Aki Sora: Yume no Naka

Title:Aki Sora: Yume no Naka
Aki Sora: In a Dream
あきそら~夢の中~ (Japanese)
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The continuing story (or 'sequel') to Aki-Sora. (Ext link: MAL)

2 OVA eps (~24 min)
Set to air on July 30, 2010
Produced by Hoods Entertainment and Frontier Works

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Impressions: Close your blinds, windows, and lock your doors kids. The adults are here to play as Aki-Sora makes a repeat performance......

This chapter in the book of taboo tales is far more forward with itself than last time around. Sora and Aki have at each other with several more adult scenes and both of them have become "aware" of the consequences of going as far they do. This forbidden relationship will have to endure the trails of hardship and turmoil if it is to survive, but their passion for each other is the stuff of legend.

Nami and Kana on the other hand are both suffering from sexual frustration as they are kept in the dark about Sora and Aki. Nami salivates at the thought of having Kana, but unfortunately for her, Kana only has eyes for Sora. The only card Nami can play is that Sora and herself are twins, so she tries continuously with the "pretend im Sora" ploy to get small yuri interactions with Kana. Watching Nami have to struggle to keep her inner "beast" in check is interesting to watch.

All is tied together with one sentence spoken from Nami. "Family can't stay together forever". With this simple (but true) notion, the characters all try to reconfirm their positions and this slight transition brings with it a light level of drama and maturity that was rather pleasant to see as far as character development goes. Sora is in a spiraling world of doubt and Aki keeps dragging him further down (for better or worse) into lust and chaos. If only he could have more time to think for himself without external disturbances, he could make a more thought out decision. Poor kid...

The final ep will hopefully bring the relationship to it's final moments. Aki-Sora is again turning out to be a great little segment in all things forbidden. I look forward to the next episode (out sometime in October).

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Never forget Xenosaga.

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