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In the near future, mankind has suffered from a Third World War, leaving extreme damage all over and forced mankind to become even more distinct from their species. The world was at chaos and from this chaos comes a new species: “Needless”. The Needless are humans who have contracted a “disease” as humans may call them, and allow them to wield extraordinary powers far superior to any mankind. Their abilities include Telekinesis, elemental powers, gravity control, adaptation, radioactive release and all manners of scientific impossibility. (Source: ANN)

Began airing July 2, 2009
24 TV episodes (~24 min)

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See series special: Needless Special
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Watch 7 6 7 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:2129#1552]
Set in a future where humans with special abilities called Needless exist, Needless is an action-comedy that knows how mindless it is with its love for fan service, over-the-top action and hot-blooded characters. But while Gurren Lagann offers this same mix with a cohesive storyline, Needless has a number of significant storytelling flaws that kill its quality to a great degree. The show's attempts to flesh out elements to its world and characters are done in a haphazard fashion that lacks natural flow, over half the series is wasted on a major conflict in the series in the same setting and dragged out as badly as a shounen battle anime, and the majority of the characters get no fleshing out or development unless required by the plot. Much as its namesake, Needless is a needless anime title not worth your time and money to watch thanks to its rather significant flaws.

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Buy 8 7 8 9 8 8 21 [series:2129#3223]
I'm late to the party, but I really enjoyed this one so I thought I'd comment anyway.

Needless was a fun series. I did have a few problems with it though.
  1. One character (Riru) was really useless, and served no purpose except to revive Adam Arclight.
  2. There were a couple too many flashback episodes. Off the top of my head I can think of three, including two right near the end (21 and 22 I believe). The earlier flashback wasn't very interesting and later one was pretty interesting but too late in the series, and took away from the momentum of the fight. Perhaps if it was just one episode and closer to episode 18 or 19 it would have been better.
  3. Very slow flow in the middle of the series - the characters were stuck in a single room for who knows how many episodes. I recognize that this was inherited from the source manga, but it still annoyed me. The series hadn't been particularly slowly paced before this but in that room things were just back and forth for a bit too long.
I enjoyed the comedy in this series. There were decent running gags, like Eve calling Cruz "Yamada", which would usually annoy me but seemed well done in Needless. The superpowers were cool, though being scientifically-minded as I am, some of them didn't make much sense.

The first OP was epic, both EDs didn't really fit but were decent, and the second OP was okay.

All in all I liked this one a lot and will definitely watch it again. It did have a slow start so if you're going to watch this, definitely watch at least three episodes before you drop it.

Last updated Saturday, August 07 2010. Created Tuesday, August 03 2010.
Buy 9 8 9 8 8 8 Dreamer [series:2129#2279]
This show is both kick-ass serious and stupidly funnier than hell. And it works too! The characters are all serious, with cut ripped bodies, mad fighting skills but the humor level is just outrageous. I was cracking up left and right and "not" because of the violence (which some people might take as humor), but rather the characters stupid comments during the battles, or their facial expressions.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
The art and animation is superb. Lots of details and smooth animation. Character designs were top-notch. Some the fight scenes had some awesome artwork and animation. Nice.

The OP was a really cool hard rock piece that did well for the animated sequence. Great piece!. The soundtrack is just awesome! Lots of rock and hard rock pieces during some dramatic and explosive scenes. Then came the ED..... completely 360! What the heck? A super-duper echii-fied cute ED with high-pitched female vocals. But strangely, it worked!

Series and Episode Story
Aside from the outrageous humor, the cool and interesting characters, the plot was pretty good. For the most part, it was strait forward with occassional surprises. What I liked most about this series is how it took the time to explore and explain some the concepts and powers that certain characters had. Or why things lead to where they went. However, if you really want to get down to the core of this anime, it's a pure mindless beat-the-shi*t-out-of-each-other violent series. But, at least the battles had rhyme and reason.

This has got to be one of the best lines ever in anime history.... "But only if you lick my ass in the nude"! Such a simple line yet I was busting my gut from laughter.

