Initial D Fourth Stage

Title:Initial D Fourth Stage
Initial D - Project D (stage 4)
Initial D - Stage 4
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Takumi is now a member of the "Project D" racing team, a group that is intent on setting speed records for all of the mountain roads in the area. The team is headed the elder Takahshi brother, with Takumi and his supercharged (actually it is ↗N/A racing engine with an 11K redline)86 being the downhill driving specialist, while the younger Takashi brother and his FD turbo car being the uphill specialist.
24 TV episodes

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The Badguys(RedSuns) join forces with Tak...What more do you want? If you like cars, if you like drifiting, if you like bad guys making nice...this is it...The 4th stage is the best initial D ever...Cars got upgrades, Tak's dad gets a new car, Iggi gets a turbo...All in all, i am very happy with the 4th stage...and if you are an initial D fan and have been dissapointed by the movie, or the previous stages, this is no time to turn your back...To be honest, the only thing i am bummed about is that they didn't show the race of the FD versus the Integra... But I give it 10s all around...In fact, I am even becoming a MOVE fan, for they seem to do all the opening songs for initial D and i like there sound...

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Act.1: Project D
Act.2: Full Speed! Downhill Battle
Act.3: The Top Gun of the Toudou School
Act.4: The Two Pieces of Advice
Act.5: The Starting Line to Victory
Act.6: Blind Attack
Act.7: The 85`s Thunderous Turbo
Act.8: Fate`s FD Battle
Act.9: Kyoko`s Confession
Act.10: Saitama Area Ultimate Weapon
Act.11: Downhill of Rain
Act.12: The Straightaway of Discontent
Act.13: Motivation
Act.14: Sad Lonely Driver
Act.15: 4WD Complex
Act.16: Hill Climb of Wrath
Act.17: Saitama Area`s Decisive Final Battle
Act.18: Last Drive
Act.19: God Foot and God Hand
Act.20: Transcendant GT-R
Act 21: Dogfight
Act 22: The Sorcery of the One-Hand Steer
Act.23: Endless Battle
Act 24: Endless Challenge

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