Urusei Yatsura: Kanketsu-hen

Title:Urusei Yatsura: Kanketsu-hen
Urusei Yatsura Movie 5: The Final Chapter
うる星やつら 完結編
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Notables: FURUKAWA Toshio
Original Concept - TAKAHASHI Rumiko
Rupa, yet another one of Lum's fiancés, arrives on the scene to kidnap Lum and take her back to his dark planet in order to marry her. Ataru enlists Benten, Oyuki, Ran, Rei, and Shuutaro to go rescue her, but thanks to a clone of Lum that was created by Rupa's great grandfather, Ataru gets angry with Lum. As such, when Lum returns to Earth, she and Ataru have to repeat their game of tag in order to prevent the Earth from being destroyed.
All Ataru has to do to win is say I love you, the three words he has steadfastly refused to say to Lum. Will he admit his true feelings and save the Earth? Or will his pride doom it to destruction?
[Movie, 1988, 85 minutes]
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Rent 8 8 7 6 7 Ggultra2764 [series:325#1552]
Unlike the other Urusei Yatsura movies, The Final Chapter is based on events from the manga that adapt the manga's final story arc where Lum is abducted by another alien named Rupa who lays claim to her in an arranged marriage thanks to an unusual arrangement between their grandfathers. While retaining some of Urusei Yatsura's trademark comedy with its characters, it is quite scaled back here as the film deviates from Lum and Ataru's typical chemistry where after a misunderstanding, Lum finally gets to her breaking point in putting up with Ataru's perceived two-timing and Ataru not being as heavily focused on his girl-hunting as past installments in the franchise as his perception on the situation with Lum hits him quite hard here. This leads our main couple to be forced to confront their feelings for one another as the climax of the film lead them to redo the same chase game they had in the very first episode of the TV anime, with the world's fate on the line yet again. What is resolved with the two leads to an ambiguous ending on Lum and Ataru's relationship that may not be for everyone after the amount of time that the franchise had been running. But in regards to a proper ending of the series as a whole, you can't really ask for a better one with The Final Chapter.

Last updated Thursday, April 20 2017. Created Thursday, April 20 2017.
Buy 8 8 8 8 9 AstroNerdBoy [series:325#436]
I was told to watch this movie after watching Urusei Yatsura Itsudatte My Darling. I'm glad I did because this movie makes a good ending to the Urusei Yatsura franchise.

While the plot setup is one we've seen before, the stormy, odd relationship between Carla and Rupa is somewhat similar to the odd, stormy relationship between Ataru and Lum (sans the lechery of Ataru). Ataru shows he cares for Lum a great deal by first offering his entire collection of girl's names and numbers to Shuutaro in exchange for a space shuttle, then again by going to rescue her. However, both he and Lum show how stubborn and obstinate they can be when the misunderstanding caused by a clone of Lum make them angry with each other and unwilling to accept the truth and move on. As such, the story closes the circle of Lum's and Ataru's relationship by having them engage in another tag competition.

Ataru also shows how he cares in other ways as well, refusing to give into Lum's demands to say that he loves her. The story, which was adopted from the original manga, is written in such a way that Ataru's actions are mostly understandable and believable. The story doesn't neglect having some comedy elements thrown in as well, as well as a number of cameos from different characters, mostly in a non-speaking role.

The movie's ending is one that long time fans of the franchise will expect; this isn't a pure, romantic franchise, so Lum and Ataru resolving their differences is done in a way that is consistent with the spirit of the franchise.

Bottom line: This movie is a good ending to a franchise which for me has had its ups and downs.

Last updated Wednesday, February 27 2013. Created Wednesday, February 27 2013.
Rent 8 8 7 8 8 Jack Walrath [series:325#375]
I did not like this one as well as the first four, but it is still a decent movie. It is an nice story and a decent conclusion to the series, but I did not the story as involving as the first three and I felt the minor characters did not have enough time on their own. Also, this is when Kitty Studios started to pull back on the movie's budget, so the movie is not as well animated and the the older character designs work for many of the characters, but I did not think they worked with Lum's Dad and Kotatsu Neko at all. For the note, this movie was based on the final storyline in the UY manga.

Last updated Monday, September 30 2002. Created Monday, September 30 2002.
Buy 8 8 8 9 Kaitou Juliet [series:325#137]

I'll warn you right now: if you're hoping the series ends with a wedding, you're going to be disappointed. For me, though, it ends on just the right note, with both a grin and a tear in the eye. And getting there is well over half the fun!

The new characters and their storyline are one of the strong points of this movie. Rupa and Carla's bizarre love-hate relationship makes for some great scenes, especially the one where Carla crashes Rupa and Lum's wedding after roping in Ataru to pose as her fiancé. But the real set piece is, of course, the reenactment of the original game of tag which started everything

In this movie, we get to see Lum and Ataru's relationship in all its wonderfully warped glory: all the hopes, fears, cross-purposes, understandings and misunderstandings, and yes, the affection that really lurks deep down. It's not one of those love stories where you're expected to sigh and think "I wish that were me!" Instead, it's a story of how two different and difficult people come to terms with each other. In that sense, Urusei Yatsura is a lot like Takahashi Rumiko's other popular romantic comedy, Ranma 1/2.

Last updated Thursday, November 01 2001. Created Monday, October 01 2001.

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