Overall, it's a fun and engaging series. I loved most of it and the parts that I didn't care about, they were hardly worth noting as a negative.

Last updated Saturday, January 09 2010. Created Saturday, January 09 2010.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:2129#628]
(Half of one episode watched):

Yes, much like Scryed--except that Scryed was interesting right from the start whereas Needless seems tiresome and tedious. The story doesn't seem to be told very well; it seems confusing and not very fresh and original. I don't really like or care about the characters, since they haven't been provided with much development. The bad guys seem two-dimensionally evil and I see little reason to sympathize with the good ones either. The show seems to be trying to be funny, but I'm not laughing much--not when people getting punched and kicked is treated as a joke. That is, there is no "punchline", just violence itself is supposed to be inherently funny. I started watching this show several times but quickly lost interest and switched to something else. The best I could do was watch until the station break. I'll resist the temptation to use the title as part of a cheap pun to summarize my feelings about this series.

Last updated Monday, August 17 2009. Created Monday, August 17 2009.
Unevaluated Forbin [series:2129#1573]
Analysis : 5 Episodes Watched

  • Drama : Low
  • SciFi : High
  • Action : High
  • Comedy : High
  • Ecchi : Med / Hig
Did someone remake S-Cry-d?

Ok so far this is what I get from watching 5 episodes. People with super powers. A Girl who goes around which her clothes burned off like Ikki-Tousen. A guy who has no power. A dude who has super power but is a total pervert. (Like Vash from Trigun).

So far Needless has shown that they can steal from the best, and make an ok anime.

Heh I'll watch it but I don't think it's very deep. MWISM (More WHEN I see more).

Last updated Monday, August 03 2009. Created Thursday, July 09 2009.
Watch 8 9 7 7 Xenoknight [series:2129#2967]
watching now... 23 eps watched...

Ep 23: Another superlative episode filled with action, story, and insane developments! Kyouji makes his stand as the new head of operations and explains some things about the war that started this Needless situation as well as his take on the Adam and Eve projects. To become the ultimate God, Adam will need his counterpart - Eve. Blade and the others attempt to save Eve, only to find help from an unexpected source. Riru returned what Arclight gave to her when they first met and a new enemy is born! This new God exacts his revenge on Kyouji and obtains his original power. Beaten and battered, our heroes now face the toughest enemy they have ever come across. The preview to the next ep shows a battle of super-saiyan proportions!!! The final ep is going to be crazy. Good ep...

Ep 22: Action galore! This ep was packed to the brim with flesh-piercing punches, bone-cracking kicks, earth-shattering blows, and perfuse amounts of blood. The two brothers fought each other so fiercely and intensely: one brother with God's power and the other with God's body. Blade and Adam put on a show that is worth quite a few positive remarks. The story between the two characters has all lead up to this moment and they unleashed every ounce of energy (magical and physical) they had left to win. A sudden betrayal leads to truly unfavorable results as the fight is cut off without a clear winner (it was so close). Now that a new enemy has appeared from the remnants of the past, Blade must prepare for another uphill battle. This new foe will emit a new level of brutality due to his twisted past. Damn, that was an incredible fight. I couldn't believe they would tear into each other like that. Once again, this title peaks the radar after being under it for quite some time. Substantially action packed ep...

Ep 21: Amazing episode!!! What a hypnotizing adventure this was into the past. The back story is revealed regarding our main characters - Blade, Eve, Gido, and Adam. I was stunned by how good this ep turned out to be. There were tons of interaction between Blade and Eve which served as heart-warming/comedic material, plenty of insight into Gido's intentions with this project which involved saving the world, surprisingly levels of action and danger thanks to a return visit from Adam (not to mention the gallons of blood he left in his wake), and a crap load of translator notes in this ep. Teaching Eve anything useful seemed to be a more difficult task then Blade imagined (LOL). I went trough the entire cycle of emotions and was never forced between any of them. They all came about with seamless transitions and I was lost in a daze by how good the story was. It was the gay a** end-credits which woke me up (figure of speech) from all the fun I was having. With most of the story now in the open, I'm curious to see how this series is going to finally end. Only 3 eps left now. Astounding ep...

