Jigoku Shōjo: Yoi no Togi

Title:Jigoku Shōjo: Yoi no Togi
Hell Girl: Fourth Twilight
地獄少女 宵伽
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Notables: Animation - Studio DEEN
NOTO Mamiko
Fourth season of Jigoku Shoujo.

12-episode TV anime that premiered on July 14, 2017.
Animated by Studio Deen.
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Watch 8 7 8 6 4 4 Ggultra2764 [series:3367#1552]
(Watch-/ Avoid+)

I am putting out a final review for this series weeks early as this season of Jigoku Shoujo has recently started reairing episodes from earlier seasons of the series and I understand this will be a recurring thing for the anime's second half. So rather than waste my time going through through these reairings, I have ditched watching the series after 7 episodes and I will be critiquing this based mostly on the new animated content from the first half of this series. To put it bluntly, Hell Girl's fourth season is mostly uninspired as it retains many of the flaws carried over from its prior three seasons with exploring how humans utilize Hell Correspondence in response to traumatic situations from human antagonists, who all lack redeemable traits in a subpar attempt to showcase humanity's moral flaws while the second and third seasons better explored this with more morally grey dilemmas affecting its victims and tormentors for each Hell Correspondence case. The last couple episodes of the first half also attempt to recycle a plot element from Mitsuganae that I won't spoil here, but feels lazily implemented compared to how that season built it up. The last half of the season being devoted entirely to reairing prior episodes just gave me the impression that Studio Deen created this season as an attempted quick cash-in on the series considering the resurgence of older anime titles for new seasons or reboots. Overall if you're a Hell Girl fan, I'd just watch the first half of this and skip the second half as you can more than easily watch the earlier seasons of Hell Girl if you want to watch its earlier episodes.

Last updated Friday, September 01 2017. Created Friday, September 01 2017.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:3367#628]
(One episode watched):

I was wondering why there was so little explanation of just why this website that could be used to damn a person to hell existed, who the team that operated it were, whether the victim has to deserve it, etc. And now I know: because this is in fact the fourth incarnation of Hell Girl, not the first. I had assumed that this was a remake, not a sequel. Early on, I was thinking that this show was really intriguing, as I expected the plot of the entire series to revolve around Mayama, a girl who must endure ceaseless virtual bullying, and Yakawa, a cool but removed girl who seemed to take pity on her. But when it emerged that Yakawa had apparently betrayed Mayama I felt that the intensity quickly fell apart and the show became somewhat predictable. I got the feeling that whereas previously I hadn't known where this was going, now I could guess how it would work out pretty reliably. Perhaps that was the point where I realized that this was going to be an episodic show rather than one with a single plotline developing to the end. I'd rather have one long, detailed, complex plot than a dozen or so less ambitious ones. And the way this first episode ended was rather confusing to me: I was sure that Mayama had jumped to the wrong conclusion, and maybe an innocent person would be damned as a result, but no, she had apparently gotten it more-or-less right, and therefore I felt little sense of tragedy. These people are more pathetic than tragic. In the end, it seems that if I'm interested in Hell Girl, what I need to do is find the first season episodes.

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