Urusei Yatsura Movie 3: Remember My Love

Title:Urusei Yatsura Movie 3: Remember My Love
Remember My Love
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Notables: FURUKAWA Toshio
Original Concept - TAKAHASHI Rumiko
When Lum was born, a postal screw-up caused a witchy friend of the family not to get an invitation to the celebration. Believing herself snubbed, she lays a curse on Lum—that she will never be happy with her True Love. In the present, a new amusement park has been built in Tomobiki, and opening day finds the whole gang sampling its pleasures. At a magic show, however, Ataru gets turned into a pink hippopotamus—FOR REAL! When Lum attempts to track down the magician that transformed her darling, things start to get very weird, very fast.
[Movie, 1985, 94 minutes]
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Watch 7 7 7 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:279#1552]
And we're back to typical territory following Beautiful Dreamer. While the better quality visuals and animation of the second film are retained here (the chase scene with Lum and the mysterious magician making for the best animated sequence of the film), Remember My Love plays out no differently from Only You with introducing an anime-only villain in a flimsy attempt to test the bond between Lum and Ataru before things return to the status quo with our main couple. Unless you're a diehard Urusei Yatsura fan, nothing really amazing to see here.

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Buy 10 10 10 9 9 Jack Walrath [series:279#375]
True, this is not as good as the first two, but it is still a good movie, especially if you compare it to the later Takahashi films produced by Kitty. I like it because it has this nice fantasy feel to it. Sure it is a bit sappy at times, but the different images you encounter make up for it. I especially like the scen where Lum is at the amusement park at night. I also think this film had the best opening credits sequence. You don't see these sequences anymore. I kind of miss them.

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Rent 7 7 7 7 6 Kaitou Juliet [series:279#137]

It seems each of the Urusei Yatsura movies captures a different element of the series. Only You caught the zany humor; Beautiful Dreamer caught the mildly disquieting surrealism. Remember My Love catches the melancholy, slightly sentimental mood that descends on the series every once in a while, such as in the end-of-summer episodes. It's just a touch bittersweet; for instance, Ataru seems more upset at being a hippo than one might expect. (Of course, the fact that he looks so silly keeps it from getting too sad.) Lum spends a lot of time trapped in a dreamlike world-beyond-the-mirror which also has a melancholy atmosphere.

I'd say this is a respectable UY movie. It's not quite up there with the first two, but it's still worthwhile, especially if you like the "end-of-summer" type episodes in the series.

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