Clannad: After Story - Kyou Chapter

Title:Clannad: After Story - Kyou Chapter
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Notables: Music - MAEDA Jun
What happened if Tomoya had never met Nagisa or Tomoyo? He would have probably been caught in a 2 way fight over the Fujibayashi sisters, Ryou (short hair) and Kyou (long hair).

[OVA, 2009, 1 episode, 23 min, as DVD addon for Clannad: After Story]
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Watch 9 8 8 7 6 Ggultra2764 [series:2156#1552]
This was more a bone tossed at Clannad fans who wanted to see Kyou's route from the visual novel, much like the Tomoyo special. It's a decent summarized take on the route, but is lacking much in the way of buildup and proper tension due to the special's rushed pacing. Regardless, you're likely to flock to this special if you're a Clannad fan.

Last updated Thursday, July 04 2013. Created Thursday, July 04 2013.
Watch Stretch [series:2156#628]
This was a well written and produced short story about a three-way high school romance--but what's the point? In this alternate world the shy Ryou is more daring while the extremely assertive Kyou has lost that trait. This is not the same Kyou as we are familiar with, so who really cares how her love life works out? It kind of feels like the makers are trying to milk Clannad for every possible Yen, even after the two extra episodes after the episode 24 TV conclusion. But it certainly wasn't terrible.

Last updated Sunday, July 05 2009. Created Sunday, July 05 2009.
Rent Forbin [series:2156#1573]
Analysis : 1 Episode Watched

  • Drama : Med / High
  • Comedy : None
  • Action : None
  • SciFi : None
  • Ecchi : None
Now this was a well done OVA to Clannad unlike the Tomoyo story. Even though it's titled After Story it's part of the original Clannad.

Last updated Thursday, July 02 2009. Created Thursday, July 02 2009.

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