Amagami SS Plus

Title:Amagami SS Plus
アマガミSS+ plus
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Announced to be a sequel to Amagami SS, like the original series this will be a collection of 2-episodes sequel arcs, one to be appended to each original arc.

  • Arc 1 (ep. 01+02): Ayatsuji Tsukasa arc sequel.
  • Arc 2 (ep. 03+04): Sakurai Rihoko arc sequel.
  • Arc 3 (ep. 05+06): Nanasaki Ai arc sequel.
  • Arc 4 (ep. 07+08): Tanamachi Kaoru arc sequel.
  • Arc 5 (ep. 09+10): Nakata Sae arc sequel.
  • Arc 6 (ep. 11+12): Morishima Haruka arc sequel.
  • BluRay Extra (ep. 13): Tachibana Miya special (hot springs episode).
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Avoid 8 8 9 0 2 0 KBanger1 [series:2503#1694]
This series is the sequel to Amagamo SS and features 2 episode that are to represent Jun'ichi life with each girl after the events in their own respective arcs. This by far is probably the weakest sequel to any anime. The original could have stayed the way it was (give a few special OAVs to cover one or two girls). It's like an update for Jun'ichi's love life done in this manner. All the episode really lacked what the original had which was meaning. There really is no meaning unless the original creator wanted some type of true conclusion. Due to the fact that it was based of a dating sim, there really is no true conclusion except for what happens at the end of each arc. This sequel is part of the complete blu-ray set if you are willing to buy it. If I personally had the chance not to buy this, I would have. I didn't seen any merit to this sequel or any reason why this had to be made. It feels more like filler episodes or something to milk out the series as much as they can.

Last updated Friday, November 17 2017. Created Friday, November 17 2017.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:2503#628]
(Two episodes watched):

I didn't remember all that much about how the various arcs of the original series had worked out, but this second season seemed modestly entertaining as Ayatsuji decides to run for President of the Student Council and drafts Junichi to be her Vice-President. The problem is, another candidate has done the same and engineers a scandal to break up their romance and thereby hurt Ayatsuji. But why didn't Junichi just refuse to run alongside the other girl as well? He doesn't particularly want the job even if Ayatsuji wins the election. But thankfully enough effort and talent was devoted to this show that I wasn't left just rolling my eyes, and instead was modestly curious to see how things would work out. That curiousity lasted for one more episode, as the first short arc came to an unremarkable conclusion. The apparent 'scandal' never amounted to anything, and quickly was forgotten. If this is the sort of reward which I can expect for the time and effort which I expend on watching this show, then I found that I wasn't looking forward to eleven more episodes of the same stuff.

Last updated Thursday, March 08 2012. Created Monday, January 16 2012.
Rent 9 7 7 7 8 8 Devil Doll [series:2503#752]
[Score: 75% = "Rent-"]

Every girl's arc gets a "six months later" continuation this time (with two of the original arcs having ended with marriages several years later, for these the "sequel" is to be inserted into the time line at an appropriate position). Given that most of the romances have been settled already this sequel has less drama and thus a hard time to earn a "Rent" rating from me. But focusing on slice-of-life this time wasn't a bad decision, and in the end I'd say it worked.
Still, this sequel should be recommended only for those who liked the characters of the first season and want to know more details about their life, i. e. those who would also read the various Amagami manga releases or listen to the audio dramas (both of which I'm doing).

Visuals are like the prequel; both songs are not that special but I began to like the OP over time. Slightly less fan-service than during the first season (with the exception of episode 13); fewer repetitions of events in every arc, so there's more space for a story, and two episodes per arc are an adequate length for it.
  • Episode 01 (Ayatsuji Tsukasa sequel part 1 of 2) (0+) Beginning before the time gap of the final episode of the first series. Ayatsuji is running for school president but she got a worthy opponent, and stupid Jun'ichi gets into the crossfire.
  • Episode 02 (Ayatsuji Tsukasa sequel part 2 of 2) (+) Plenty of both sides of our two-faced tsundere makes this arc a winner. This girl knows what she wants and what it takes to get it. A good sequel of the arc with the most interesting girl.
  • Episode 03 (Sakurai Rihoko sequel part 1 of 2) (0) Like in the first season, not much happening between these two, mostly slice of life with some ecchi thoughts. But there's a chance for more even for these two.
  • Episode 04 (Sakurai Rihoko sequel part 2 of 2) (0-) Basically delivering what was missing in the first season, albeit the events were forced within a few hours, and Miya got too much airtime. I would have preferred another four episodes to make this arc more credible but at least Rihoko now isn't the sole loser any more, so be it.
  • Episode 05 (Nanasaki Ai sequel part 1 of 2) (0+) A plausible sequel with slice-of-life in a close relation, nothing outstanding but exactly what I was looking for. Bonus point for most of the story been told from Ai's perspective this time.
  • Episode 06 (Nanasaki Ai sequel part 2 of 2) (0+) It must be tough to be Miya's friend when you're lonely and depressed. And the "meat bun competition" cost this episode a top rating.
  • Episode 07 (Tanamachi Kaoru sequel part 1 of 2) (0) Too much filler stuff, and the turn of events during the journey wasn't that great either.
  • Episode 08 (Tanamachi Kaoru sequel part 2 of 2) (+) Despite a few fan-service scenes, a surprising development during the journey, both funny as well as serious, and reminding of a certain Love Hina arc.
For me, this show was practically over at this point as all three interesting girls had their arc already. As each one of them delivered, the "Rent" rating looks safe now even if the remaining episodes will be weaker.
  • Episode 09 (Nakata Sae sequel part 1 of 2) (-) Still the weakest of all arcs, with both Miya and Jun'ichi performing abysmally, and embarrassing misunderstandings abound.
  • Episode 10 (Nakata Sae sequel part 2 of 2) (0-) Nothing of importance happens, and Jun'ichi is completely helpless. Tsukasa's appearance doesn't save this arc either. Surprisingly, it's Sae herself who makes this episode worth watching - she's no longer just the damsel in distress.
  • Episode 11+12 (Morishima Haruka sequel) (0+) As both parts follow just one idea I rate them in combination. This was a nice surprise, with Haruka playing her usual games which ultimately turned into something way more serious. Morishima Sexy Jessica, Haruka's blonde relative from England, was a nice add-on and not too distracting; Hibiki and even Tsukasa played influential roles as well. I still don't really get on with Haruka's character but this sequel was interesting enough, and for me much better than the original arc.
  • Episode 13 (Tachibana Miya - Hot Springs Special) (0) The girls-only onsen episode as ecchi comedy extra, quite different from the rest of this season. The first half of this episode is all about boobs (with Miya whacking out in the bath) and as such probably the weakest part of the whole franchise, almost in Hinako territory; the second half contains a number of decent jokes plus some rare cameos of characters with little air time in the series, thus making even this content-less episode worth watching.

Last updated Thursday, April 05 2012. Created Friday, January 06 2012.

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