Chu Bra!!
ちゅーぶら!! (Japanese)
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Nayu is a middle school girl with a strange hobby. She shocks her schoolmates on the first day of school by wearing black lace panties. She likes this kind of underwear, and she tries to "spread the word on the merits of fancy underwear" by forming an underwear club with her schoolmates, who are all worried about their bodies' development and which kind of underwear to choose. (Source: ANN)

Anime series based on a manga by Yumi Nakata. The publisher of the series (Futabasha) describes the story as "middle school girls x underwear = slightly H girls comedy."

12 TV episodes (~24 min)
New series set to air Jan 4th, 2010
Crunchyroll confirmed to stream episodes (episode list)

30 second commercial: Official TV commercial

Read the translated manga online at MangaFox.
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99, 1893, 1894
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Watch 8 8 8 7 8 8 Dreamer [series:2141#2279]
Who'd ever think an anime about panties would make a good watch! Well, this was pretty close to being a "good" watch. Lots and lots of panty, crotch and boob shots (covered).

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork was on the kawaii side. Most of our characters were cute and adorable.... for the fact that they were middle-schoolers I suppose. There was plenty of rich colors and details. Animation was was really good and smooth.

The OP was also on the kawaii side. For sure, not my flavor but i'm sure there's someone out there that might like it. It was too cute with female vocals (very child-like). The soundtrack had elements of cuteness and at times, during some of the more "suggestive" scenes, you'd get the typical "oohs" and "aaahhs" or your erotic sounding saxophone. Aside from that, there was noting else to make note of.

Series and Episode Story
The only part about this series was... they were middle-schoolers. Ok, so that might not be too bad depending on point of view. Honestly, it didn't bother me one bit since I tend to be more open-minded. Besides, this series didn't go so far to make it disgusting or too perverse. Rather, there was a decent element of story telling, plenty of humor and kawaii characters. Sensai was probably my favorite character and only because she was just so uber cute, innocent and a ditz.

Although there wasn't really any character development, you still got a good sense of each main character (the ones that consisted of the club). The interaction between them was another good point.... especially poor Komachi (the only male) and his constant attempts to keep his composure in the club full of panties, bras and girly talk.

Overall, this was a fun, humorous series to pass a few hours on. It's light, light-hearted, and overall, leaves you smiling to the end.

Last updated Friday, July 02 2010. Created Friday, July 02 2010.
Watch 7 9 7 7 7 8 Xenoknight [series:2141#2967]
One girl's eye for the "unseen", becomes one school's unforgettably ecchi/educational experience...

A perversely side-splitting anime, Chu-bra delivered upon every aspect that it originally set out to accomplish in my eyes. It was naturally funny, undeniably entertaining, and had a strong dose of ecchi flavor. I laughed all the way to the bank with this title and can easily say that it made up for it's obvious negatives. Namely speaking: a questionable premise, constant pre-teen high-pitch voices, and the notion of under-aged endeavors dealing with underwear. It's logical for a person to be initially turned off by a title like this, but those that took the bait (so to speak), were treated with some hilarious adventures of a little girl's fascination with underwear and what it takes to stand for those beliefs.

How it all played out is the most interesting point to mention. Did it hit it's mark or did it sink like the Titanic? That answer will differ for each person, so it all depends on the viewer. In terms of story, there was almost nothing to consider in the overall sense. On the flip side to that coin, is a ridiculous school term of raunchy club activities, the fairer sex discovering themselves for the first time, a recycled (but necessary) dramatic twist at the end, and plenty of LAUGH-OUT-LOUD moments to reminisce upon. Nayu, the female lead, loves undergarments and goes to great lengths to show the benefits of her vision to others. She faces ridicule and rejection at first, but slowly finds some friends, Yako and Haruka, who can see a method to her madness. As her support grows, so does her challenges of helping others who are beginning to become conscious of their developing bodies, those with fewer feminine features, and showing everyone that what you wear can have a dramatic effect on how you grow. One hidden element that most people will either outright deny or fully embrace seems to be the educational gems scattered withing some episodes. Nayu's love for undergarments is certainly unique and her methods (though extreme) proves that there is a plausible science behind choosing the right underwear. She is seen mentioning fold lines under the breast, tight bras that cause double layered breasts, and correctional forms of underwear as well. I would be skeptical to believe anyone could say they didn't learn one thing from this title, as there are plenty of elements for everyone to learn regardless of gender.

The characters is another strong point that helped this title tremendously. In terms of development, Haruka seemed to prevail in this category consistently throughout, though I can guarantee there are many people reading this right now saying how much they hated her for being so weak and pathetic, so I could attest to that notion as well. One character that had a profound presence was Kiyono. Even now, it still seems appropriate that her constant theme of being "outrageous" stuck with her for as long as it did. Komachi, Nayu's only male support, was also noteworthy. Most of the laughs came from him and his extreme "training". Being the only male in the club (society), he had plenty of nosebleeds and heart-pounding visuals that he had to contend with - all of which had me rolling. Episode 8 was arguably the funniest ep in the entire anime! I laughed from beginning to end and I'm talking non-stop for 24 minutes straight! It was simply OUTRAGEOUS!!! On a serious note, however, he was the main person able to hold the club together in times of great depression, ringing especially true in Nayu's case.

