Initial D Battle Stage

Title:Initial D Battle Stage
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This compilation special focuses just on the car races that were shown in the first three series stages. Being almost all computer generated imagery, the story is set up as a series of bouts in which the different types of cars face off against one another. The drivers and Initial-D storyline are almost absent, as new music has been paired with updated footage to highlight the climatic moments in the Initial-D series.
1 TV special, 40 min
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Buy 10 10 10 Big Fire [series:812#2441]
Ok, so there was no story, just a bunch of battles from stages 1 to 3...BUT the computer animation has all been re-done and they even put some cool tracks in the background to give it a different twist...Also, they gave you 1 BONUS race never seen before on any initial D episodes. The FD races the EVO IV of team Emperor...To me this is a must own for every Inital D fan...Better graphics, just get to the point races, good music and a bonus race...There is not much more you can ask for...unless you were hoping for a story...

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