Sora no Otoshimono

Title:Sora no Otoshimono
Falling from the Sky
Heaven's Lost Property
Lost Property of the Sky
そらのおとしもの (Japanese)
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Notables: HAYAMI Saori
HOSHI Souichiro
Sakurai Tomoki often dreams of an angel. One day a robot Angel falls out of the sky and binds herself to him with a chain. She promises to fulfill his 'every' wish. Wish after wish is given until he accidentally wishes everyone dead except for himself. As Ikaros says 'I cannot cancel an order Master'. How will he deal with this accidental genie?

Based on Suu Minazuki’s “heartful comedy” manga series Sora no Otoshimono (”Lost Property of the Sky”).

New series to start airing on October 5th, '09.
14 TV episodes (~24 min).
Sequels: Sora no Otoshimono Forte, Sora no Otoshimono The Movie.
Sora no Otoshimono (Lost Property of the Sky) should not be confused with Sora no Oto (The Sound of the Sky)

3:20 min Series Trailer - YouTube Video.

Note: The name Ikaros is probably from the Greek myth of ↗Icarus: in which a mortal donned a pair of wings and desired to fly like a bird.
Read the translated manga online at MangaFox.
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Buy 8 9 8 0 7 KBanger1 [series:2185#1694]
From first glance, I thought that this would seriously be boring as hell. I took a chance and bought on it's release day. I am happy to say that this series is absolutely hilarious! The star of this anime is not the angelroid, "Ikaros", but the perverted Sakurai Tomoki. He starts off as a high schooler who only wanted two things, peace and quiet. He was so content with his laid back life that it was the only thing that he ever wished for (that and a large harem). This all suddenly changes one night when something was falling out of the sky and landed near him as he was watching the stars outside. When he went to the crater, he saw an angel...literally unconscious. He had two options he could have chosen. Either turn, run, and forget or go and help the angel. He apparently took the latter and then the rest of the series begins.

What hooked me into this series was the over the top scenes with Tomoki. If he wasn't as perverted as he was, I would have given this series a 'watch' rating. Tomoki was the epitome of what a real pervert was. There is an actual serious plot which involves Ikaros but I rather you at least watch it. The silliness and blatant ecchi humor is what made this so entertaining. I usually wouldn't rate the series plot the way it is now with a buy without raving for it. The plot itself seemed to be redundant in other animes but done in a different fashion. Without the over the top humor in most of its episodes, this would probably have a much lower rate. The art/animation was very good (especially towards the end). The character designs usually switch from normal to SD (super deformed) often so there wasn't much in the way of design but in certain parts, it would have been better in some scenes without the SD.

Overall, if you like your harem animes, this is a very good addition to your collection. If you like ridiculous/ecchi humor then this will surely satisfy that requirement. The actual plot leaves a lot to be desired but isn't really bad. It still stands out w/the over the top humor. Definitely has a lot of replay value as well. I have to admit, I envy this guy because of his luck. Who can say they have an 'angel' who wants to be with you forever. On top of that, he gets to really live out his perverted fantasies. It is what it is...I guess.

This is my first milestone on this site. I finally reached my 100th review!

Last updated Tuesday, March 27 2012. Created Tuesday, March 27 2012.
Watch 9 8 8 8 8 8 Dreamer [series:2185#2279]
Graphically speaking, it looked very eye-catching. However.....

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork and animation was extremely well done. Very rich colors and vibrant backgrounds. Characters designs were top notch as well. Well detailed and the grils were uber cute. There was some nice use of CG as well but not over the top.... which was good.

The OP wasn't too bad. It was a pop piece with female vocals. The rest of the soundtrack actually had some nice pieces with various wind instruments. However, they didn't seem to fit the overall series as the series as a whole just couldn't be taken seriously...... see below for more of an explanation. The ED was actually a nice sounding melody piece with female vocals as well. Not too bad.

