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Elf wo Karumono Tachi II
Watch Our three stranded people from Japan (Airi, Ritsuko, & Junpei) are still trying to get home after Celcia fails to send them home at the end of the first series. As before, the goal here is to find the spell fragments which of course only tatoo themselves to elf women. These women must be found (usually by stripping them), and the fragments transfered to Celcia. Also returning is the tank (possessed by a cat spirit) and we have a new kawaii animal character who provides a rather unique service. More fun and mayhem!
Those Who Hunt Elves 2 Watch See Elf wo Karumono Tachi II
Those Who Hunt Elves II Watch See Elf wo Karumono Tachi II

Xenosaga - The Animation
Rent A couple thousand years after humans left the Earth, technology advanced beyond our expectatio:, cyborgs that feel human emotions, wireless network everywhere in the universe, huge robots (gears), advanced weaponry, and warp gates. However, humans are also faced with a new enemy: Gnosis. The Gnosis are an alien life form. Little is known about them and their intentions, other than the fact that they are at war with the humans. The hardest part about fighting them is that most objects can't even touch them, so lazers, bullets, and bombs which pass right through them without doing any damage, are of little value. But more advanced weapons are being developed.
Xenosaga: The Animation Rent See Xenosaga - The Animation
ゼノサーガ THE ANIMATION Rent See Xenosaga - The Animation

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