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Title Rating Synopsis
Destiny of the Shrine Maiden (US release) Rent See Kannazuki no Miko
Excel Saga Rent See Heppoko Jiken Animation Excel Saga
Fancy Lala Buy See Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala

Hand Maid May

Satome Kazuya, a student at the prestigious Osza no Mizu Industries University, was never good with girls. The cute girl who lives next door continually teases him, and he pays no mind. Instead, he's absorbed in his work, creating an Octopus robot that uses advanced artificial intelligence. One day, his boisterous rival gives him a mysterious CD-ROM that contains a virus intended to destroy his computer and ruin his work. The CD takes him instead to a website where he accidentally orders May, a 4-inch robot girl designed to help out around the house.

Hand Maid May episode 11 (OAV) Rent See Hand Maid May Special

Hand Maid May Special
Rent Kazuya's small apartment is filled with guests this winter morning. In addition to the cyberdolls May and Kei who live with him, cyberdoll Sara, Nanbara, the president of Cyberdyne (and Nanbara's decendant) have popped in for a visit. Then Kasumi and cyberdoll Lena (Rena) also stop by for breakfast. It is a home full of mahem which soon clears out leaving May to do the housework. A package from cyberdoll Mami provides May with five chibi-cyberdoll May's. An accident causes May's personallity to go into the five mini-May's while knocking the original out. Meanwhile Rena finds a lost human child and brings it home. Will the original May wake up? Will Nanbara steal a kiss from her? What will happen with the child? Can cyberdolls have children of their own?

Heppoko Jiken Animation Excel Saga

If you're into weird anime, then Excel Saga is right for you. Join Excel, the indestructible agent of the mysterious ACROSS organization, as she survives (or not) every episode the creators and animators can think up. Parodies are abundant and the storyline is almost none-existent, but if you have a twisted mind, this series is for you.


I My Me! Strawberry Eggs

Hibiki Amawa has a problem. He's trained to be a teacher, yet doesn't have a job. Ba-chan, the landlady, demands her rent be paid or else, so Hibiki goes off to get a job at the local high school. Unfortunately, the head mistress at the school will never hire a man to teach, so with the help of Ba-chan and some convienent technology to change his voice, Mibiki is able to pass off as a female. Thus, he is able to score a job as a P.E. teacher and prove that a man, diguised as a women, can in fact teach and teach well.

Kannadzuki no Miko Rent See Kannazuki no Miko

Kannazuki no Miko
Rent There is a small town somewhere in Japan, surrounded by nature which is the home to a large and gorgeous high school, Otobashi Gakuen; was founded to make the students familiar with nature. Kurusugawa Himeko appears to be a normal student, leads a bright and enjoyable school life with her two friends, Himemiya Chikane and Ogami Soma. Chikane is a daughter of a distinguished family. She is excels at both studying and sports, she is wise and beautiful, she has familiar personality and is the idol of the other students (of both genders). Ogami Soma is a childhood friend of Himeko. He has problems expressing his emotions directly but he is very sincere.
Magical Stage Fancy Lala Buy See Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala

Mahou no Stage Fancy Lala
Buy After visiting a toyshop, 9-year-old Miho finds she has acquired two magical creatures and a sketchbook which allows her to transform into a 15-year-old version of herself. As "Lala," she enters the world of fashion modeling and makes some wonderful new friends. But keeping the secret from her family and friends is challenging...and who is the mysterious man in the hat who seems to be watching over Miho from a distance?
Majutsushi Orphen Buy See Orphen

Buy When the most prestigious university of magic in the land loses Orphen, their most talented student, they'll do anything to get him back. But Orphen has bigger plans then majoring in spellcasting - namely tracking down a mysterious dragon, the Bloody August.
Priestesses of a Godless Month Rent See Kannazuki no Miko
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