Ichigo 100% OVA 5

Title:Ichigo 100% OVA 5
Kokoro Kawari wa Totsuzen ni!?
Sudden Change Of Heart!?
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Notables: Original Concept - KAWASHITA Mizuki
All the film club members (including the guests Hashimoto Chinami and Mukai Kozue) are discussing the next film project they should be shooting. But when shy Toujou (who always used to write scripts about pure love) suddenly suggests doing a Yakuza movie (!) and openly declares she loves Manaka (!) things begin to get out of hand, and slowly the boys are facing a development they would never have dreamed of, not in their worst nightmares... you'll finally learn what the series' name is all about!

[OVA, 2005, 1 episode, 29 min]
1:48min Series Opening - YouTube Video
[edit] The ↗Ichigo_100% franchise: Written and illustrated by KAWASHITA Mizuki who also wrote the manga story for Hatsukoi Limited and Ane Doki
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Buy 8 8 9 6 1 6 Xenoknight [series:1243#2967]
Nice episode because it was cool to see everyone act out of character and go wild like that. Toujou as the aggressive type was very interesting while Satsuki was the shy submissive girl. The whole “panties taking over the world” crap was a bit much but the resulting laughs were solid. Slap-stick the way it was meant to be. I laughed through the entire episode. If only the beginning of the TV series was like this in terms of slap-stick (not the panties taking over the world bit), than it wouldn’t have been so boring until the anime really started at episode 4.

If you've been with me throughout the series and OVAs, you should recall what I predicted in Ichigo 100% OVA 1. That the main lead doesn't choose someone and the story remains unfinished! I have nothing left to say with this crap. The healing process will take a while as I gladly allow myself to forget this anime and all its incomplete glory. For the record - I still say Satsuki should be his final choice.

I'm going to get myself an aspirin. See you later...

Never forget Xenosaga.

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Rent Stretch [series:1243#628]
I had a hard time deciding whether this was going to be one of the stinkers or would be okay, but I finally did wind up laughing at the wild explanation of the girls' strange behaviors. It was almost too weird to be funny, but let's just say Manaka's talent for sneaking a peek at girl's panties is taken to a whole new level--you've got to see it to believe it. Again, I think the key to a good Ichigo OVA is not taking the story too seriously, and they certainly didn't make that mistake here. No new girls, either!


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Rent Forbin [series:1243#1573]
Anime Type
DramaNoneStory, what Story? Hehe
ComedyHighYou are laughing from beginning to end.
ActionLowA chase scene is all there is
SciFiMedI am NOT going to explain this see the show
EcchiMedLots and lots of Panties
This show defintely explains the title of Ichigo 100. Too bad it's a filler episode and not part of the Ichigo Manga. It's extremely funny. I enjoyed it but I did figure it out about halfway during the train sequence. Just watch. You will laugh.

Why did I rate it a rent? Because this isn't how Ichigo should finish out it's run. Well the manga run wasn't all that great but it has a real ending. This is just filler.

Last updated Wednesday, December 07 2005. Created Wednesday, December 07 2005.
Rent 8 9 9 8 6 9 Devil Doll [series:1243#752]
[Score: 78% = "Rent"]
This final OVA episode is weird, and I mean reeeeeeally weeeeeeird. More weird than you could possibly imagine. It's not as good as Ichigo 100% OVA 1 or Ichigo 100% Special 2 which both are good dramas, but being a comedy this episode was still a pleasant surprise for me, and as such I can honestly recommend it. This is one of the best "Rent" ratings I've given for quite a while.
This story (driven by the characters ;-) is incredibly funny if you know the TV series, mostly during the first half of this OVA. There's a slightly dragging part in the middle where you already get the pattern and see some of the jokes coming but you can still play a nice guessing game at this stage. The ending again is a nice surprise, and those who need their share of perversion will get it by then. I liked the music as well as the animation - Toujou alone would be a reason to watch this episode at least once. But after that first pass (Episode Story: 10) the surprise and most of the fun might be over (Story: 6), so I wouldn't give a "Buy" recommendation due to probably low rewatchability.
Just remember: You can expect to see more ichigo pantsu than you would ever hope for!

Note that this story has specifically been written for the OVA, it isn't a part of the original manga, and its tone is much lighter than the tone of the later parts of the manga.

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