City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes

Title:City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes
劇場版シティーハンター <新宿プライベート・アイズ>
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Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makimura have a new client: model Ai Shindo, who is being stalked and harassed by strange men, though she has no idea why. It may have something to do with her late father, who was engaged in something so secret that even Ai knows virtually nothing about it.

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Watch 8 7 7 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:3783#1552]
I'll admit this is my first exposure to the City Hunter franchise with Discotek's release of this film and license rescuing the first TV anime for it. Considering it's an 80s action-comedy aimed for the shounen crowd, Ryo perving on girls and knowing to be serious against enemy threats is a trope I'm well familiar with being milked in other titles of its ilk and the trope hasn't aged well, especially whenever Kaori has to knock him out of his perverted streak against attractive female clients. The second half of the film gets more interesting when Ryo gets caught up in an illegal military weapons scheme and has to outwit mechanized drones and automated turrets sent by a corporate head who is targeting Ryo's latest client, Ai. It's a fun spectacle seeing the action in the second half, though this is likely to be more a treat for City Hunter fans as I don't feel invested enough in the film to want to dabble into more of the franchise.

For a bonus with fans of mangaka Tsukasa Hojo's work, the three Kisugi sisters that make up the titular trio of thieves in Cat's Eye do make an appearance in the film and lend some aid to Ryo and his group in the film's second half.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3783#628]
I stumbled across this movie, and initially figured it would probably be pretty much a dull re-hash of the classic story and therefore wasn't entirely eager to watch it. But I soon found that even the old gags were genuinely funny in this skillful redo, and was surprised at the amount of fun I was having as I watched. Ryo and Kaori are played by the same VAs as of old, which was nice. They somehow haven't aged a day even though the franchise is something like 30 years old. The system by which desperate women seek his help with the coded message 'XYZ' has become a bit more technological, however. Ryo hasn't changed--tough and cool under pressure, and a total fool in the presence of sexy women.

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