Urusei Yatsura Itsudatte My Darling

Title:Urusei Yatsura Itsudatte My Darling
Itsudatte My Darling
Urusei Yatsura Movie 6: Always My Darling
うる星やつら いつだって・マイ・ダーリン
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Notables: FURUKAWA Toshio
Original Concept - TAKAHASHI Rumiko
Ataru is kidnapped by Lupica, another one of the many space princesses to visit Earth. She is in search of the greatest love potion in the universe, and for that, she needs the greatest lust in the universe... Ataru's!
[Movie, 1991, 77 minutes]
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Watch 7 7 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:322#1552]
Meant to celebrate the Urusei Yatsura franchise's then 10th anniversary, this film is the more comedy-driven title of the movie series with Lupica's obsessive search for a love potion getting turned topsy-turvy with Ataru lusting for her no differently from the other female characters within the series. The film offers nothing new or different for the franchise you would have seen already by this point and the animation quality is noticeably below par compared to the last couple movies. Overall, this is mostly something worth seeing only if you are a diehard Urusei Yatsura fan.

Last updated Thursday, April 20 2017. Created Thursday, April 20 2017.
Rent 7 7 7 7 8 AstroNerdBoy [series:322#436]
The one element that always was an ingredient of the funniest Urusei Yatsura episodes was what I call "the chase". This is where the lead male character, Ataru, is desperately running for his life or is desperately chasing some girl he's infatuated with. In either case, Ataru develops superhuman abilities in speed, defensive fighting skills, swimming, being able to climb walls, being able to take massive amounts of damage and emerge relatively unscathed, etc. It is here, couched in the framework of love story of an alien princess and the tofu vendor she's known from childhood, that this movie sets up camp for a funny, fun, and somewhat sweet romp.

Since I'd been warned not to watch this movie last, despite the fact that it is the last movie, I watched it prior to Urusei Yatsura: Kanketsu-hen. As such, I avoided the pitfalls that most viewers had, namely that this movie cashes in on the humorous aspects of the Urusei Yatsura anime franchise (not surprising, since this movie was done for the tenth anniversary). Therefore, I was able to laugh and laugh at how Lupica used Ataru's lecherous nature to score a love potion, followed by Ataru's endless pursuit of Lupica no matter how much she tried to fend him off. I was able to laugh at Ataru being chased by Lum or Ataru being chased by his fellow classmates. For me, it was all a very fun ride.

The laughs weren't just confined to the chase though. For example, there are a couple of scenes with an old fortune teller that I found to be just hilarious (I won't spoil the jokes).

The movie isn't all laughs. The writers do take a moment to explore Lum's own insecurities with Ataru, whom she is hopelessly and devotedly in love with. She has often resorted to trickery, magic, or the like in an attempt to make Ataru love only her, but she's always failed. In this movie, her plans backfire to such an extent that she risks losing Ataru forever.

The other aspect of the story is the love story of Lupica and Rio. Lupica is a princess and destined to rule the universe. Rio is a simple tofu vendor on a bicycle. So, there's a massive difference in class there. As such, despite the fact that they've known each other since childhood, neither can believe the other could possibly be in love with them, thus leading Lupica on her quest for the love potion and Rio into a drunken depression that eventually leads him to Earth. However, through these two, Lum is able to learn some lessons and hopefully put them to use someday.

Since this movie is for the tenth anniversary of the anime franchise, the production team goes way out of their way to make sure nearly every significant character from the franchise shows up in the movie, even if they aren't given a speaking role. In addition, certain trademark actions and says of characters are also captured as a tribute to the longevity of the series.

The art and character designs are much different than they've been. I was a bit weird to me at first, but I quickly got used to it and never really had a problem after that. I will say that Lupica's servants reminded me a lot of characters from South Park, making me wonder if the creators of that series weren't influenced by this movie to some degree.

Bottom line: a fun romp with lots of laughs. I haven't watched the fifth movie yet, but I'm betting that if one watches the sixth movie prior to the fifth one, they'll enjoy the sixth movie that much more.

Last updated Thursday, February 21 2013. Created Thursday, February 21 2013.
Watch 8 8 8 6 7 Jack Walrath [series:322#375]
It seems that this movie was made to get the younger generation interested in the series, because many of the characters were reintroduced, but overall its a so-so story. The Lupic-Rio relationship works, but many of the scenes with the other characters do not work as well as in previous movies. Also, the animation is a little below number 5.

Last updated Monday, September 30 2002. Created Monday, September 30 2002.
Rent 6 8 8 7 Kaitou Juliet [series:322#137]

This movie was produced as a 10th anniversary special. I'd heard from a lot of people that it wasn't all that great. However, I really enjoyed it! It's not deep, but it's fun. I thought the Lupica-Rio romance was cute, and the Lum-Ataru interaction was spot on. I wonder if people who didn't like it just had their exptectations raised because there had not been any Urusei Yatsura for a while. Storywise, I'd put it about on a level with movie 3 (Remember My Love).

One disappointment about this movie is that the artwork is very sketchy, well below the level of the other movies or the OVA's.

As is fitting for an anniversary show, there are many cameo appearances by characters from the show's past. Keep your eyes open!

Bottom line: Don't expect it to be the ultimate UY experience, but it's definitely worth seeking out.

Last updated Wednesday, September 19 2001. Created Tuesday, September 11 2001.

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