Series and Episode Story
First, Toma's (protagonist) voice and character got annoying after a while. I didn't think that his voice worked for his character. Second, I had a hard time laughing. This series tries to be funny but I hardly laughed and mostly smirked at the corny jokes and antics... okay, so episode 10 was slightly humorous. Third, the music more times than not did not fit the series at all. The soundtrack was too dramatic (at lower keys), during scenes that were too light hearted. It was also the fact that the series tries to be dramatic and serious when it fell seriously short.

As for the plot, it was just tossed into the last episode quickly and abruptly concluded. Basically, we didn't have a plot until the last episode. There we see the one and only battle that was surprisingly cool and graphically impressive. However, that was it. Just that and nothing more. Unfortunately, this series left a lot of unanswered questions. Especially questions such as, "where did they come from", "who sent them", "who were the other angels that were briefly touched on in a few episodes"?

Overall, this series could had been much better... especially with the concepts of these "angels". But still, it wasn't horrible and had some slight amusement to it.

Last updated Monday, January 18 2010. Created Monday, January 18 2010.
Rent 9 9 7 9 7 9 Silence [series:2185#2939]
Most of the time, comedy alone cannot make the cut for a good series, that is why most comedy shows try to include a darker, more dramatic side to the plot. And often, this becomes forced or unimpressive. Sora no Otoshimono falls right in the middle of this category.

Starting out with superb comedy and the mystery of Ikaros, SnO is quick to grab my attention. But the pace the plot proceeds at is questionable. Most episodes give us nothing whatsoever in the information department, and just presents loads of comedy. Then advancements in the plot happens in jerks, making the already uninspired idea even less palatable.

Even to the end, the only character I liked was probably Sugata. Tomoki is too uncool and always goes chibi; Sohara is a violent maniac; Ikaros goes from clueless to confused after her safeguards are removed; the Prez is way to sadistic, and Nymph is just a bitch until the very end. The feeling for the main leads were never strongly established for me, and the presentation of them as undelightful characters is probably to blame.

That said, at least the ending is an acceptable ending, however corny it may be. Things did not flow too well in the end, and you cannot help but to think that the way that the characters acted are either cliche or illogical. But still, at least it brings some semblance of a closure to this series. Many questions are unanswered, some deserved immediate and urgent attention (the bomb, anyone?) But for all the fun and funny moments it gave me, a rent is still given.

Last updated Thursday, January 07 2010. Created Sunday, October 11 2009.
Buy 8 9 8 8 Xenoknight [series:2185#2967]
watching now... 12 eps watched...

Ep 12: Another ridiculously funny, yet unjustly stupid episode with a powerful/predictable ending. Ikaros wants to learn how to smile (from the bottom of her heart) and everyone tries to help. She asks Nymph why she doesn't smile anymore as she only smiled while being tortured by her master. In order for them both to understand how to truly smile, Nymph asks Tomoki if the three of them can go on a date. The date is terrible with stupid rides, bad movies, and released animals from the zoo where Tomoki gets jail time. At the end, the topic of kissing came about and things went south from there, though it did end up as a rather romantic scene. Nervousness, jealousy, and heartache are the result of the scene and it was cool to see them reference their damaged reactors when the viewer knew the problem to be their true feelings. Nymph planned something ridiculous as always when she gets attacked by Gamma (her master). It looks like play time is over. The sad end-credits are a premonition to what is to come for the last episode. One thing is certain though. Unless this series is going to tank (unlikely), I can bet money that there will be a second season. Regular ep...

Ep 11:

The funniest ep of the series so far...

Tomoki gets turned into a girl and becomes kawaii in order to infiltrate one of the most well protected sanctuaries on earth. Under the code name Tomoko, he/she is able to gain access and affords the viewer an unbelievable amount of comedy. I thought I was going to die! Near the end, we still get a heart-warming scene with Ikaros finally learning more about what it means to become human. With the recent events in the forums and this episode right after that, I nearly choked from laughing so hard. It was an amazingly funny episode. It wasn't all laughs however, considering Nymph's future can no longer be guaranteed. The Tomoko themed end-credits was a better version of Isshoni Training. Death from laughter ep...

