Twin Love
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With his father taking an overseas position as an astronomer in Hawaii, the thirteen year-old Futami Nozomi chooses to stay with relatives in the city where he first grew up. While looking forward to meeting a pair of twin sisters with whom he played with during kindergarten, he is surprised to encounter another set of twin sisters in a convenience store, and then his aunt also has a pair of ten year old twin sisters. Well, Nozomi is both very cute and very kind hearted, how many twin sisters could he become close friends with? Six perhaps? What a troublesome life!!

(13 episodes, each about 24 minutes long; see also: Futakoi Alternative)
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Watch 8 8 8 6 7 8 Dreamer [series:887#2279]
Seeing the cute artwork above, I decided to give this one a shot. I should have guessed that with such kawaii art, the anime would be the same.

Art, Animation & Character Design
The artwork wasn't anything special. It seemed about average and on par with other anime. Animation was average as well. As for the character designs, they were all uber cute! Even their voices were "cute"... primarily the twins (Lulu & Lala).

The opening theme wasn't of anything interesting. It was a soft piece... but a boring soft piece. The music throughout the episodes were not really noticeable either but they did fit the light-hearted tone of the episodes.

Series and Episode Story
I actually like this anime. It wasn't anything special and it didn't have an involving plot or such, but it was fun nevertheless. What made it fun was how our protagonist ( Nozomi), meets not just one pair of twins, not two, but three! And with three sets of twins, there were 3 times the antics and fun. The plot was lacking however, nothing to speak of. Besides, with such kawaii characters, who needs a plot right?

Overall, it's a fun and cute anime but without a real story. It's nice to watch for the first time and if you want something light and silly.

Last updated Sunday, April 12 2009. Created Sunday, April 12 2009.
Unevaluated AstroNerdBoy [series:887#436]

Through 1 episode...

I've had it in my mind to watch this since whomever posted the 3 screen captures for this page. The bottom image, containing Lulu-chan (in orange) and Lala-chan (in pink with the lamb Billy) caught my eye. After all, such cute character designs might mean a sugar title for when I need a sugar fix. Orikasa Ai playing the role of their mother was surprising to me. Weird that they are having a town filled with twins. Still, beyond the "kawaii" character designs, & Horie Yue and Orikasa Ai as seiyuu, this isn't really gripping me.

Last updated Wednesday, August 09 2006. Created Wednesday, August 09 2006.

Unevaluated Stretch [series:887#628]
(one episode watched):

I've been curious about Futakoi Alternative, seeing as it was made by the same studio as Shinobuden and Coyote Ragtime Show, and since FA is a spinoff I figured I ought to take a look at the original series. Right from the bat it was clear that this show is anime cliche ridden: a childhood marriage promise; the main character staying with a relative/family friend; his parents conveniently out of the way (one dead, another working overseas); he is mistaken for a pervert; etc, etc. I noticed something else, too: I hardly ever needed to pause the DVD in order to read subtitles. Whereas while watching some series I have to pause on almost every line, and an episode takes something like 45 minutes to watch, Futakoi breezed by in the usual 23 minutes. I suspect that this may be indicative of simplistic, uninteresting dialogue, which doesn't bode well for this show. I didn't get any big laughs out of it, either. As a result, I'm tempted to just jump right into Futakoi Alternative and make as much sense out of it as I can.

Last updated Saturday, August 05 2006. Created Saturday, August 05 2006.
Watch Forbin [series:887#1573]
Drama : Med
Comedy : Med
Action : Low
SciFi : None
Ecchi : None

8 Episodes watched
Either it was just the show or the DVD I rented had some poor subs, but honestly I was bored by it. The first few episodes were a definte RENT. Then as the episodes played out and the other twins appeared and disappeared I was getting downright bored. It just kept replaying the same cliche over and over,
1) Boy Meets Other Twins (Then the main 2)
2) Boy Shows Interest in new Twins
3) Twins Show Interest back in boy.
4) Original Twins show up and Boy forgets about new twins.
5) Go back to #1.

So after 3 or 4 times of this (I forget if I even made it to Sara and Souju the heroines of Futakoi Alternative) I was getting mighty bored.

But I will NOT mark this an Avoid. It just might be me that I didn't find any lasting fun in this show but as with Sister Princess, I didn't enjoy it all that much but my Daughter thinks it's better than Sliced Bread.

Last updated Monday, July 25 2005. Created Monday, July 25 2005.
Watch 8 8 6 7 7 Jan-Chan [series:887#967]
This is very cute and silly series .. (happy anime fluff, that is similar to Girls Bravo and Maburaho series, but it is a series with a lot of problems.)

Nozomi is quite the innocent nice-guy, but someone without a clue. Having already met and befriended some three pairs of twins (by episode four,) has only brought him a lot more trouble than he could even imagine. His aunts two twin eleven-year-old girls have both announced their intent on marrying him, but their pet billy goat has made it clear that he intends to butt Nozomi out of the picture. The two childhood twins with whom he remembers making a kinder-garden pinky promise to get married are very friendly with him, but Nozomi finds out that they also have a high-school fan-cub who are intent on bullying him out of the picture. And then the third set of twin sisters whom Nozomi first met in a convenience store and who are in his classroom appear to be quite fond of him, much to the possessive concern of their butler and guardian.

And if being chased after by beautiful young ladies were not enough, Nozomi is bothered by the legend of a memorial stone that is at his aunts temple, in which two twins both loved the same man, who could not chose one over the other. Both of twins in grief of his indecision transformed into birds and flew off together.

Nozomi spends so much time and teenage angst fretting over appearing to favor any one of the many twins over any other, that he loses out on all of the fun of their attention. And when one of his friends shares with him that he intends to confess to one of his childhood twins, he begins worry about what he is loosing, (even while two other pretty young ladies are tugging at his arms, trying to get his attention.)

But the series does come back to life at the end, when everyone has to gather together to keep a pair of twins from being taken out of their high school and away from their circle of friends.

This series does have enough strong points and charming moments to be worth a watch, but not enough to make me want to watch this series again.


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