Initial D Second Stage

Title:Initial D Second Stage
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Notables: MATSUMOTO Yasunori
Takumi has beaten Takahashi Ryosuke, but now the Emperors arrive. Lead by Sudou Kyouichi and driving the incredibly fast ↗Lancer Evolutions, they are out to be the fastest in Gunma!
[13 TV episodes.]

1:30min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Buy 7 8 8 10 10 10 Big Fire [series:401#2441]
Ok, so Tak is back, but a new crew wants to take over Mt. Akina...The emperors...and they all drive EVOs...Can Tak keep his winning streak alive? Who is driving the other 86 in the opening credits and why does it look better than the Tofu House 86? I actually enjoyed the second stage, although the art still needs some work, character growth is cool, but car growth is even cooler!!! Remember when the Gundam GP-01 became the GP-01FB? Cool stuff...Anyways, if you got hooked with stage 1, i don't have to tell you stage 2 is a must...Don't Miss It!

Last updated Friday, February 02 2007. Created Friday, February 02 2007.
Rent 7 8 8 9 8 7 Jan-Chan [series:401#967]
13 episodes - each about 25 minutes long
Takumi now has a reputation as being the unbeaten "Akina's 86" (car lingo for the vehicle that he is driving). Having such a reputation can only draw the attention of other drivers, who would like to claim the glory of having defeated Akina's best. A surprising revelation about the young lady that Takumi has been interested in causes him make a poor decision with tragic results.

This is a continuation of the series. It does pick up a very adult theme (the basis for Takumi's tragedy,) so I would have to give it a PG+ rating.

Last updated Monday, October 26 2009. Created Friday, July 02 2004.
Buy RobbieNewbie [series:401#211]
This series tried to improve the previous series' animation, and I think it is look better. With the CG animation for the racing scenes blended nicely with the Handdrawn animation, I do think that this series is the best from all I already seen (First, Second, Extra, and Third stage). I love it, and I think you should like it too! (=BUY). New viewers might missed some of the background stories introduced at the first stage, but without it they still can enjoy this movie. Of course, it is very recommended to watch the Initial D first stage first before watching this one, to be able to relate to all characters more.

Last updated Tuesday, April 16 2002. Created Tuesday, April 16 2002.

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