Buttobi CPU

Title:Buttobi CPU
I Dream of Mimi
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R1 License - Right Stuf Intl
Akira, a high school student has been saving for the past three years for a new computer when a local store offers a special on a new 98-21 model. But when Akira shows up to buy one, he is informed that the stock was sold out in five minutes and that he is out of luck. On the way home, he meets a man in a dark alley who offers to sell him a new computer, (oh no worry, this is just surplus over-stock, the price is the same, no return on this purchase) and what Akira ends up buying not a 98-21 desktop computer, but rather a model 21-98 female android, who appears to be very compatible with her new young master. (Yeh.. but this is hentai and what about system upgrades?)

Pink Pineapple release

[OVA, 1997, 3 episodes, 28 minutes. R1 license by Right Stuf International.]

Read the translated manga online at MangaFox.

1:17min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Watch Xenoknight [series:809#2967]
review coming after I rewatch the anime...

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Never forget Xenosaga.

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Buy chibi [series:809#2380]
Mmmm... Guilty pleasure! Buttobi CPU swaps computer technology for sex and visa versa in order to poke fun at both. The animation and voice acting are both quite good (though I'd recommend giving the dubs a miss -- didn't like them), and the characters are appealing, if not given much development due to the restricted format. The story, though grade B, was entertaining enough. Not really titillating, more like good not-so-clean fun -- the term 'ribald humor' comes to mind. Like others have said, it's just too darn short.

Last updated Sunday, March 11 2007. Created Sunday, March 11 2007.
Unevaluated AstroNerdBoy [series:809#436]

I recently found this on my PC from a very long time ago and since I hadn't seen it, I thought "What the smeg." Well, this clearly wasn't my kind of title, but since I've watched it, I'll give it an "Unevaluated" review since it is hentai.

The premise for this OAV is similar to Chobits, Mahoromatic, the manga A.I. Love You, or other such title where you have the nice "loser" guy who gets the hot artificial babe. The difference being that the android in this case can only get "upgraded" (howbeit only for short periods) through sexual congress with her owner. Yeah, whatever. I don't like hentai, even mild stuff as this title is, so I'm not going to get what I want.

That said, I did find myself laughing several times during the course of the series. From that aspect, had the hentai elements been removed, I think I would have given this a rent. I do have a weakness for this kind of series in a normal romantic-comedy setting vs. a hentai one.

Bottom line: hentai is not my thing, so no overall review, but I did have some laughs and the hentai is pretty mild.

Last updated Saturday, November 12 2005. Created Saturday, November 12 2005.

Watch 7 7 7 4 7 8 Devil Doll [series:809#752]
[Score: 65% = Watch]
  • Drama: None/Low (do we really consider this a "story"?)
  • Comedy: High (this is the primary element)
  • Action: Med (fighting is there but too silly to be important)
  • SciFi: High (sexy computers, eh?)
  • Ecchi: Hentai (softcore, but still hentai)
I should have known that I would probably not like it. Both the hentai and the comedy aren't my favourite genres. Then again I have "Chobits" in my top 10, two important reviewers are praising this title, and it is 3 episodes only. So I am giving it a try.
But this title fails to impress me. Sorry to rain on your parade, but there are people who won't like this show. Yes, this is funny at times, the episodes design is okay - that's why it deserves a "Watch" from me. But nothing more. The jokes are of the embarrassing type mostly, and that's about it. I don't particularly like the Nackintoshes either, they're just too silly to get their job done.

As for the hentai elements, they're at least reasonably integrated into the story. They would still make me downgrade the title as a whole but they didn't prevent me from watching; softcore is the appropriate category for this title, I guess.
Art and Animation are nothing unusual, but the intro/trailer song with that irritatingly high-pitch vocalist is truely horrible. I know that I hate "happy" songs (such as "Sakura Saku" from Love Hina) but this one is the worst I happen to remember.

But what's most important: There isn't enough space for any character development (in fact we get none at all).
I'm okay with Mimi's surprising ability to upgrade the 640kB computer (and it was a nice idea to make that 640 kB a significant part of the battle later), but she never tells anything about what she's actually capabable of doing (as to help her master use her properly - is asking for "upgrades" her idea of serving her master?), and she certainly doesn't tell anyone about the motivation of these 21-98 machines (why were she and her master attacked in episode 1, and why did she feel loyal to the AZ model in episode 2? A sexy nationalist PC, eh?). On the other hand, Akira doesn't ask any questions, he's just fine with having a lethally dangerous random generator by his side. I consider both lead characters plain stupid. Look, Urashima Keitaro of Love Hina is a similar fool at first but even he grows with time.
Episode 3 actually was the best one (the whole virus story was really funny) and made me significantly upgrade my ratings. The Shimada girl turned out to be the most interesting character in the end, and this is disappointing in respect to the leads.
There are shows with a topic only slightly different from this one that are several levels more of my liking, most notably Chobits and Video Girl Ai. They both provide far more character development (okay, Chobits has a lot more episodes to do so), both are telling the audience the rules of the story (so that it's interesting to watch when and how they're broken), and both handle the "inexperienced guy meets sexy artificial girl" theme much less offensively, making the guy the interesting character of the show (which Akira is definitely not - he's not even a computer nerd which would at least have been more funny to me, he's just a "user" - and Mimi being upset about him playing games was well-founded).
So in the end this is still a "don't bother to rewatch" thing for me.