Ep 20: A misplaced but necessary episode. We finally come to understand just what happened to A-A (Adam Archlight) and A-B (Adam Blade) on the day of their birth. Dr. Gido was one of the leading scientists on the experiment and we get the back story of him and Kasumi (from ep 14). Remember when I said it would prove to be enlightening? Overall, I think it's too late in the series for back-stories, but it's all good. It goes to show that this title can't be taken lightly for whatever reasons, because it can go from ridiculously boring and stupid, to outright amazingly action-packed with a solid story in an instant! The next ep is still in the past, but its going to kick some a**! Powerful ep...

Ep 19: More of the same with more action emphasis. Adam finally makes his fated appearance and asks our heroes for a change in location (FINALLY). Adam and Blade go at it and things get really explosive. At least this title is coming to an end. The more action packed each episode becomes, the more desperate it tends to feel if you know what I mean. It's still a good way to kill half an hour. Good ep...

Ep 18: Is anyone besides me still watching this show? I must say that things have upgraded ten-fold and the action quality is getting a whole lot better. This ep was packed with action, drama, and science (to explain their elemental attacks in detail). Saten is crazy for what he did, but it all makes sense at the end. Aruka got a taste of her own medicine with satisfying results. I'm still having fun watching this title even with all the new titles that are out now. Amazing ep...

Ep 17: What an ep! The entire past of what happened that dreadful day with the noble resistance group Cruz and Aruka were allied with is revealed in this powerful episode. Betrayal and deception are words that the resistance will remember forever. Let's just say that kindness and love isn't always the answer in life. Cruz has seen the end of his rope and it isn't a pretty site. Great ep...

Ep 16: WOW! This show really intends to make a name for itself. The scientific results of Saten's powers were pretty interesting (you can't say anime never taught you anything) and Cruz redefines his reasons for a being a straight up "G"! The last of the four strongest, Aruka, turns out to be the one person this story seemed to have forgotten about since the beginning. Her ability is god-like and nothing our heroes have can stand up to her. As Aruka explained what really happened that day and her true identity, my thoughts of this title increased, though I would agree if someone said it was kind of disappointing to have the story go that route for her character. Watching Cruz's world come crumbling down right in front of his eyes was really tough to watch. There is no hope of winning this battle anymore. Unbelievable ep...

Ep 15: Action galore sprinkled with some good comedy! Things get really crazy for Blade and the gang when Saten steps in to do some rough housing of his own. His fragment is extremely powerful and there is nothing Blade can do to turn the situation around. All hell breaks loose when another one of the four strongest (who looks rather familiar to a certain someone) also joins the fight and splits the gang's fighting power even further. Things don't look well once again for our heroes. Watching all these action-packed episodes back to back is really extending the length of each ep. A 24 minute ep feels more like an hour to me now and I'm loving it. Ridiculously brutal ep...

Ep 14: They spent a little too much time with each character's paradise and the bad comedy made an unwarranted return. Cruz seeing his sister and the professor seeing Kasumi, girl from his past I assume, was really the only ones worth mentioning. The professor's back story with Kasumi will prove to be enlightening. Blade's fantasy and weakness all tied together and was the only thing that saved the gang (they actually made it work). He then began to give his enemies the biggest trashing of their lives. I don't know about you, but watching the pretty girl squad getting smashed around makes me feel good. Saten had to step in and give our heroes even more of a headache though. This battle should be good. The new open and end credits are way better than the old ones. Good ep...

