Elf wo Karumono Tachi II

Title:Elf wo Karumono Tachi II
Those Who Hunt Elves 2
Those Who Hunt Elves II
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Notables: KAWAKAMI Tomoko
SEKI Tomokazu
TACHIKI Fumihiko
Our three stranded people from Japan (Airi, Ritsuko, & Junpei) are still trying to get home after Celcia fails to send them home at the end of the first series. As before, the goal here is to find the spell fragments which of course only tatoo themselves to elf women. These women must be found (usually by stripping them), and the fragments transfered to Celcia. Also returning is the tank (possessed by a cat spirit) and we have a new kawaii animal character who provides a rather unique service. More fun and mayhem!

12 TV episodes (1997) and the sequel to Those Who Hunt Elves.
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Watch 7 6 7 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:476#1552]
More of the same for the most part with season two of Those Who Hunt Elves. This season's a slight step up from the first season as it does attempt to focus on a wider range of comedy gags not involving our titular group stripping elves, but said comedy still misses the mark for the most part. Again, this is one of those anime comedies more recommended for those who don't mind not thinking too much over what they are watching.

Last updated Friday, March 18 2016. Created Friday, March 18 2016.
Watch Forbin [series:476#1573]
Drama : Low
Comedy : Med
Action : Med
SciFi : Med
Ecchi : Low

Ok why did I rate this a watch? I loved 'Those who Wipe' and 'Those who hunt wolves' was pretty good. Because the ending was so dumb!

They take out the love interaction of Celcia, they take out most of the profanity. They take out the campy American localization and shrink it down to the statement 'I Hate Fantasy Stories!' The Judge became extremely lame. Change the OP to something that SUCKED! And on and on. My gosh I'm surprised there weren't any Clones in it.

It was a big disappointment compared to first season. It looks way too rushed. It just wasn't what I was used to.

I guess I'm just becoming too much of an Otaku.

Last updated Tuesday, January 24 2006. Created Tuesday, January 24 2006.
Rent Stretch [series:476#628]
There seems to be a general consensus among anime critics that the original TWHE was a "brain candy" series, devoid of seriousness, deep meaning, plotlines, and much of anything besides cheap, mindless fun. To a certain extent that may be so, but I submit that there has to be something more to a series like this when viewers choose to import their "brain candy" from halfway around the world. So stand up and be heard, lovers of anime cheesecake! If anything, we may have gravely underestimated the value of shows of this sort--shows that allow our brains to pleasantly melt, yet teach us something about another culture.

Those Who Hunt Elves II is more of the same. Actually, the first episode seemed disappointing to me, but come to think of it, the original series got off to a slow start as well. Things got interesting with episode two, "Those Who Wipe". No doubt you are thinking that surely this episode couldn't possibly be about the topic which first springs to mind--well, that's exactly what it's about! Call it "toilet humor"--literally. I wavered between feelings of "this is hilarious" and "this is just wrong". I don't want to spend too much time on one episode out of twelve, except I came away with a feeling that there were a couple of outstanding episodes surrounded by unexceptional ones--again, the same as with the original series. I think my favorite of all was "Those Who Hunt Wolves", in which a thinking, talking (to himself) wolf assumes the Elf Hunters have been hired by the local farmers to do away with him. Don't ask me to explain how, but the story worked like a charm. Another favorite was "Those Who Sometimes Protect Elves" (or something like that). What I liked was "the Friskers", a bunch of weirdos who do a good deal of stripping themselves, and the way everybody was operating under some sort of misunderstanding. The remaining episodes were fairly amusing but are now rapidly fading from my memory. I rewatched an average episode from the original series to compare to these new ones, but noticed no major differences. The animation of TWHE2 seems as good, maybe better, than that of the originals. I wish they had kept the old theme song, though.

My favorite line: "Let's Bathe Together Man--defeated!"

11/03 #85

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Rent 8 8 9 6 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:476#436]

If you enjoyed the first Those Who Hunt Elves series, you are going to enjoy this one. The whole gang is back and this time Celcia is not a dog but a panda. Like before, the episodes center on the crew attempting to find spell fragments (1013 this time) so Celcia can return Airi-san, Ritsuko-chan, & Junpei-kun back to Japan.

There really isn't anything special about the series, but it is fairly enjoyable. However, there are two really standout episodes which are the funniest in either series and some of the funniest episodes in all of anime. Epiosde 2 (Those Who Wipe) is all about needing to take a crap but not having any toilet paper. The other gut-busting episode is number 7 (Those Who Hunt Wolves). This is a parody of the Big Bad Wolf from various fairy tales like the "Three Little Pigs" and "Little Red Riding Hood". Again, just another outrageously funny episode.

The other episodes were OK and provided entertainment, but against those two, the series isn't much. Still, I have a fondness for this bunch of elf-hunters. The fact that the characters are very likeable really helps as does the attractive character designs.

A word on the DVD. With the exception of Junpei's voice, I thought the rest of the English dub cast was well done. However, Junpei's VA just was so very wrong, especially if you've seen the Japanese version (Junpei-kun rocks on the Japanese version). My other complaint was with the domestication of the script. ADV did a good job with "Excel Saga" explaining certain puns and stuff but in this title, they don't. Also, they don't use honorifics except for "-chan" which I found interesting. But even then, they weren't consistant about it. I don't know why stuff like that really annoys the crap out of me, but it does.

Bottom line: fans of the original will want to check this out. If you are looking for some light, "no-thought" entertainment with a couple of really good belly-laugh episodes, this is your series. Certainly worth a rent.

To copy Stretch, my favorite line (said by Junpei-kun): "I'm being wiped! I'm the one who's supposed to doing the wiping around here!"

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