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Buy Forbin [series:809#1573]
Note I just got a hold of the TheRightStuf R1 Version (Versus the Japanese Fansub). The R1 SUCKS! If I had seen the English one first I would've probably turned this off. My gawd the English VA's are a poor fit. Watch this in Japanese with subs on.
Wow what a different Anime. It just barely walks the line between Ecchi and Hentai (For you USA folks. For Japanese Ecchi and Hentai are the same).
Lots of Frontal Nudity. Lots of Sexual Situations. Tons of Computer Terms that will probably go over most people. A evil corporation lead by the Nackintosh sisters. A better than average plot with a cast that is likeable. It's actually my #1 anime and is the primary reason why I watch anime after staying out of the mainstream for 10 years. It made me laugh. A lot. And it suprised me that something like this ever got made. It's not the best drawn, or the best written, but it just clicked with me and entertained me.
Take Hand Maid May, Add in Chobits, a dash of Mahromatic, splice in Happy Lesson, steal the plot of A.I. Love You manga, put in a 'R' rating and you have this.
Ok what did i NOT like about this? The main female love interest (outside of Mimi). I didn't like her look. And the fact that it is only 3 episodes. And at the end it looks like there should be more :(.
Though if the Ecchi is to much, you can watch Battle Programmer Shirase, but that removes the ecchi and leans toward the Perv.

Last updated Sunday, January 09 2005. Created Thursday, December 09 2004.
Buy Stretch [series:809#628]
When I started watching anime I was extremely leery of "hentai", which I presumed would be nothing but X-rated animation, with little or no plot or characters and plenty of sadism, misogny, and tentacles. Having finally taken the leap and watched Buttobi CPU, I realise that there is in fact a priceless store of hilarious comedy contained within "softcore" hentai. Nice artwork, animation, and cheerful character designs caught my eye--Mimi has got to be one of the most lovable (no, I'm not talking about the "upgrades") anime characters I've ever seen. She just reaches out and grabs you. What could have been a better idea for comedy than combining the nerd hobby of computers with sex? Thank God the Japanese are willing to poke fun at what is for us a taboo subject. This show is a total hoot! I loved the American computer girls (the "Nackintoshes") who had a sassy attitude yet weren't the total A-holes Americans are often portrayed as in anime. The one heartbreaker within this show: there are only three episodes! It seemed to me that the suspicion and jealousy that Akira's sort-of girlfriend, Shimada, felt towards Mimi was building towards something much more than actually happened. If I ever win the lottery, I'll use my millions to finance more episodes of Buttobi CPU. For now, I've mail ordered my own copy so that I can rewatch this show whenever I please.

P.S: And indeed, I was rewatching it yesterday. It had been at least three years since I compiled my original review, and I'd forgotten a good deal of the story (which works to my advantage when re-watching anime), and still I found it to be surprisingly fun. Though it's clear what's going on as Akira "adds memory" to Mimi, the fine details are left to the imagination, and as a result Buttobi CPU comes off as more silly than perverted. I don't feel at all "dirty" after watching this show. That's one of the reasons this show deserves a Buy: It's highly re-watchable, plus a mere three episodes won't be prohibitively expensive.

My favorite line: "Such a dirty name for an application!" --Mimi

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Buy 0 0 0 0 0 Iceman_Aragorn [series:809#1517]

Last updated Monday, August 22 2005. Created Thursday, July 29 2004.
Rent 7 7 7 7 7 7 Peter Hentai [series:809#758]
As a hentai title, this one isn't bad, but it could have been better. I didn't find the hentai stuff all that erotic. Maybe I was expecting a hentai version of Chobits or something. So from the hentai point of view, this one isn't one to watch if you are looking for wank material.
That said, I found Buttobi CPU to be pretty funny at times. There is a plot, which while a bit strange, was interesting enough. With some tweaking, this would have made a pretty interesting non-hentai tale. So if you don't care about the quality of the hentai material, you might like this for the comedy and story.

Last updated Thursday, June 24 2004. Created Thursday, June 24 2004.

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