Ep 10: Another festival episode (???) that shouldn't be taken lightly as it hides a special episode underneath. The festival is underway and the gang meets a rival school which prides itself on culture and also enjoys making fun of the 'bumpkins that are too poor to understand culture'. Being mocked and having enough humiliation, they all get together and form a band to counteract the rival school's classical. Ikaros isn't any good in this area, though Nymph uses her abilities to put out some real tunes. They train and perfect their music while discovering Ikaros' musical calling. During some free time, Tomo rewards Nymph for her hard work and things get really interesting. Her life in the sky is revealed and it isn't something to be proud of to say the least. Now I can relate to her reasons a bit as she isn't a bad person after all (really good stuff). The music contest was crazy. The classical was good, but Ikaros' "Fallen Down" was also a musical treat for the ears. Near the end, the girls (Nymph, Sohara, and Ikaros) all insist that Tomo take them to the bonfire (couples only event) and they notice that they all like him. The most reward-worthy girl is picked by the other girls and all turns out well. The end credits were nice this time as well and the scene at the bonfire was rather insightful. This series would be near perfect if it didn't mask itself under so much crap. Great ep...

Ep 9: Of course, things couldn't possible stay on the high note of the last episode, so everything returns to the normal snail pace plot advances this series is known for. It's too much to ask for constant episode quality I suppose. What was I thinking?

Nymph is seen being punished for her recent failure. Tomo and the crew gather at the newest town gathering (this town is a lively bunch it seems), and things progress like usual. Trying to act more human, Ikaros picks up the human habit of lying and she is seen telling everyone the opposite of what she really means. She even goes as far as to say she doesn't want to be with Tomo anymore! Nymph appears before Ikaros again, but she is able to quell Ikaros's anger to buy some time. During this time, Nymph plans to carry out her master's orders regarding Tomo to force Ikaros to return to the sky, but things don't go as planned. Tomo and his caring attitude hit the mark with her and she found herself actually obeying him due to his kindness. She resists as best she can, but couldn't break free from his 'charm'. Tomo's business sense was hilarious and everything he did was for his favorite perverted DVD! He was really out of character when he became an idol (I was laughing pretty hard). Later, the crew figures out what was with Ikaros and she tells everyone the truth again (except the prez - LOL). Tomo and Ikaros share a tender moment at the house and Ikaros pulls a smooth move on her master! My jaw hit the ground! It was quite a shock and only left the door wide open for how the romance element could end up by the end of this series. The end credits were the best yet music wise and how they used old scenes again but from Ikaros' perspective only (nice move). The angelroids watch the DVD and learn a thing or two. Good ep...

Ep 8: Would you look at that. Not bad at all. It's a bit late in the series but now we see this title for what it really is. All the comedy might throw people off at first, but there is a real gem hidden deep within this title for those who stick around long enough. Its festival time and everybody goes to have some fun and enjoy the games. A strange man (fans will notice him as an obvious Trigun reference), offers a laser-tag shooting type of hunting game where the last one standing gets $100,000! The festival quickly becomes a war zone of bullets and chaos as Tomo runs for his life (fans will also recognize Ikaros' massacre as a Xenosaga reference as well). Meanwhile, Ikaros and Nymph's scene is what we've been waiting for all season long and I think it was well worth the wait. Let's just say that Ikaros has a deep past that quickly returns to now haunt her every move. That scene was so kick a** that I must have watched it 5 times over. The rest of the ep plays out like normal until the end when Ikaros displays a different reaction to one of Tomo's orders. Things will never be the same for her and she must now hide her identity as best she can. The high-caliber animation was especially apparent in this episode. This series is back on the up-and-up! Amazing ep...

Ep 7: O..K.. This strategy has been used before. They filled the whole ep with some good comedy and funny interactions, only to drop a pretty big 'story related bomb' at the end. Summer break is over and its time to go back to school, but Ikaros wants to attend as well. What results is Ikaros and Nymph becoming high school divas in no time flat. Learning, cooking, and winning the hearts of all the boys proved to be a task too small for our angelroids. The part when they trick Tomo to fly was pretty damn funny and watching Sohara fail again and again as a model student kept the laughs coming. Near the end, Nymph discovers a shocking truth about Ikaros. After the end credits, we learn about Nymph's true identity and purpose as well. Now the premise notion of angelroids is starting to make sense and the direction of the story has officially made a full 360 degree turn for the better. I have high hopes! Premise-defining ep...

