Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo

Title:Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo
Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o: Yōkoso Tsugumi Ryō e
The Promise I made over this Blue Sky ~ Welcome to the Tsugumi Dorm ~
この青空に約束を― ~ようこそつぐみ寮へ~ (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - Artland
South Sakojima (a fictional island south of Honshu) has one major source of civilization: The aviation branch of Temizugawa Heavy Industry. But this corporation decided to close down their factories and laboratories and evacuate the island until March of next year. Which means that the families will leave the island and Takamidsuka senior high school will be closed soon.
Highschool boy Hoshino Wataru lives at the Tsugumi dorm (which doubles as Takamidsuka school council headquarter as all current members live there), together with five girls and their teacher. With the known departure deadline 12 months ahead they have decided to make beautiful memories of their final year there. But their happiness is in permanent danger: Should the number of inhabitants fall below 5 the dorm would be closed down immediately.
13 TV episodes (~25 min), based on ↗an (adult) romance game for the PS2

A harem of 6 more or less "troubled girls" around Wataru results in 6 arcs of the series:
  • episodes 1+2: Sawaki Rinna (red-haired stubborn track & field athlete)
  • episodes 3+4: Kujou Miyaho (grey-haired klutzy Temizugawa heiress)
  • episodes 5+6: Fujimura Shizu (blue-haired abandoned child)
  • episodes 7+8: Hayama Umi (blonde introverted childhood friend)
  • episodes 9+10: Kirishima Saeri (brown-haired homeroom teacher)
  • episodes 11+12: Asakura Naoko (black-haired school council president)
  • episode 13: Day of Promise
Episode Details 
Umi, Saer, Rinn, Naok, Miya, Shiz
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Watch 7 7 7 6 6 7 Dreamer [series:1628#2279]
Here's a light harem series. There's really not a whole lot of interesting story telling here but still was slightly ok series to sit through.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork is below par. The colors were on the bland side and the the characters looked dead and one-dimensional. The biggest issue were the girls... all looked alike.... the "clone" syndrome. This is normally a big turnoff for me and this time was no exception. At times, background artwork was "slightly" better than ok..... but hardly often.

The OP sounded like a gazillion other openings with female vocals... poop (pop) piece. Boring if you ask me. The soundtrack had mostly boring elevator music. Nothing here to really mention. And then there's the ED... which for the most part was similar to the OP.... but slightly better.

Series and Episode Story
So here's a typical harem series with not a whole lot going on in terms of story. This series consists of various arcs. Essentially, we have a couple episodes dedicated to each female character telling of how they ended up at the dorm... for the most part. Nothing original here nor exciting.

The big issue I have with this series is the "clone" syndrome. All the girls look identical except for the color of hair... or eyes. Second issue I have with this series is the near useless teacher, "Kirishima". I seriously disliked how she for the most part got pushed around so easily... by students at that!

Overall, this was a just a light dull entertainment that's marginally passable. If you've got other things to watch, skip this one for sure.

Last updated Tuesday, May 03 2011. Created Tuesday, May 03 2011.
Watch 8 7 7 7 7 7 Devil Doll [series:1628#752]
[Score: 71% = "Watch+"; suggested silent drama stories of this type: Lamune, Aishiteru Ze Baby, True Tears]

A classical "nice guy harem" with the one male person at the dorm fixing the issues of the troubled girls around him; think Kanon (2006) lite, i. e. without the fantasy and most of the tragedy elements but including several plausibility issues.

Average technical ratings, simple characters (whose faces may look similar whereas their seiyuu make them easy to tell apart). The six arcs form a consistent time line but aren't shown in chronological order. Two episodes per arc are just enough for a plausible development; arcs 1 and 2 wasted time on comedy whereas arcs 3-5 have enough family drama to make them an interesting experience. The final arc attempted to be the romance part but failed at that; the final filler episode was even worse. So three reasonable arcs out of six result in no more than a "Watch" rating for the whole series.
  • Sawaki Rinna arc (episodes 1+2, "Watch"):
    Unnecessary underwear incident at the start (even though it is explained in episode 2) and an implausible "declaration of war" at the end of the first episode. The race was much better and with a surprising twist but had Rinna act out of character for no apparent reason, so this arc is lacking in the plausibility department.
  • Kujou Miyaho arc (episodes 3+4, "Watch")
    Miyaho is a super-klutz (as explicitly voiced by Wataru) and a spoiled brat, so this is a comedy arc with not much content (except for a clear sign of another girl having romantic interest in Wataru). Miya-chan is here to research the past of her grandfather, and we can smell history repeating itself. The ending didn't really convince me (too much drama without a valid reason).
  • Fujimura Shizu arc (episodes 5+6, "Rent")
    Much better and more serious than the first arcs, mostly because Shizu is a quirky and interesting character and her issue isn't a trivial one. Naoko and Saeri have influential roles here as well so this story feels less like an "arc" and more like gluing the whole group of friends together. Again, the ending feels a bit rushed but my ratings for the series are going up nonetheless. (As for the swimming competition: This show is older than Toradora!.)
  • Hayama Umi arc (episodes 7+8, "Rent")
    Wataru's childhood friend and most plausible love interest is almost a Nanami clone. But despite acting quite normally in previous episodes she suddenly turns out to be the most traumatized one amongst these girls, thus causing a plausibility issue. Then again, with its unique family background this is the most interesting story (despite focusing only on a few crucial events of a longer development) about the most amiable girl of the series.
  • Kirishima Saeri arc (episodes 9+10, "Rent")
    This arc is focusing more on its story (with a bad guy, for the first time) than on a character's background, and Wataru isn't the glamorous hero for once. Some embarrassing fumbles by the leads but the tone of narration changed significantly in the second part which made this arc a success for me.
  • Asakura Naoko arc (episodes 11+12, "Watch")
    While everyone else adores the school council president, Wataru and his dorm comrades know a different side of her. The first part is exciting (an enigmatic princess and finally some real romance!) but the second one is a mess in terms of plausibility.
  • Final episode (episodes 13, "Avoid")
    The farewell ceremony, a filler drowned in tears. The first minutes had a surprising (yet out of place) development for Rinna but it ended up leading nowhere.

Last updated Tuesday, July 12 2011. Created Sunday, September 12 2010.
Watch 7 7 7 4 Xenoknight [series:1628#2967]
watching now... 11 eps watched...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Monday, September 13 2010. Created Friday, December 19 2008.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1628#967]
The Japanese title この青空に約束を―~ようこそつぐみ寮へ~ (loosely) translates to Under this promsing blue sky - Welcome to the dormitory, it will be closing soon. (as translated by Babelfish.)

The second episode is available as a fansub.

Ummm - so what can I say about the first episode? Uninspiring? Unremarkable? Is this based on a dating-sim? And the animation is by Artland!

I remember another reviewer's critical comments about a series in which all of the girls looked alike, except for the color of their hair and eyes. And I am afraid to mention that this series suffers from the same problem. Makes me wonder if the animation team was just too lazy to be creative?

Last updated Friday, June 08 2007. Created Monday, June 04 2007.

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