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Notables: Animation - JC Staff
INOUE Kazuhiko
Original Concept - KOUGA Yun
R1 License - Media Blasters
Angels from the planet Eden have been watching Earthians, the inhabitants of Earth, for 5 billion years. Chihaya, an angel with unlucky black hair and wings, is a plus checker who travels to Earth with Kagetsuya, a minus checker. Each team of plus and minus checkers keep track of Earth events and, if the score ever reaches minus 10,000, the Earth will be destroyed. The story follows Chihaya and Kagetsuya and the different people and events they observe on Earth. (summary from ANIDB).

R1 Licensed by Media Blasters.
4 OVA episodes (28 to 44min each).

1:22min English Language Promo - ANN (high res) Steaming Vid
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Watch 8 7 8 7 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:301#1552]
Yet another 90s OAV used to suck anime viewers to get the manga source material, Earthian is typical like many titles of its type in that it barely skims the surface of its plot focused on angels Kagetsuya and Chihiya as they observe humanity's actions on Earth. The OAV does offer some decent focus on Chihiya as he yearns to find an angel with black wings like himself as he feels like an outcast amongst his kind from this physical difference. Otherwise, the title's pacing is fairly rushed which greatly limits any focus or depth on other characters the series introduces and the major plot of the series with Dr. Ashino was quite weak as he made for a laughably shallow and over-the-top villain. From what I hear, the source material is a shounen-ai title. But other than sporting attractive male leads and a brief scene in episode three, this element wasn't too dominant in this OAV adaptation. This is worth a quick look if you somehow came across and enjoyed the manga, but you will obviously have more to get out of Earthian from its source material than this OAV take on it.

Last updated Thursday, February 23 2012. Created Thursday, February 23 2012.
Watch 6 7 7 7 5 Tsunami [series:301#323]
Earthian is one of those animes obviously made to get you to buy the manga. It kinda leaves you with a feeling that you just watched a super long commercial that you actually paid to see. On top of this, it turns out to be just another apocaliptic action/ romance/ drama, but without the apocolipse. Which was suppose to be the whole line of the story but ended up never really happening, being very much over shadowed by each ep's separate plot line. Another thing that was odd was the first two eps are placed right next to each other on the series timeline (prior to Chi's and Kat's relationship) and the next thing you know ya see the two of them screwing and Kat getting a bit jealious of Chi's interest in Messiah (An angel android).
Aside from these flaws (and the cracker jack box animation in the first couple of eps) I really liked Earthian. With all these reasons listed above, you'd think I despise it and should demand my money back, but some how I strangely enjoyed it. It's kinda nice sometimes to see a series that has boundless love with no understandable reason for being, let alone a reason for being so true. (The key word in that sentance was sometimes) Check earthian out romance fans, it's worth a shot.

Last updated Thursday, December 19 2002. Created Friday, June 14 2002.
Avoid 5 6 2 3 2 Courtney [series:301#80]
EARTHIAN is one of those animes that tries so hard to be epic, but I still could give a damn.
Though tapping into a rich vain like theology for the cornerstone of its plot, EARTHIAN manages to do nothing with it. Not only do they bore you with whatever story theyre trying to tell but you feel almost ripped off as you can see where it could have been something really good but they chose to aim their sights significantly lower. I managed to only get through two of the four episodes before I simply couldnt stomach it any further (And this was spanning a month!), certain there was no possible way the series could pull itself from the horrible downward spiral it moved in.
There are some series out there that are so bad, there good and worth watching, I assure you EARTHIAN is not one of these series in any respects.

Last updated Tuesday, November 27 2001. Created Wednesday, October 10 2001.
Rent 0 0 0 0 0 Robbie [series:301#192]
Earthian is one of those animes that tries to concentrate on some of the more negative sides of humanity. This leads it up to be an interesting story of an angel that does see the potential for goodness inside a world that is filled with evil. This is always a very interesting aspect because it tends to bring up controvesy and makes you question your own ways.
Earthian's animation is pretty good, but is a little on the older side. I enjoyed the music as it did set the mood for each story that goes on. Overall this is a pretty good show. I will admit that the story is a little dark, and it take an aquired taste to fully enjoy the series.
I really enjoyed this series, but apparently more than others. By all means if you get a chance to watch it do so. If you enjoy it then go out and buy it. You won't be disappointed.

Last updated Sunday, March 10 2002. Created Wednesday, July 04 2001.

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