Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny

Title:Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny
Ikki Tousen 2
Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny
一騎当千 Dragon Destiny
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Notables: Animation - ARMS
Music - MOTOKURA Hiroshi
Production - GENCO, Inc.
In a land ruled by destiny, several warriors struggle against their fate. Each possessing the soul of an ancient warrior inside them in the form of a dragon. Three high school students are bound to their fate with iron chains, or so it seems. There is a mysterious stone, the dragon jade, which has the power to change their fate. But like all things of great importance, everyone wants it - including hidden factions nobody knows about yet.

[TV series, 2006, 12 episodes, 24 min, plus 6 OVA specials of 3-4 min length each. Animation by ARMS]

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Watch 9 7 9 5 5 4 manganime [series:1503#1633]
Okay, looking back at my old Ikkitousen review that I wrote around 4-5 years ago I gave the origanl a 'buy' rating and the review itself is quite bad. However the enjoyed the first series much more than this one.

Maybe I'm not the best judge for this series as I couldn't tell what the hell was going on half of the time! I was completely lost with so many characters and with all the similiar names and all. I had no problem following the first series, but similiar with the manga I felt like was all over the place with this.

It could be since the first series was mainly focused the characters from Nanyo Academy and we were introduced to them, here we are jumping from like three-four academies and Hakufu (the previous protagonist) does not even make an appearance til like the 4th episode.

I may have just missed the point and need to watch this again...but I don't see that happening again in this lifetime :-P

Last updated Sunday, June 14 2009. Created Sunday, June 14 2009.
Buy Xenoknight [series:1503#2967]
review coming after I rewatch the anime...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Friday, December 05 2008. Created Friday, December 05 2008.
Watch 7 5 4 9 5 6 Devil Doll [series:1503#752]
[Score: 58% = Watch]
Ikki Tousen basically was a sports competition with hidden agendas, ending in a three-way draw; this time the remaining factions battle it out, with the dragon jade being the ball of the ballgame.
So this is more of the same, only that they're no longer beating each other up, they're now killing each other explicitly. This season is really bloody (well, the prequel's customers are three years older ;-). Half-Nude Catholic Schoolgirl Ninjas, anyone? The basic idea did sell in Mai-HiME already... Episode 5 presents a new level of violence and bloodshed, episode 6 adds a bit yuri fanservice to the mix. Later battles are a lot less detailed, including the final confrontation, so don't expect too much here. Ryoumou provides the most interesting confrontations, and she is even a driving force for the development of this story this time, so she's my hero of the show (not Kan-U who looks cool but in the end is no more than a bodyguard for her master).

The Story could in fact have been interesting as certain people know more about this "dragon" stuff than the actual fighter factions do. The tone of this story is more gloomy than in the prequel, thus the story is closer to Tenjou Tenge. Unfortunately, the explanation for the dragon jade's existence is a bit too mystical, and the explanation why so many people (including Ryoumou's medical doctor!) know certain things about the background of this story (but never reveal anything to the audience) is nonexistent. Unline the first season we get a real ending here but with most of the interesting questions unanswered.
The silly-funny elements (making use of SD faces) are more present than in the prequel are, now with a new stupid big tits girl as the (reluctant) leader of the Kanu Unchou team (and not that Sosaku Hakufo has improved a bit either ;-). Actually the goofy parts (including the last minutes of the final episode) were the second best thing for me about this series: I was giggling quite a few times in this senseless butchering scenario.

Most Characters are one-dimensional (either bloodthirsty monsters or silly bakas or heroic doormats asking to die for their master, or a mixture of all three), with the exception of that Kaku advisor girl from the prequel (who is still trying to play her own game) and Ryoumou the Bloody Eyepatch. Plus there are so many of them (at least five new named characters per episode, most of them being "I've been the so-and-so 1800 years ago so let's fight to the death now because that's my destiny" - and that's their complete text in this series!), so you'd actually need something like a dependency graph to really understand who is who and what's going on... if you want this show to be more than half-nude high-school girls cutting each other to pieces, that is.
Art is what you'd expect when the first hit lets any girl's clothes rip completely (and girls are predominant in this series); Animation is quite weak (lots of stills during battles, and weird walking). And now the highlight of this show: The Music by Motokura Hiroshi runs from melodic speed metal (Main Theme) to depressing orchestral pieces (Sousou's and Moutoku's Theme)... I'll definitely need this wonderful OST! (OP&ED songs are rather weak compared to this.)
In the end, the music made my day and was sufficient alone for me to watch this series. But there's not much else that I could honestly recommend about this anime. (By the way, the OVAs are 100% nude breasts fanservice.)

Last updated Tuesday, June 21 2011. Created Sunday, September 30 2007.
Rent 8 8 10 7 6 Big Fire [series:1503#2441]
Ok, Ikki is back, and fansubbed!!! Ok only episode 1, but it shows Kanu Unchou (episode 99 of Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny) so call me easy, but I am giving it a 10 just because there seems to be a whole lot more of her in this version...Yes it is more of this and more of that, but you still can't see anything...hair is perfectly placed, so you still won't get the full monty...I don't dig Ryomou (episode 97 of Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny), she looks too much like a Rei knock off from evangelion, but there are new fighters afoot, that actually look interesting...I understand that there are others that object to this type of anime...but hey to each his own...Ikki does have a storyline, you just got to get beyond all the rest of the stuff...I liked the first one in a weird corny way, so this one is alright by me...

(two episodes watched)
I dunno if i like this art...i am taking it down a notch...also, i miss the dude telling me about the people as they relate to the 3 kingdoms in the background...and there seems to be more blood...or did i not notice that before...oh well...I will keep going...

i have finished this, i don't get it, and will try to re-watch it...i like the original better.

(6 episodes - second time through)
so i am sort of starting to get this now...it is about awakening dragons or something and there are only a few who have that ability. Hakufu is back (episode 96 of Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny)...still silly, but can't do nothing about that...we see more Kanu which is a big plus for me, and that Chouun chick rocks(episode 98 of Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny)...I wish Kaku would fight but i guess her glasses and her uni are just put in this show for fan service...

(finished - again)
wow the ending sucked...although it was happy...i would prefer to see the actual person fighting not the "dragon" version...also what up with saji coming back...who cares!!! hook me up with Ryofu and this thing would have been a 10... Alas she was back in the OVA, but that was just an ecchi fest...Anywho...the story is eh...i liked the first one better even with Kanu emphasized on this one...I guess it was just easier to follow along...Dragon Destiny doesn't give you enough background on most of the characters, at the end of the day it was just another way to get your favorite characters from ikki back in rare form...

Last updated Wednesday, January 23 2008. Created Sunday, March 11 2007.
Unevaluated Forbin [series:1503#1573]
Oh Gawd!

Another ikkitousen. I hope it's better than the first.

Last updated Wednesday, November 29 2006. Created Wednesday, November 29 2006.

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