Elf wo Karumono Tachi II - 2: Those Who Want To Wipe

Title:Elf wo Karumono Tachi II
Episode:2: Those Who Want To Wipe
Our merry gang of elf hunters have run into a little problem -- they don't have any more toilet paper! To make matters worse, toilet paper isn't something widely known on this world. Oh, what's a person to do?
This episode was adapted from chapter 11 of the manga.

This is THE funniest episode in the series and maybe one of the funniest in all of anime. It is hard to imagine life without toilet paper, and so watching Junpei's desperate search for the stuff is just outrageously funny! How their problem gets resolved is funnier still. Words do not do this epsisode justice.

I would like to add a word on a pun used in this episode that ADV domesticates on the subtitled side (subtitles should not be domesticated period). The mountain is called "Kami Mountain" or "God Mountain". Considering all of the security around the mountain, that seems to add to the notion that the mountain is mystical at the very least or hold some sort of treasures. But the word "kami" also means paper (different Kanji) and considering it was filled with toilet paper, well you get the drift. ADV decided to call it TeePee mountain and then T.P. mountain. Fine for the dubs, horrible for the subs.

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