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Armitage III

Enter a world when a new stream of crime has been introduced, the destruction of specialized human appearing robots known as "Third Types", which are neither cyborg nor android. Meet Ross Sylibus, a cop who is trying to escape his past where his partner was killed by a cyborg. To do this, he transfers to Mars only to find himself face to face with Armitage, a tough female cop who is hell bent on stopping the robot murders. As they continue their investigation and the murders continue, Armitage reveals herself to also be a third type robot. Now that Armitage is an official suspect, Ross must come to grips with the fact that his police partner was not a human, only masquerading as one. Can he find Armitage before it is too late? What is the secret of the third types? Why is someone trying to wipe them out?

Armitage III: Dual-Matrix Rent See Armitage: Dual Matrix

Armitage: Dual Matrix

Naomi Armitage, her husband Ross, and their daughter Yoko are spending a nice, quite life in a nice part of Mars with new names. Unfortunately, troops have raided a Third Type facility slaughtering not only the Armitage robots, but killing the human staff as well. Now Naomi must cast off her duties as wife and mother and resume her role as unofficial detective. With political debate heating up over the issue of robots being given the same rights as humans, things have never been more dangerous for Naomi nor her family.

Bebop Buy See Cowboy Bebop

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
Rent Tsukino Usagi, a clumsy 14 year old school girl who loves to eat, is visited by a cat with a crescent moon on its forehead which gives the girl the power to transform into Bishoujo Senshi (girl warrior) Sailor Moon. Now Sailor Moon is supposed to fight against evil minions sent out by the evil Queen Beryl who seeks world conquest. Over time she'll meet companions, Sailor warriors like herself, and these girls form a strong friendship, guiding them through their battles as well as the joys and woes of their first loves.
Bloodlust Buy See Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Buy One fateful night, Hideki was walking home from his new job when he discovered a very cute persocom in the trash. Hideki names his new persocom Chii, but what he doesn't know is that Chii could possibly be one of the legendary "Chobits" - persocoms with their own personality instead of merely an installed operating system.

Cowboy Bebop
Buy Jet and Spike are a couple of bounty hunters just trying to make ends meet, they both have pasts to run from. Can they, and their ship the Bebop, run fast enough. Just how Vicious will it get.
D 2000 Buy See Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
Excel Saga Rent See Heppoko Jiken Animation Excel Saga

Full Metal Panic
Buy A hidden military organization named Mithril mobilizes three crack troops (Sousuke, Kurz, & Mao) to secretly protect a young Japanese girl, Chidori Kaname, from being kidnapped. Sousuke Sagara is assigned to be her personal bodyguard and must go undercover as a fellow high school student while not letting her know she's in danger or that he's protecting her. Unfortunately, Sousuke has little experience in understanding life as a normal high school student thus he considers just about any little action or thing around him to be a threat on Kaname.

Golden Boy
Rent Kintaro Oe was studying to be a lawyer at Tokyo U. The day before graduation (He had passed all his classes but didn't receive his diploma), he leaves Toyko U with nothing but a backpack and a bicycle. He travels all around Japan taking on temp jobs wherever he stops. It always seems that the jobs he gets always involves women who wear rather revealing clothes. At each stop, he usually does something perverted and gets in trouble but also helps out that person as an apology (And it is not sex related).
Goldenboy Rent See Golden Boy
Grave of the Fireflies Buy See Hotaru no Haka

Hand Maid May

Satome Kazuya, a student at the prestigious Osza no Mizu Industries University, was never good with girls. The cute girl who lives next door continually teases him, and he pays no mind. Instead, he's absorbed in his work, creating an Octopus robot that uses advanced artificial intelligence. One day, his boisterous rival gives him a mysterious CD-ROM that contains a virus intended to destroy his computer and ruin his work. The CD takes him instead to a website where he accidentally orders May, a 4-inch robot girl designed to help out around the house.

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