Ichigo 100% OVA 1

Title:Ichigo 100% OVA 1
Ichigo 100% Jump Fiesta
Koi ga Hajimaru!? Yureru kokoro ga Higashi e nishi e
Love starts!? Photography training camp - shaking heart going to the East and West
いちご100% 恋が始まる!?撮影合宿 ~ゆれるココロが東へ西へ~
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Notables: Original Concept - KAWASHITA Mizuki
This is the sequel to Ichigo 100% TV, starting right after the final TV episode. The whole film crew (including Nishino but not Aya) retreated to a cabin in the forest as to film their movie, but Junpei apparently can't focus on his lines in the script. Then Sotomura Isuzu (being the assistant film director in charge, as Junpei and Nishino are playing the lead roles) orders the boy to go to the train station where Aya will arrive soon (she had to do other work until now). But due to holiday's schedule the next bus back to their film location would depart in three hours, so they decide to walk - and soon get lost in the forest right when a thunderstorm begins. But later Misuzu has an interesting idea to get the lead actors to act like a real couple during the film shooting...
[OVA, 2004, 1 episode, 25 min]
The "↗Jump Fiesta" is a big anime convention in Japan, in December of each year.

1:48min Series Opening - YouTube Video
[edit] The ↗Ichigo_100% franchise: Written and illustrated by KAWASHITA Mizuki who also wrote the manga story for Hatsukoi Limited and Ane Doki
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Watch 8 8 9 6 5 5 Xenoknight [series:1125#2967]
Starting right after the final episode of the TV series that they refused to give any sort of closure to, this OVA pretty much starts out with Tou-jou and the main lead trapped in a shed as the rain is coming down hard. With some hardship, they managed to stay calm and handle the situations that arouse. Nishino barges in and saves (interrupts) them as expected. The closer the main lead and Tou-jou (any girl for that matter) seem to get the more the writers want to pull them apart and it really makes me sick.

Allow me to vent on a matter that has finally reached its limit:

We had no true love throughout the entire incomplete series and here we are in the OVA and the main lead is still being tempted but cannot act. Watch all 5 OVAs end without him finding anyone to love. It really is stupid. The harem genre is about the idea of having multiple girls to choose from but it doesn’t mean the main lead can’t have at least one of them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s like saying what’s the point in the whole damn story to begin with!!! Make a new genre that specifies harem scenarios but there is no final choice so I could avoid all of those titles and save myself some time and effort. I wish I could meet one of these types of story writers and give him/her a piece of my mind!!

Venting finished:

The guys trick Nishino and the main lead to go to a lake that is suppose to have a legend attached with it about being a couple. As they walk, they become convinced that in order to get through they will need to act like a couple. As they reach the end, the gang comes out and tells them they got some great shots for the movie.

After the Tou-jou part this OVA was over in my eyes so the ending half was a waste (he never intended to befriend Nishino) and therefor, this OVA is crap. Watch it just for completion sake.

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Thursday, October 09 2008. Created Sunday, September 07 2008.
Rent Stretch [series:1125#628]
This first OVA seemed a bit more risque than the TV series, which ended abruptly without any answer to a number of pressing questions. Manaka clearly hasn't lost his talent for getting into embarassing situations with cute girls. Around a year ago I watched a mysterious episode of Ichigo 100%, to get an idea what it was all about, but couldn't track it down again until I watched this OVA--this is it! A fun show, with the quality of the TV series ratcheted up a notch. What exactly is a "Jump Fiesta/Festa" anyway? This isn't the only series that has one.

Last updated Wednesday, June 14 2006. Created Wednesday, June 14 2006.
Buy Forbin [series:1125#1573]
Drama : Med
Comedy : Med
Action : None
Scifi : Med
Ecchi : Med

I forgot to review this but this is probably the BEST of the entire Ichigo Line. Too bad it was a Jump Fiesta Special. This sold the series then it got put on the cheap frontier for the TV Series.

Last updated Thursday, March 16 2006. Created Thursday, March 16 2006.
Rent 8 9 8 8 8 9 Devil Doll [series:1125#752]
[Rating: 82% = Rent+]
The windrose directions this time are explicitly shown in the intro, and Yui is now referred to as a "candidate" as well. But neither North nor South play any significant role in this first continuation of the TV series; if you want to learn more about Yui's role in this story you have to watch Ichigo 100% Special 2.
This time both Aya-chan and Nishino get their romantic scene alone with Junpei. With so little screen time for the more annoying characters I really enjoyed this sequel. If you expect any resolution of the storyline you'll be disappointed for sure, but taking this as another episode of an endless series it works really well. You just have accept what's most important for the girls around Junpei - or at least what they'll say about this...

Last updated Friday, June 25 2010. Created Saturday, July 30 2005.

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