Ep 6: This anime certainly isn't gunning for the top spot this season anymore. Again with an intro as if they skipped an ep or two (minus points), we meet Nymph and she turns out to be a realistic miniature version of Ikaros. She can think properly, hide her wings completely, and has a sharp tongue to boot. They all win a trip to the beach (some serious deja vu) and what results is the usual T&A followed by missed-romantic-moment-turns-into-near-death scenario. We're halfway in with 6 episodes and this title still doesn't know which way it's going yet. For example, the comedy is slowly getting weaker, the romance element is somewhat getting better, and the confused action element (i.e. - Ikaros and her super-saiyan power-ups) is all up in the air. What are we supposed to be waiting for exactly? As for Nymph, I enjoy the regularity she brings to the table as well as trying to figure out her hidden ulterior motive. I hope this anime can shape up it's act soon. Good ep...

Ep 5: Things got pretty ridiculous in this ep. Tomo needs a place to stay after the panty fiasco destroyed his house. He ends up staying with Mikako (the class prez) and things start to get insane from there. Her family is the mafia (a theme which is very similar to others) and Tomo ends up breaking one of their biggest laws! With the fate of the the city at stake, he is to be decapitated! Ikaros puts on a stunning display of power and basically opened a huge door as to what kind of direction this title could take. In order to spare Tomo, they all end up on an island, struggling to survive. They get separated, but Tomo finds Sohara, only to be alone together for a month! Ikaros returns to solve everyone's problems which results in a very funny ending and a good tan (LOL). The end credits were hilarious as well with the tracking system and all. Great ep...

Ep 4: Funny ep. Sohara punishes Tomo for being a perv by trapping him in his won house full of exploding panties. If he sees or touches them, they explode. Sohara takes Ikaros out to share some girl time together and most of the time is spent with them talking the good qualities in Tomo. Sohara's childhood with Tomo made me happy to see that no matter how funny (or played out) things got, there is always a deep story waiting in toe. Tomo's battle to save Sohara from the panty robot was really dumb, but funny at the same time with satisfying results. The end part of the ep was extremely cryptic and shows that things are only getting started for Tomo and the gang. Great ep...

Ep 3: Tomo and Sohara struggle with their homework and in the process of looking for help, ended up with a two day camping trip. We learn more about Ikaros' special abilities (or lack of) and the gang all enjoys each others company. I think the class prez gets scarier with each passing episode. Eishirou, the science guy, begins to fully analyze Ikaros and her intentions with Tomo, but she doesn't have any knowledge of her life prior to meeting him. She is practically a blank slate, though she does begin to learn various human emotions and traits. One thing that is a first for me is that every episode has a different end-credit video. They all pertain to the ep itself and I find that cool as hell. Good ep...

Ep 2: Tomo learns the ins and outs of having an angelroid grant his every wish. His inner desire for good looking panties was fulfilled in this ep. You do learn a little about Tomo and Sohara's past though and how she obtained her killer karate chop of death (LOL). OK ep...

First impression: This is going to be one of the best titles this season has to offer. It was genuinely funny, had plenty of favorable fan service, and was overall easy to enjoy. I had a blast with this ep. A normal guy in a normal world finds a sexy angelroid, Ikaros, which will obey his every command. The main lead, Tomoki (Tomo), wishes for 1 billion dollars, stops time and turns invisible to sexually harass every woman in town, and practically destroys the world only to wish it back to normal - all this on the first day!!! "Peace and quiet is the best" my a#%. His life is never going to be the same. Great ep...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

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Unevaluated Forbin [series:2185#1573]
Analysis : 9 Fansubs

  • Drama : Med
  • Comedy : Med/High
  • Action : Low
  • SciFi : High
  • Ecchi : Low / Med
  • Tomoki - Perverted boy who has a robot angel and likes the girl next door
  • Ikaros - Robot girl who can fly at Mach 24 but doesn't know complicated math. Appears to be looking for something.
  • Mitsuki - Childhood Friend who is very violent
  • Eshiro - Strange guy who wants to know about the hole to the 'New World'
  • Mikako - School President who appears to play many nasty jokes on the rest. Her model is from Gun Sword
So I don't know what to say about this show. It's interesting but VERY SLOW. Take DearS and then mix it with Girls Bravo then make the hero come from He is My Master, and you have this show.


