Puni Puni Poemi

Title:Puni Puni Poemi
Puni Puni Poemy
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Notables: Animation - JC Staff
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
WATANABE Shinichi (Nabeshin)

Poemi Watanabe, daughter of Nabeshin and Kumi-Kumi from Excel Saga, is the newest and the last Magical Girl you will ever meet.

[2 OAV episodes, animation by JC Staff, this is a spinoff of Excel Saga.]

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Watch 7 6 7 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:443#1552]
Guess you can think of this as a more crass version of Excel Saga with our titular lead character being a 10-year old version of Excel with her dense and manic personality, as well as an appearance from Nabeshin and the series being quite liberal with breaking the fourth wall. While I've heard of Puni Puni Poemy being controversial enough with its underaged characters where it's banned in some countries, I don't really see where it gets too controversial in spite of the series poking fun of how crass and risque it gets fairly often with its humor and characters. Still with the series relishing in how absurd and risque it gets, I'd say your mileage is likely to vary with how well you warm up to its humor like Excel Saga would (minus risque content for all the TV episodes of the series).

Last updated Friday, July 29 2022. Created Friday, July 29 2022.
Watch 8 8 6 7 5 SummonerSupreme [series:443#2060]
When I first saw this title and looked at the packaging, I could tell this was one of those "how do they get away with it?" titles. In reality it's basically part of the Excel Saga madness machine, and Excel Saga even goes so far as to promote it...and there are Excel references here too. OK, there is a storyline of sorts-Poemi wants to become a voice actress but also becomes superhero Puni Puni Poemy to avenge her parents' killer, whith help form the 7 Aasu Sisters and of course cameos by Nabeshin. It's really silly but almost borders on stupid at times, with plenty of ridiculous fanservice, some yuri, and even some implied hentai, all done in that same silly-bordering-on-stupid fashion. Also, in the Japanese version Poemy talks way too fast, so good luck keeping up. While it's a nice one to watch once or twice, that's about it. It's more a way to further subject yourself to the Excel Saga state of mind. Do try to watch it at least once, though, because it is really funny.

Last updated Tuesday, July 26 2005. Created Tuesday, July 26 2005.
Rent Stretch [series:443#628]
Gee, I guess I've already watched far too much fanservice and ecchi on anime, because Puni Puni Poemi didn't seem anywhere near as shocking as all the reviews I'd read had predicted it would be. Girls in chains, being fondled by bizarre aliens... yeah, yeah, so what else is new? Certainly nowhere near as explicit as episode 26 of Excel Saga. What really did catch my attention was how very difficult it was to watch--not because I wasn't enjoying it (I was), but rather because of how the lines just went zooming by me at near-light speed. Even in dubbed mode I could only catch around half of the dialogue. In subtitle mode I spent so much time pausing to read lines that what was supposed to be a half-hour episode took me at least 45 minutes to watch. The best example is the scene in which the Aasu sisters hold a family meeting to decide whether to let Pumi stay with them. You know how on DVDs sometimes you get a faulty subtitle which only appears for the blink of an eye? In this scene every line was like that! The only way to read them was to pause the DVD at the start of the scene, then advance one frame at a time. Anyway, my first viewing of Poemi reminded me of the first time I watched FLCL--half the time I was asking myself "what the hell just happened?". My second viewing seemed somewhat more enjoyable; perhaps this is another of those shows that require multiple viewings in order to make sense of anywhere near all the jokes. Having just been introduced to softcore hentai (Buttobi CPU), this show didn't really seem all that suggestive after all--nothing that I hadn't already seen time after time, except maybe for the second half of the final episode. Still, I wish there were more than just two episodes. My impression was of equal quality to an average episode of Excel Saga, plus with a pleasingly fresh spin on it. I wish it had also had "Vid-notes" to explain all the obscure "in-jokes".


Last updated Tuesday, March 11 2008. Created Friday, September 03 2004.
Rent 7 8 9 5 7 7 Buzze [series:443#1034]
Can you be even more energetic than Excel?
Is it possible to talk faster than Excel?
The answer is yes, Poemi can do both.
Those who are familiar to Excel Saga, and especially the last episode, know what to expect. More parody, to some anime series, to Star Wars, but mostly (in my opinion), to some of the sicker parts of Japanese culture.
Don't start looking for some common sense here. This serie is the kind where suddenly three white figures on a ball show up singing 'roll-a-roll-a-roll-a-roll' Or, when Poemi is asked to change one more time she sais: 'let's use the same images again'.
It's all parody (even from itself), slapstick, lots of fast talking and pointless events.
Love it or hate it, there's no in-between.
Best moment: Poemi on the kick-bike.

Last updated Saturday, February 07 2004. Created Saturday, February 07 2004.
Rent 10 10 9 7 0 1 Dellchat [series:443#1122]
Puni Puni Poemi will either make you laugh very hard, or not laugh at all, there really is no middle ground. The animation is done nicely by the animators of Excel Saga, and some of the music is "borrowed" straight from Excel Saga. Of course, these two OVAs have no story or plot, and I only gave a 1 because the episodes do try a little. What I want to point out is that the seiyuu (voice) cast has a bunch of "cameos" (Atsuko Enomoto, Kotono Mitsuishi, Minami Omi, Hisakawa Aya, and Kawakami Tomoko). If those names don't ring a bell, then you haven't watched enough anime. Definitely a rentable anime.

