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Title Rating Synopsis
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku Rent See Bannou Bunka Neko Musume

Angel Heart
Rent "Glass Heart" is a female member of the dreaded "Suzaku Unit", an elite corps of Taiwanese assassins who have been raised since childhood to be heartless killing machines. At age 14 she is congratulated for her fiftieth successful hit, but she has become painfully disillusioned with her line of work and leaps from the roof of a building. But the Suzaku Unit isn't ready to let such a valuable member go so easily, and are willing to take extraordinary measures to save her, including the theft of a transplant-compatible girl’s heart from the streets of Japan. Glass Heart finds herself somehow in contact with the spirit of her heart's previous owner, and cannot resist the urge to search for this woman's lover...

Bannou Bunka Neko Musume
Rent Kyusaku Natsume is a man on the run with his son Ryunosuke and an android he'd developed for Mishima Heavy Industries. His estranged wife, Akiko, is the president of HMI and is not happy that the android has been stolen nor that her son is in the hands of her husband. So she sends her trusted assistants Kyouko and Arisa out to retrieve both. The fail their mission and in the process mortally wound a cat. Kyusaku takes the brain of the cat and puts in into his android, and after giving it a female form, gives it the name of Atsuko Natsume, or as they call her, Nuku Nuku.

City Hunter
Rent Ryo Saeba is what's known as a "sweeper"--part private detective, part bodyguard, and in general a troubleshooter for hire. He's a crack shot, a first-class streetfighter and completely fearless. His only weakness is that when it comes to beautiful women, he's also a complete pervert!
City Hunter Special Buy See City Hunter: Goodbye My Sweetheart

City Hunter: .357 Magnum
Rent Two very important persons arrive at the Tokyo Airport. One is a shady courier come to deliver a precious microchip to the Police--for the right price. The other is world-famous classical pianist Nina Shutenberg, who has come to perform a charity recital--but she has another task on her agenda. She hopes to track down her long-lost father, who is said to be in Japan. The courier is dead before he clears the lobby, and Nina finds herself entangled in the desperate search for the missing computer chip. She hires Joe Saeba, expert bodyguard/private detective of the secret firm known as "City Hunter"!

City Hunter: Goodbye My Sweetheart
Buy A maniacal terrorist known as "The Professor" has come to Tokyo. He has recruited a small band of dangerous criminals and now demands an impossibly large ransom or else he will devastate the city with the bombs his followers have planted. His twisted sense of drama calls for him to stalk and torment his adopted sister, Amy. But his real target isn't Amy--it's the man she has hired in hope of locating her missing brother: Ryo Saeba, the City Hunter!

City Hunter: Million Dollar Conspiracy
Watch Joe and Kaori have been reduced to handing out flyers on streetcorners in hopes of drumming up some business for themselves. Consequently, they can't believe their good luck when a beautiful woman from Los Angeles offers them a million dollars to protect her from the Mafia hitmen she claims are after her. Shortly afterwards, however, Kaori makes a disturbing discovery: rumor has it that there's an assasin in town who intends to kill Joe--and this assasin is supposed to be from Los Angeles!
City Hunter: The Motion Picture Buy See City Hunter: Goodbye My Sweetheart

City Hunter: Death Of The Evil Ryo Saeba
Rent After a record four months and three days without employment, Ryo is taken by surprise when Kaori brings a mysterious sunglass-wearing veiled woman to the apartment. It's none other than Sayaka Asagiri, a sexy newscaster who Ryo adores. Better yet, she desperately needs a bodyguard, and pays well, including "my body is yours for just one night"! Sayaka explains that she stumbled upon the murder of MegaCity TV President Jack Douglas, and both his death and her disappearance have been kept secret through the use of high tech video editing to fake newscasts and appearances. When the conspirators who seek to seize control of the corporation learn that Ryo is protecting Sayaka, the same technology is used to frame him for kidnapping and murder!
City Hunter: Hyakuman Dollar no Inbou Watch See City Hunter: Million Dollar Conspiracy
City Hunter: Magnum of Love's Destiny Rent See City Hunter: .357 Magnum
City Hunter: Plot of $1,000,000 Watch See City Hunter: Million Dollar Conspiracy

City Hunter: Secret Service
Watch City Hunter, the globally adored hero, becomes embroiled in an adventure that takes him deep into the political intrigue of a Third World country and into the pain and anguish of one man's tortured past. James McGuire's life is so dangerous that he has to hire bodyguards for his Secret Service agents. It doesn't help that his chief agent is also his long-lost daughter. Luckily for him, City Hunter and Kaori are behind on the rent and need the work!

City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes
Watch Ryo Saeba and Kaori Makimura have a new client: model Ai Shindo, who is being stalked and harassed by strange men, though she has no idea why. It may have something to do with her late father, who was engaged in something so secret that even Ai knows virtually nothing about it.
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