Last updated Friday, December 04 2009. Created Wednesday, October 07 2009.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:2185#967]
OK! I just watched the first episode and one thing pops to mind ....... can we say DearS meets Girls Bravo??

Sakurai's 'angel' is a pleasure-droid from a different world: a buxom clueless fantasy girl who insists on calling him 'her master'. But what will his ultraviolent nextdoor neighbor and childhood friend, Sohara think of his new sexy companion??

Well, at least we can look forward to a silly light-hearted harem story to end our year with.

Last updated Thursday, October 08 2009. Created Monday, October 05 2009.
Watch Stretch [series:2185#628]
(Watch- or Avoid)

(Eight-and-a-half episodes watched):

I'm the sort of anime fan who likes to watch the shows that are currently running on Japanese television--the ones which the Japanese themselves just saw for the first time a couple days ago. Not long ago, so many new anime series which were interesting and entertaining would come out each season that I would have to accept that I couldn't watch them all simultaneously. Instead, I'd have to download and save some of them which I would hopefully watch later on when I had some time to spare. But more and more quality series poured out of Japan, with each season steadily building up my backlog until it looked like I might never get around to watching them all. I simply didn't have enough time.

This Fall 2009 season is looking like it may mark a distinct turning point regarding the quality and quantity of new anime. Not only were fewer new series released to begin with, but there was a disturbing shortage of good ones. I count an unprecedented seven new series which came to seem so mediocre that I cannot justify devoting the time needed to watch them. Considering that only eight new series seem likely to be viewed by me to the end, this is especially dismaying. One of the failures, which managed to hold on longer than the others but was ultimately judged unwatchable, is Sora no Otoshimono.

I started off with a trailer which revealed that this would be another normal-guy-has-sexy-supernatural-girl-fall-into-his-lap show, and I wondered if there would really be much of anything new about this one. Fortunately, episode one actually seemed to have some wit to it. Ikaros has a genuine android-like personality, dedicated to carrying out orders. Her sad, mournful look discourages using her as a high-tech sex doll. What's more, she is capable of virtually anything. Tomoki has fantastic power at his fingertips; what, I wondered, would he do with it? The fact that an offhand remark of his almost resulted in the annihilation of the human race made it clear that Ikaros' powers had better be handled with care. Tomoki didn't seem like a complete jerk, and hopefully he would take pity on Ikaros and encourage her to think more like a real woman would. A major question was what the connection was between the strange dream Tomoki had been having and Ikaros' appearance. As is often the case, it never occured to him to ask the questions which leap to the viewer's minds--like who or what is "Synapse", and why was he selected as Ikaros' master? That didn't bode well. But I was hoping that there would be an ongoing plot involving Ikaros' development and the mysteries behind her, not just cheesy fanservice filler episodes. I left episode one with my fingers crossed.

Episode two: cheesy fanservice filler--just what I was afraid of. It seemed to me that a cheap joke worthy of maybe 30 seconds was instead stretched out to occupy an entire episode. I would really have preferred learning more about Ikaros and her origins instead of fooling around with a sleazy gag for a full 23 minutes. We still didn't learned much of anything about her while Tomoki behaves like an asshole. Some of the humor was distinctly lame (the "karate chop" got old in a hurry) and I don't recall LOLing at all. It seemed like a tremendous waste of effort and resources, especially since the artwork was so nice. I felt that the makers had created an intriguing premise but so far insisted on leaving the potential unused so that they could focus on lame ecchi humor. If the show as a whole went this way, the result would be heartbreaking.