Ep 13: Holy Sh#&!!! Okay, the jokes over now. Who transferred the rights of this title to another group? There is just no way the same team behind the first 12 eps were responsible for this one. There is just no way. Left with no choice, I had to watch this ep 3 times over! I mean come on: enormous amounts of blood, extended periods of 'safe' nudity, mature suggestive themes, and quality action scenes are all thrown at the viewer in one ep. The action was through the freakin' roof and the comedy was reduced to acceptable levels. It was amazing. What a ridiculously fantastic episode this was. Maybe the last half of the series will show a different side of things and that gives me tremendous hope for liking this series. Disc's plan is a long shot, but they give it a try anyway and one of the four strongest, Saten, appears to check on things (they did an excellent job installing fear into the characters and the viewer with how strong that bastard is). After much recovering and healing, Blade is revived and breaks the hold on Eve, who in turn revives the others. Kuchinashi reveals her ultimate attack that requires her to speak (!!!!!!!) and it proves to be more than anyone was ready for. The good guys lose again. What an amazing turnaround. This ep was fun to watch. Quality inspiring ep...

Ep 12: More of the same with a higher emphasis on the better qualities (for once). The fight gets more intense and Cruz is able to turn the tables on the enemies, but did not expect the resulting outcome. Eve comes at them with furious abandon and all hell breaks loose. Our heroes take an unbelievable amount of damage and things become fatal for several characters at once. I like it when the good guys struggle, but this is getting ridiculous. There really is no way to win this fight by the looks of things. Let's see if Disc's new plan can make a miracle. Interesting ep...

Ep 11: An intriguing episode dedicated to fighting. Adam and the gang face-off against the pretty girl squad with devastating effect. As victory is noticeably slipping from their grasp, Setsuna calls upon the last trick up her sleeve. They release Eve and to everyone's dismay, the heat of battle is ignited yet again with Adam taking an untimely leave from battle. Even with the potential death of a certain character, this title had to try to crack more self-damaging jokes to ruin the mood and send me down the road of disappointment. The new fragment user, Kurumi, demonstrates her power of "Black Attraction" and the tide of battle quickly turns to the enemies favor. The story is reaching it's end and the action is improving despite the terrible comedy. Let's hope for more of the good stuff. Hope-inducing ep...

Ep 10: This title needs drastic saving. Terrible timing is the only idea that comes to mind after watching this. Not only is the series coming to a close with the higher-ups trying to introduce new characters this late in the show, but they even go as far as to give those characters a dedicated episode for back story! It would've been fine much earlier in the series, but its just too late for new developments of this nature. They should be trying to find a way to wrap up this "pile of trash" while still providing some closure. As for the story itself, it was interesting watching how Seto, Solva, and Adam became a team (even though Solva just jumped on at the end which was extremely irritating). A fair story bogged down with bad timing gets no cool points from me. Misplaced ep...

Ep 9: More action + frustrating moments = increase in mediocrity. Blade gets owned by the pretty girl squad, even though he fought them before and memorized their abilities (more so from Archlight). In order to give the story an opening for progression, Adam (conveniently) mentions that he doesn't have time to memorize their powers even though he was using them when he fought Archlight! There is no mention of a time limit to his memory because he used every power he ever learned (even the spider string guy from the first ep) in the fight with his rival, so that excuse is out the window. They used to the entire ep to show him getting handled. To give an example, I was recapping the ep by skipping through it in big intervals and found the same scene with Adam "peeling himself off the wall" after being punch into it in four different locations in the episode! It was so stupid watching him lose for the ENTIRE ep, when I know the higher-ups are just wasting my time. The rest of the gang sneaks into the building and struggle through every nook-and-cranny as they search for Adam and Eve (no pun intended). As our heroes begin to lose strength, two new insanely powerful allies appear to turn the tables, and they go way back with Adam. Aside from that, we learn the name, "Uten" was just an alias and it can be passed on to a new Needless at any time. All in all, a frustrating episode. Crappy ep...

Ep 8: This ep in particular shows what this title is all about. From one extreme to the next, the ep flows like a see-saw: amazingly fierce battle one second - ridiculously falling for a trap the next, interesting display of old/new abilities one second - shameless attempt for comedy the next, and the whole ep ended with a surprisingly decent cliff-hanger. I get mad sometimes when I see Cruz helplessly sitting on the sidelines after his stunning display of wit in ep 2 against Uten. He could help the gang a little more than just being a cheerleader. The very reason Cruz got involved in all of this was to find his missing sister (I hope that rings a bell), but look at him (or the story in general) now. What are we supposed to believe with this title anyway? Regardless, this ep was an interesting, if not disappointing, distraction of half an hour, so I'll turn a blind eye. Good ep...