Last updated Thursday, January 01 2004. Created Thursday, January 01 2004.
Buy 9 8 8 8 1 BarrenSoul [series:443#859]
if you like pointless humour and REALLY fast story delivery then this is for you otherwise its REALLY weird. there is a supposed sex scene but nadda is shown so *pff* how do we know they really did anything... sexual (but based on a few scenes later you might get the feeling that this is what happend) absolutly no integrety, and many things happen REALLY fast (all those watching subtitles have the pause button ready) its funny in a sick way (but some is just plain off the damned wall)||| all above was based on episode 1 but #2 does show you that some of that taboo lez sex did occur

Last updated Saturday, August 09 2003. Created Wednesday, August 06 2003.
Watch 9 9 8 8 5 Rirath.com [series:443#802]
It's pointless, it's random, it's rude and crude, and it's a spinoff of Excel Saga. You've got to love it. The jokes are as random as they can possibly be and that's half the fun. The other half is the great fan service and plenty of it. Most of the fan service is even funny to boot.
Being only two episodes though, it doesn't really have time to become anything more than a quick laugh. Don't expect Excel Saga's great story and you'll have a great time and a lot of laughs. Puni Puni is even more random and has far more fan service than Excel Saga. The jokes are pretty much spot on for Excel Saga fans, but non fans will dislike this one even more.
- Rirath.com
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Last updated Tuesday, June 24 2003. Created Tuesday, June 24 2003.
Buy 9 10 10 9 3 5 Lickylick [series:443#133]
Puni Puni Poemi is a sign that drugs are growing more prevalent in our world today. The sheer random zaniness still leaves me astounded to this very day. Puni Puni Poemi could simply be described as Excel Saga on crack and ecstasy, which is saying quite a lot mind you. Poemi is at least as offbeat as Excel and a whole lot raunchier to boot. Lesbian sex between 10 year olds, a sister with gigantic breasts (FFF?), and a villain who enjoys thrusting his victims onto sado-masochistic toys.
On another note, the character designs and animation are top-notch, everything looks clean and the characters are well done. The music is also very fitting, assisting in the satire of all things anime.
All in all, Poemi is just a short bit of random fun. It will have you laughing throughout the entire 2 episodes and leave you longing for more. I do warn this is not for the light-hearted or newbies to the anime world.

Last updated Saturday, May 31 2003. Created Saturday, May 31 2003.
Buy 9 9 8 6 3 Nocterro [series:443#699]
Ah, Puni Puni Poeme. The depths of anime. A cheap alternative to acid. I'd say more about it, but I've already suppressed most of the details deeep into my subconciousness. Why? Well, aliens with no shorts and nunchuka coming from the groin, random 10 year old lesbian sex, a sailor moon transformation gone horribly wrong, and nearly every hentai form created worked into the story at some point.
Summary: Only watch after carefully checking for any morals, values, sense or sanity. If you find none of the above, you'll love it. Otherwise, prepare yourself by watching Excel Saga (and you may find meth useful if you want to be able to keep up with the voice actors.) You do NOT want to watch this. The only reason you would watch this is if you always have to prove you are stranger than the reviewer, and a statement like that is an open invitiation. Or if you're just looking for something to twist those last few clean aspects of your personality. WATCH IT.

Last updated Thursday, May 15 2003. Created Thursday, May 15 2003.
Avoid 9 9 8 7 2 0 AstroNerdBoy [series:443#436]

If you've seen the 26th episode of Excel Saga, you are at least prepared for what awaits you in this far-out spinoff. However, you may not be totally prepared.

First, we have the return of Nabeshin (the director of Excel Saga and Puni Puni Poemi, Shinichi Watanabe). He married the crazy girl from Excel Saga -- Kumi-Kumi. It is 10-years later and they have a kid named Poemi. She's as full of energy as Excel was and she wants to be a voice actress and go by the name Kobayashi. That also happens to be the name of the actress who voices Poemi (Kobayashi Yumiko who is one of the Excel Girls -- Kobayashi Excel).

While there is a story of sorts here (if you can even call it that), that's not the point of this video. While Sailor Moon gets the brunt of the parody punch, lots of other things are parodied here as well including Cardcaptor Sakura. And as before, Japanese culture is parodied, especially in the sexual realm where two 10-year old girls have lesbian sex, incest, pedophilia, B&D, large breasts, lolicon, etc. Very ecchi!! Having seen CCS, I know why they had the two girls "get it on" (as it were).

Episode 26 of Excel Saga was able to get away with a lot of this as the audience had come to love the characters in the show. So it was funnier seeing them in their OAV episode letting it all hang out (as it were). But since the audience never developes a real connection to anyone in this OAV, the humor is not as good and the gross/sick value rises. I just can't recommend watching this.

Last updated Wednesday, May 26 2004. Created Saturday, December 14 2002.

Rent 8 7 8 6 2 Kaneda [series:443#87]
This series , is defintely messed up in a wierd way, I've seen worse , like Radical Gag family, but on the wierdness scale it rates 9 , this series is NOT for anyone who can get offended easily, or really at all. Though the parodies are funny

Last updated Monday, October 21 2002. Created Monday, October 21 2002.
Rent 9 10 9 8 1 Mark Clifton [series:443#126]
Oh, this series is VERY, VERY WRONG!!! Think of Excel Saga, and times that by 10 and you get Poemi. Makes fun of everything (from Sailor Moon to Dragon Ball Z), and is more risque than the TV could ever touch. There is no Storyline, so don't worry about it. Just make sure that you lock your door before viewing this gem!

Last updated Sunday, September 08 2002. Created Sunday, September 08 2002.

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