Darkside Blues

Title:Darkside Blues
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Notables: Animation - JC Staff
R1 License - Central Park Media(Defunct)
The Persona Century Corporation has purchased nearly every parcel of land on earth. Dissension is not tolerated within the corporation's borders and those who oppose Persona are dealt with swiftly. Of those few places not yet under Persona's control is the free town of Kabuki-cho, also known as "The Dark Side of Tokyo". Within the town, under the leadership of a woman named Mai, is a small resistance group called Messiah. Into this world steps a man who takes the sobriquet of Kabuki-cho: Darkside. Sealed up in another dimension eighteen years ago by Persona Century, Darkside now returns to aid Messiah using his unique mystic power of renewal. (Summary from ANN)

1994 Movie.
R1 License by Central Park Media (CPM).

And then ↗CPM went belly-up in April '09, so ADV picked up the R1 License to distribute this title in the US.
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Avoid 8 7 8 7 4 Ggultra2764 [series:326#1552]
Darkside Blues is an interesting title for bad anime schlock. On the one hand, its presentation holds up surprisingly well for a 20+ year old anime with detailed scenery and character designs that offer up a gothic feel, mixed up with an engaging blues soundtrack that is surprisingly fitting for the aesthetics of the series. When it comes to more deeper elements of the anime like story and characters however, Darkside Blues is a bit of a mess as it doesn't dig too deep into the particulars of its plot, such as how a megacorporation could somehow get near total control of the world or the origins of the mysterious Darkside. In addition, the characters aren't exactly compelling either as they are either too shallow to give a hoot about or those the anime attempts to explore leave more to be desired. While certainly offering a solid presentation with what it has, Darkside Blues is lacking in substance and depth to be anything too compelling or entertaining to watch.

Last updated Saturday, August 18 2018. Created Saturday, August 18 2018.
Avoid dhrachth [series:326#962]
A movie looking for a message and never managing to find one. This movie was a complete and total mess. The creators were obviously trying to be deep (or something) and ended up with a creation that just doesn't make any sense.

Last updated Thursday, September 11 2003. Created Thursday, September 11 2003.
Avoid 7 6 2 1 1 Miss Cleo [series:326#861]
I thought this anime had potential, because of the great artwork and animation. However, it turned out to be a big disappointment. In short, the story is boring and confusing. Nothing really works at all for this anime, especially the crappy music....yuk!!!
Don't even waste your time with this one, because looks are deceiving. Visually it looks great, but it's horrible garbage!!!!

Last updated Friday, July 25 2003. Created Friday, July 25 2003.
Avoid 6 6 2 5 1 Courtney [series:326#80]
If youre looking for mind-numbing, vague, self-glorifying swill, look no further than DARKSIDE BLUES! Now let me tell you what I really think.
I found this to be an exceptionally disappointing effort from those who brought us films with fairly interesting plots and impressive cult followings as WICKED CITY and VAMPIRE HUNTER D. It seems like the producers were either trying to do too much at once or not enough at all with the time they had, whatever the reason it just didnt seem to work. While its pretty obvious that they were trying to establish the main character, Darkside, as an interesting enigma of a brooding hero (Not unlike D) he was simply not interesting. He didnt do much of anything nor did the writers feel any reason explain even the slightest of his background. Of course, Darkside wasnt the only disappointment as far as characters were concerned as neither the rebels or villains were unique and a lot of questions raised during the course of the story were simply left unanswered. I think the most obnoxious part DARKSIDE BLUES was the ending (if you can call it that) was found to be perfectly acceptable even though it has to be the most pathetic climax even conceived.
DARKSIDE BLUES was horrible and I felt cheated out of an hour and a half of my life at the end.
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Last updated Tuesday, November 27 2001. Created Wednesday, October 10 2001.
Watch 7 6 6 6 3 Midnighter [series:326#94]
A visually nice anime, Darkside Blues features the talents of Hideyuki Kikuchi of Wicked City and Vampire Hunter D fame. The character designs are nice, though fairly run of the mill, and the animation itself is better than average. What makes Darkside Blues work, however, is the excellent Film Noir look of it. Heavy shadows and tints add to the dark and oppressive atmosphere to create genuine tension where there normally wouldn't be any.
Storywise, it's not impressive, the usual morally decaying future in which an evil omnipotent corporation is fought by a small group of rebels. The nihlistic and cliche ending could be seen coming halfway into the film. Still, Darkside Blues is nice to look at, and not so inanely stupid as to illicit groans, so I give it a rent.

Last updated Friday, March 01 2002. Created Tuesday, October 09 2001.

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