Elf wo Karumono Tachi II - 4: Those Who Manipulate Heaven and Earth

Title:Elf wo Karumono Tachi II
Episode:4: Those Who Manipulate Heaven and Earth
While still hunting for spell fragments, the Elf Hunters stop at a town to rest where Junpei and Celcia get into an argument. It seems the people of Celcia's world believe in the geocentric theory -- the sun revolves around the Earth, otherwise they'd all be suffering from motion sickness. Junpei decides to make it his mission to prove that the heliocentric theory (the Earth revolves around the sun) is correct. Meanwhile, a local professor is being driven out of town for teaching heliocentric ideals and Junpei is in for the rescue. Can she prove her theory and survive the incoming metor that has been summoned by a magic user?
(AstroNerdBoy -- 23 November 2003)

Some humor in this episode, but nothing to spectacular.

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