Vampire Hunter D

Title:Vampire Hunter D
Kyūketsuki Hantā Dī
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Notables: SHIOZAWA Kaneto
Vampire Hunter D is a lone wolf-like knight-errant, wandering through a far-future post-nuclear Earth that combines the best of pulp genres: western, science fiction, horror and high fantasy with a good dash of H. P. Lovecraftian mythos, folklore and occult science. The planet, once terrified by the elegant but cruel Nobles (vampires), ancient demons, mutants and their technological creations, is now slowly returning to a semblance of order and human control — thanks in part to the decadence that brought about the downfall of the vampire race, to the continued stubbornness of frontier dwellers and, to the rise of a caste of independent hunters-for-hire who eliminate supernatural threats.

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See also: Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust.

R1 Licensed by Urban Vision.
76min Movie.
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Watch 7 6 6 7 5 Ggultra2764 [series:357#1552]
Before Hellsing there was Vampire Hunter D well-known as the vampire-hunting action title of choice. But D hasn't aged too well in terms of creating a thrilling avampire hunting title.

D is a slick character being ridiculously powerful being cool and collected with a clear intent to wipe out the vampires who feast upon human blood. However, not much in the way of depth is given to his character making him a complete mystery.

Not to mention the other characters aren't as impressive to check out compared to D, other than D's Left Hand (who provides the few scenes of humor to the movie). The so-called hunter Doris plays more of a damsel-in-distress. The main antagonist, Mangus Lee, was rather dull as a villian. Not to mention the dark, dreary mood of the movie loses it's touch once the entire plot with Magnus Lee was resolved.

If you want better stuff out of D, you can watch Bloodlust for a more thrilling vampire hunting movie. Just watch this movie to get an introduction to D's character.

Last updated Sunday, June 01 2008. Created Sunday, June 01 2008.
Watch Forbin [series:357#1573]
Drama : Med
Action : Med
Comedy : Low (Mostly Left Hand Jokes)
SciFi : High
Ecchi : Med

First off there are 2 different Vampire Hunter D's. This one (Regular) and the more superior Bloodlust.
Do not get them confused, Normal D is just a piece of crap, and Bloodlust is the masterpiece.
This thing is full of reused scenes and bad animation as well as plot points that don't make all that much sense (Well except for 'D's storyline). Watch this just so you can get a handle on who D is and what he can do, but if you are watching it to follow the story you are going to be disappointed. It looks like some 12 year old put together the plot and accidentally picked up some old footage and reused it in the weirdest places.
Just watch, then get the newer and better version.

Edit : Just watched the DVD version, it looks a little better cleaned up from the VHS version, lots of the annoying stuff is missing. But still the best part of Vampire Hunter D? His LEFT HAND!

Last updated Friday, June 10 2005. Created Monday, September 20 2004.
Rent 6 7 8 7 7 7 DillonSOB [series:357#1352]
This film got me hooked on vampire/horror anime. Of course its sequel Bloodlust is far superior in every way, the original VHD has a clever story and started the trend. The combat and enemies are amazing, the art was respectable for its time, but the story stalls at some points. I like the treacherous interaction with the human villagers, something Bloodlust lacked (mostly because of a totally different plot). Also, Doris was a much better heroine than fragile Charlotte.

Last updated Tuesday, May 18 2004. Created Tuesday, May 18 2004.
Rent 8 9 8 7 MasterYoshidino [series:357#598]
Ahhh. this anime is cool but it is the kinda cool that DBZ is. Cool for the blood and darkness but not cool as an anime series on its own. Watch it or rent it for the dark tones but do not bother trying to enjoy it as an anime.

Last updated Saturday, September 13 2003. Created Saturday, September 13 2003.
Watch dhrachth [series:357#962]
Way overhyped. Just your run of the mill vampire story, nothing special.