Episode three got partially back on track by asking and answering a couple questions; still the plot seemed to be moving slowly and the jokes were modest. Ikaros' apparent inability to be happy without first pleasing Tomoki is disturbing, and not because it was supposed to be. In all, I got the feeling that we were not learning enough for this to be a good drama, and not laughing enough for it to be a good comedy.

Episode four: well, a cheap gag has now been stretched out to occupy a full two episodes. This show seems too damn infantile with all the panty jokes and karate chopping. Tomoki acts like a jerk who doesn't give a crap about Ikaros, which is just what I would like to learn more about. Tomoki's companions--even Sohara--argue that he's not such a bad guy, but I don't detect much evidence to back them up. And still nobody has asked Ikaros who she is or where she came from. As a result, I found myself getting really tired of this show. Very little of it's original potential had been put to use, and it didn't seem to be going anywhere. I felt that I'm being patronized, being expected to laugh at things which are perverted or idiotic. I'd have liked to see things improve for Ikaros, but so far there was no sign of it. The preview of episode five suggested that we might get some answers from it, but this episode was so disappointing and frustrating that I was tempted to abandon the series altogether.

Episode five was fairly amusing, at least it didn't leave me in despair at the end. One question: why was Sohara "punished" along with Tomoki? She hadn't done anything. Again, nonsensical goofiness and ecchi without any development of the mystery behind Ikaros--or any appearance of her blue-haired fellow angel, which the preview of this episode had implied would happen. Is it just me, or would anybody else like to get on with the story? A strange premise was introduced--a girl with fantastic powers and of mysterious origin--and then the show basically refuses to tell us anything more, going instead for cheesy fanservice and slapstick comedy. It seems that the show is more about Sohara than Ikaros. Have the makers forgotten that Ikaros can destroy the world if she wishes?

In episode six, "Nymph", the blue-haired Angeloid, finally appears--and again, nobody bothers to ask her any serious questions even though she speaks Japanese fluently. Sohara slapping Tomoki in a frenzied manner left me grinding my teeth--this is supposed to be funny? In fact, to me the show as a whole seems boring. Cheap, simple gags, which we have already seen countless times before, take the place of much originality. This feels tiresome; will it ever go anywhere?

In episodes seven and eight, lo and behold, the story finally starts to go somewhere. We learn that "restrictions" have been placed on Ikaros' emotions and memories, and that she once served in a quite different line of work than Angelroid. This was fairly intriguing; in comparison to the dopey attitude of the series up 'til now it was quite unexpected. But does it make sense? The mix of this startling revelation and the sheer wackiness of episode eight didn't seem to work very well. This episode (which reminded me of a certain episode of Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful), was either so Japanese that I wasn't 'getting' the jokes, or the jokes simply weren't particularly funny to begin with. And why is Sohara apparently more in love with Tomo than ever, even though he's still rampantly perverted? The revelations regarding Ikaros in this episode were interesting, but the humor was tiresome.

The series has finally started to go somewhere, but it soon became clear that it was nowhere I wanted to tag along to. Episode nine attempted to adopt a grim, dark aura at the beginning--then shifted abruptly back to the usual dumb humor. The bit of information we got about Nymph's superiors just seemed unimaginitive--I've seen this stuff before. Is Ikaros' idiotic behavior supposed to turn geeky guys on? I had been growing desperate that the series might shape up towards the end, but who am I kidding? God, this show just seemed stupid as all get-out. What a mess--I don't really give a damn how the story works out, partly because none of the characters have grown particularly likeable, and partly because every sign so far has suggested that the end will be a disappointment. There has not been the slightest mention of Tomoki's mysterious dream from episode one, nor any attempt on his part to help Ikaros develop a healthy personality. I was so aghast at this episode that I abandoned it halfway through, and furthermore decided that I'd cut my losses and quit the series altogether. Fool me once, shame on you, Otoshimono, fool me twice, shame on me. What with all the pathetic shows like this one that have come out lately, it looks like I can finally get around to my backlog of unwatched series.

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