melissa's trademark It's Against my Will!

She will shout this remark at least 100 times before episode 20.
At this point I will keep my IAMW counter. This will keep count of the Against My Will statements made by Melissa.

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