Last updated Thursday, September 11 2003. Created Thursday, September 11 2003.
Buy 8 9 9 8 9 Ðå kïÐ [series:357#464]
Man this anime needs no review its a classic and a must have to your collection, Its owesome even if i'm being a little bias JUST BUY THE DARN THING BUY BLOODLUST TOO:) and hey if any body have an idea of some good animes for me to try please email me and when your doing so please say in the subject line that ur a reviewer from anime mikomi or i'll delete the email thinking its spam:)

Last updated Sunday, February 23 2003. Created Sunday, February 23 2003.
Buy 6 4 8 4 The Coyote [series:357#64]
Ok to be honest I read Midnighters review of Vampire Hunter D Blood lust and even though I don't agree with a lot of his belife's Or even his reviews the guy know's his anime and I figured this was a sure bet what I didn't realize is that this was an older verison of vampire hunter D. So when I started watching this I was pretty disapointed. But after a while I relized that it had a pretty good story line and D may be one of the best anime characters out there so belive me even though the animation is older the story alone is worth buying. Treat yourself to this and then go out and get Blood lust and prepare to be in awe Blood lust is nothing short of incredible and that is due in no small part to the character that starts in this movie D.

Last updated Saturday, June 29 2002. Created Saturday, June 29 2002.
Buy 7 4 5 2 6 Rolonzos [series:357#310]
In the distant future, when demons slither through the world of night, vampires rule over monsters. While hunting, Doris is caught trespassing on the land of Count Lee. Count Lee is a vampire, and therefore bites Doris. The vampire then lets Doris go, but will return to make her his new bride. Afraid of becoming damned, Doris hires a vampire hunter, D.
This sounds like the opening of a bad anime, but this anime was ahead of its time. Made in the late 80s, the art work and animation used in Vampire Hunter D was a rival for the best out there.
This anime does present a theme: "What is a stereo type to an individual?" All vampires see humans as less than them. Humans hate the vampires. D, as a Dampiel, is caught in the middle and he wants to be human. He hunts vampires because he believes it will atone for his sin of being a vampire.
Don't expect the story to fly quickly just because it's got a lot of gore and fights. There's more to this plot than fights, although not a lot, just enough to make it slow. At least you can't guess what'll happen next the first time you watch it. This anime contained violence rivaling some of the most bloody anime. Although it's not another Fist of the North Star, the blood does seem to fly when monsters are sliced and diced. There is some nudity, although there is no sex or sexual theme associated with it.
The characters were well drawn, although the movements aren't as well as we expect from anime today. One of the biggest drawbacks of Vampire Hunter D is the character design. Each character is rather static and flat. On the other hand, one of the redeeming qualities of this anime is also the main character, D. D is struggling with being caught between the humans and the vampires. He's a half-breed who has the abilities of humans and vampires. Although his character is very static though the movie, he is one of the most powerful characters created for anime. He's confident, strong, wise, mysterious, diligent, calm, composed, and ultimately knows good from evil. Each character is given one flaw, which I guess is supposed to make up for their static nature.
There is perhaps one questionable scene for concerned parents when Doris offers herself to D as a possible payment for his services, but it is not mentioned again. Doris, however, does offer her neck to D when he feels his urge as a vampire. D also refuses this advance as well. Questionable themes here are not as clear or as blunt as most prime time television shows, but does mention the breeding of a vampire with a human to create a Dampiel. D is a Dampiel, so this shows up throughout the movie. I don't think this anime is for children because the plot is probably for age 12 and up and the blood, gore, and monsters might give children nightmares. Although D could be viewed as a role model because he only killing evil monsters, the anime is dark and morbid. A bit of profanity appears because everyone in this anime thinks they're going to hell or they're part of it. I'd say a display of minor profanity appears.
The dub was done well for its time. No surround sound, but stereo was popular in the late 80s and early 90s. The sub used off-white subtitles, which isn't always good, but the dark picture contrasts well with it. The subtitles are not verbatim to the English dub, but they are not a drastic change from the meaning and tone created in the dub. It seems music wasn't too important when this anime was created. I think there may have been two different tunes in the anime, and they came from an 80s synthesizer.
I did like the anime a lot. It's the first anime I'd ever seen, and it got me hooked. I'd recommend adding Vampire Hunter D to any anime collection because 1. D is cool and 2. it's a classic anime.

Last updated Sunday, May 19 2002. Created Sunday, May 19 2002.

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