The specs for this title are fair. You get some awesome animation at the loss of some art and character design. The music was appropriate most of the time with an upbeat rhythm, but left much to be desired in the long run. I thought the production value was fitting for a title of this rank - not super amazing but not a total disaster either. An overall fair package.

All in all, I was pleased with this title. For those who are still on the fence about watching this anime, you can bet on breast-fondling, tons of panties, obvious camera angles, and an anime that features girls maturing into women right in fronts of your eyes as they learn more about themselves. Nayu, is a riot and will instantly win with the male audiences. Due to this title's overall simple nature (no story to focus on primarily), it only seems fair to rank this title as a 'filler anime' with a higher viewing priority. Definitely watch it on your down time between higher quality titles. Whether you enjoyed it to the fullest or not can easily be attributed to what you walked away from it with. Besides the laughs, if you learned even one new thing about underwear, for me it was the correctional pieces, then this title has accomplished it's goal.

It was great fun with tons of laughs, but ultimately failed in the substance department. No harm, no foul. A high watch rating is as fair as it gets. Some suggestions I can offer would be Kodomo no Jikan - if you must have the same loli school notion with a side helping of better story/ecchi element and Princess Lover! - if you are ready for a more mature demeanor with a MUCH greater emphasis on quality and substance.

Keep flipping those skirts, Nayu...

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Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Saturday, April 17 2010. Created Monday, January 11 2010.
Watch Stretch [series:2141#628]
(All episodes watched):

Episode one of Chu-Bra did not particularly amuse me, neither in terms of jokes nor its overall premise, yet somehow I found myself strangely eager to watch episode two--maybe the absurd notion of an underwear infatuated girl convincing others to join her. This episode fortunately had some decent laughs (like the adult yuri visual joke); probably as many laughs as I'd get from the average comedy and less crass than the first episode as well. The OP sequence and song "Choose Bright" were high spirited and fun. At the end of the episode an idea occurs to Nayu which will probably be the basic premise of the series as a whole. I concluded that Chu-Bra wouldn't be nearly as bad as I had thought.

Yes, I was much too pessimistic about this show early on. As ecchi goes, this show is actually quite tame. It becomes clear that the pantsu is as far as it's going to go, and we'll never see any actual nudity. There's no 'dirtiness' at all to this show, rather it just plays with the notion that it is shocking to see a girl's undies, and does so in a silly manner.* It's certainly not laugh-out-loud funny, but I can't help enjoying it on a simple level.

In episode four, Haruka feeling hurt when she learns she's considered by the boys to be the biggest breasted girl in the school was a pleasant surprise. It lifts the show above simple T&A, at least for a moment, as we see that she has feelings and isn't just a piece of meat with a generic two dimensional personality. It was hard to take this show seriously at first, but if we get more character development of this sort maybe I still can. I liked the budding romance in episode five involving Keigo and the blonde teacher Mizuno-sempai; again, that's something unusual (supporting characters who I care about) rather than cheap pantsu. I now think that the whole pantsu premise was more of a legitimate joke than a sleazy attempt at ecchi.

In the final episode the crisis involving friends was hard to take seriously since it seemed somewhat overblown. The ultimate resolution was kind of a cop-out, because it largely offered an excuse for nothing to change radically and as a result the developments I'd been hoping for didn't come about. But nevertheless the series ended in a sort of sweet way, quite unlike shows which rely entirely on ecchi to attract viewers and don't even try to be touching. And the degree of fanservice here was almost quaint compared to shocking shows like Qwaser nowadays. So, in the end Chu-Bra was more of a modest comedy than the sleazy show it had first seemed, which is certainly nothing to be ashamed of.

My favorite line: "A great day starts with great underwear!" --Nayu

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*Here's my idea for a good pantsu joke: A guy and a girl are together when a sudden gust of wind starts to raise her skirt. He freezes, staring at that region--but she reacts instantly and holds her skirt down before anything interesting becomes visible. They stand for a moment in this awkward state--then his belt buckle snaps and his pants slide to the ground.

Last updated Thursday, December 09 2010. Created Wednesday, January 06 2010.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:2141#967]
YESH!!! There are a lot of high school anime stories with a tons of fanservice and pantie scenes. Why bother with a story? Why not just go straight to the 'fun stuff'? This is all fanservice and pantie action set in a middle school campus.

With a premise of a middle school student who is helping 'research' and 'develop' girl's panties, NAYU Hayama is regarded by her classmates as a being a pervert or a lascivious girl because of the adult undergarments that she wears. OK, some comedy is generated in their misunderstandings.

But her fascination and hobby serve to provide an excuse to flash and flaunt girl's private garments to such a degree that the fanboyz will probably be happily following this title.

Should this be considered a loli story? Or a pervert story?

Well, I did laugh a bit at in the first episode, so I probably will be watching this one.

Last updated Tuesday, January 05 2010. Created Tuesday, January 05 2010.

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