Jigoku Shoujo

Title:Jigoku Shoujo
Hell Girl
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Notables: Animation - Studio DEEN
R1 License - FUNimation
There is a website that can only be accessed at the stroke of midnight. Known as the Jigoku Tsushin, rumor has it that if you post a grudge there, the Jigoku Shoujo will appear and drag whomever torments you into the inferno.

Animation by Studio DEEN
26 TV Episodes

[edit] The Jigoku Shoujo franchise:

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Rent 9 8 9 8 8 7 Ggultra2764 [series:1331#1552]
For such an original and intriguing premise, I found myself a little disappointed with how Hell Girl turned out throughout much of its run. This is a series with signs of a grey moral line through the actions of Ai and her companions as they use their Hell Correspondence site to send those tormenting the main character of an episode to hell. This raises some questions on whether or not there is justification in exacting vengeance on someone who causes you to suffer.

The series mostly runs in an episodic format where we are introduced to a random character suffering from the actions of an antagonist and Hell Girl gives said central character the choice of banishing the subject of their misery to hell at the cost of being sent there themselves at the end of their life. Said character ponders over the decision until they get to a breaking point and then sicks Ai and her group on the antagonist of the episode. This is what ultimately contributes to one of the show's major flaws. While there are twists in some of the episodic stories and two characters (Hajime and Tsugumi) later become entangled in the affairs of Hell Correspondence, the developments essentially play out the same in nearly each episode and they can get repetitious. Also many of the targets of vengeance by a central character in each episode come across as so shallowly evil, that the show forces you not to care for them as they get tormented by Ai's companions before being banished to hell.

Pushing through such repetitious developments does have its rewards though. The connection with the two characters introduced to Ai is slowly unveiled throughout the show as they become more familiar with the affairs of Hell Correspondence. Hints are dropped about Ai's past which are eventually fully revealed later in the series to give the viewer enough sense as to why she exacts vengeance for those desiring it, the same also in the case of Hajime and Tsugumi. Some episodes even cast aside the black and white morality setup from most of the show's other episodes reflecting on characters victims of their own tragic circumstances which Ai is shown to have regrets over casting into hell. There isn't any background mentioned about Ai's three companions in the Hell Correspondence, but I guess that is what sequels are for.

Hell Girl features gorgeous looking clean visuals with bright colors, vast scenery and plenty of detail with settings and character designs. Animation is mostly consistent shown particularly well with settings as wind is blowing around branches and Ai's group are using their powers to torment the sufferers they are recruited to banish to hell, though some animation frames appeared to be reused kudos to the repetitious plot developments and repeated use of flashbacks hinting to the pasts of Ai and the Shibatas.

Overall, I did enjoy Hell Girl, despite running into its major flaws, as the hinted focus on Ai and the Shibatas combined with the grey morality that comes up with the job of Hell Correspondence makes it a decent romp if you can press through the repetitious developments of the earlier episodes.

Last updated Wednesday, May 25 2011. Created Wednesday, May 25 2011.
Buy 9 9 10 9 8 8 Anonymous #3219 [series:1331#3219]
jigoku shoujo has a mix of sad and dark story.the character outfits and hair styles are to my liking.especially enma ai's kimono.it changes a little every season which makes it more intresting.basically most of the episode is about a person who wants revenge ; goes to ai ; gets a doll and in most cases they end up pulling the string sending their tormentors to hell. there are,however a few episode dealing with he past of ai and her companions as well as some episodes that have a different plot like how ai died at the end of season 2 but comes and goes as yuzuki which gives the anime a little more spark.very original ill say :D

Last updated Thursday, July 15 2010. Created Thursday, July 15 2010.
Rent 8 8 10 8 8 7 Anonymous #2754 [series:1331#2754]
this anime is slow to start off with, buy if you can bear with it longer, it gets more interesting. some eps are boring, some are touching and some are just weird. i would call the ending messed up, but it made me cry so it was sort of appropriate (because the episodes are all sad). the ending was actually quite good, good enough to make me watch season 2. i think the characters were developed quite well, although the ep called jigoku shoujo vs jigoku shounen was very random and the most weird of all. it was worth staying up at night to watch. the theme of 'if killing for revenge is right' is original.

Last updated Thursday, October 18 2007. Created Thursday, October 18 2007.
Buy 10 8 10 8 9 7 aoneish [series:1331#1615]
well now, the art is pretty gorgeous, to start off. the ost can be really pretty at times too, especially the ep and op.

and the rest of it..well, depending on how you look at it, it could be very tedious, or...let's say morbidly fascinating. there's a revenge of the week thing going on the entire season. and you pretty much understand what's going on and what's going to happen and what she's gonna say lol. i'd say if you liked things like requiem from the darkness or pet shop of horrors, well, the premises of this series is a little bit like those.

that said, i think pet shop of horrors is extremely tedious and while requiem was a little bit better, the art style was really hard to watch. but this series, heh, somehow i'm still watching, and somehow, i still like it. there's a little similarity to vampire princess miyu too i think, tone-wise. some of the stories are pretty dull, but some are pretty touching and there are even some that are twisted. and the story picks up later as we take a dive into enma ai's (main character) background and she actually shows emotion. and i was in absolute tears at the end. so it's a pretty good progression from bleh to awesome. hehe.

Last updated Thursday, March 22 2007. Created Thursday, March 22 2007.
Buy 9 9 10 8 10 9 B0nz=Ein [series:1331#1254]

Jigoku Shoujo is a series of short stories which all revolve around one case , revenge . The episodes are all based on the same type of grudge but all based in different situations.

If you like the thrill of creepy animes but also want your sleep at night watch Jigoku Shoujo, this is a light creepy anime with traces of mystery which keep you thinking.

To me, Jigoku Shoujo has one of the most original storylines with some of the most appealing character designs, i would clearly like to make a warning that if you dislike anime with a girl saying the same thing for most of the episodes then try one the first few\.
But if ur willing to bear this for an anime with a good storyline go for it,

Last updated Monday, May 29 2006. Created Wednesday, April 12 2006.

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