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Title Rating Synopsis
Come Pick Me Up! & I'm always on your side Rent See Ichigo 100% Special 2
First Love Limited Rent See Hatsukoi Gentei
First Love Limited Specials Watch See Gentei Shoujo

Gentei Shoujo
Watch Middle School student Andou Soako is an admitted "megaklutz". What's worse, she's been tardy for school for nine days in a row; one more will bring severe punishment. On the tenth day, she oversleeps as usual then races to dress and run to school. On the way she notices that her breasts seem bouncier than usual, and she can feel a distinct breeze underneath her skirt...

Hatsukoi Gentei
Rent This collection of stories about the first love experience of five female middle school classmates and three high-school girls plus their environment (siblings, childhood friends etc.) provides a series of vignettes in the everyday lives of the protagonists as they fall in and out of love and deal with girl issues, forming a complex love polygon.
Hatsukoi Limited Rent See Hatsukoi Gentei
Hatsukoi Limited Specials Watch See Gentei Shoujo
Hatsukoi Limited: Limited Girl Watch See Gentei Shoujo
Ichigo 100% - Fresh Pension Crisis ~ Beware of the Owner! Watch See Ichigo 100% OVA 4
Ichigo 100% - Sawayaka Pension Crisis ~ Owner ni Kiotsukero! Hen Watch See Ichigo 100% OVA 4
Ichigo 100% Jump Fiesta Rent See Ichigo 100% OVA 1

Ichigo 100% OVA 1
Rent This is the sequel to Ichigo 100% TV, starting right after the final TV episode. The whole film crew (including Nishino but not Aya) retreated to a cabin in the forest as to film their movie, but Junpei apparently can't focus on his lines in the script. Then Sotomura Isuzu (being the assistant film director in charge, as Junpei and Nishino are playing the lead roles) orders the boy to go to the train station where Aya will arrive soon (she had to do other work until now). But due to holiday's schedule the next bus back to their film location would depart in three hours, so they decide to walk - and soon get lost in the forest right when a thunderstorm begins. But later Misuzu has an interesting idea to get the lead actors to act like a real couple during the film shooting...

Ichigo 100% OVA 2
Watch Some time has passed after the series and the first OVA. The film club is preparing their room for the school spring festival; but due to various circumstances the room ends up devastated and all people gone except for Junpei who has to clean up the mess. But late in the evening one girl returns to look after him...

Ichigo 100% OVA 3
Watch One morning Junpei wakes up and finds Yui in his bed. She's there because she has a fever and cannot stay in the dorms. Since he is late for class anyway she asks him a favor, to return her friends notes back to her before classes start. The problem? Yui goes to Oumi Academy, an all girls school, that has guards, crazy miko teachers, electric fences, and even a Bondage Club. (Yes you heard me). BTW: This is also the same school that Tsukasa goes to.

Ichigo 100% OVA 4
Watch The whole film club team (plus Nishino, Yui, Chinami, and a new girl named Kozue Mukai) are travelling to a new pension deep in the mountains where they accepted a job for the summer holidays as to raise funds for more film projects, as they've been offered exceptional wages. But soon enough they'll learn what the male crew of this pension actually is up to...
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