Ep 7: A 24 minute pile of trash. 75% of the ep (would've been forgivable if it was 50%) was crap with the pretty girl squad having to fight off a little discord within their ranks. The whole contest was a giant filler and the higher-ups knew how to play it off. The last 25% was actually interesting with Archlight's intentions finally being made crystal clear to the world, until Blade caved in to his weakness of females. What a way to ruin a great scene. The premise of the show is outdone by its pathetic attempts at trying to be funny. It pains me inside knowing that this title could've been incredible, but they focused on too many non-essential factors (like comedy for an action title) and it ended up biting this title in the a** (if you know what I mean). Another ruined ep...

Ep 6: Talk about make-over. This ep was the funniest so far and I'm talking about solid laughs! I was rolling all ep long with the improved comedic material like in the formula: Adam + punch to Cruz's gut = great sound effect (LOL). A new ally joins the gang and she might prove to better the team a thousand fold. Eve (or transforming b*#&%) on the other hand, had her hands full evading the girl squad as well as surviving the mansion’s security system, Goldy Locks. The hide-and-go-seek adventure in the mansion was priceless. I guess it was just bad luck for the enemy trio (Setsuna, Mio, and Kuchinashi), but they kept having to remove articles of clothing in order to escape the traps of the mansion and it actually all made sense. Trying to pass a flame spewing hallway? Off goes those shirt buttons. Fell in a hole and need a rope? Off goes those strings and ribbons. Trapped in a sensitive weight trap and need to get lighter quickly? Off goes the rest of their clothing. With all the needless material removed (LOL), the next step is the packaging. With them all in the nude, the 4 of them, Eve included, get jammed in a cannon with them all in "rewarding positions" (^_^), and then fired (delivered) to Adam Archlight's location (right smack in the head). No tip required, under the terms and conditions agreement, additional charges may apply (LOL). Seriously though, I had fun laughing my a** off and I hope it stays this way. After from the sudden crash and bloody pummeling, Adam makes his intentions clear to the world and makes the first move to destroy the other needless and Eve looks like the first on the list! Funny a** ep...

Ep 5: Those girls have some interesting abilities and they put the beat down on our heroes. Blade was a victim to his only weakness again, but Eve took her fight more seriously and saved the ep. Kuchinashi, the one who couldn't talk, is a strong foundation to what I've been saying. Where in the world does she find all the time to write down everything she has to say in the middle of a fight against Adam Blade! On one hand, she is relatively funny, but on the other hand, she is just a pathetic character to behold. Eve's bad luck (and terrible story writers) constantly gets in the way and a great comeback scene turns into a ridiculous defeat later in the ep. This title needs some serious help if you ask me. Tolerable ep...

Ep 4: My impression of this title is beginning to fall! The main thing going for it is solid action. Is that enough to sit through another 13 ep anime filled with forced story advancements, tons of annoying characters, and a terrible mix of comedy? I just don't know anymore. There are some really stupid moments in this ep. I cracked a smile once, but this ep had like 7 different comedic-relief parts and the rest were all boring. There is some slight fan service and we do get to meet the girls in the end credits that are seen having that loli threesome if that means anything. Painfully boring ep...

Ep 3: More fighting paired with some decent laughs and excellent animation. The gang gets a new member to join them and he is your typical hot-head fire needless. The only thing that makes this title boring part of the time is the bad jokes. Other than that - Good ep...

Ep 2: A good episode with non-stop action. Eve and Cruz get ambushed fighting one of Simeon's elite four, Uten (an uber magician). They struggle against his god-like powers, but Cruz shines a light on the hopeless situation. Eve's power source is keeping her body charged with high calorie foods and getting soaked with her favorite juice also does the trick (funny scene). After all is said and done, a new enemy appears and already has a plan in store for Blade. If nothing else, this title will give you solid fighting and some good laughs here and there. Good ep...

First Impression: This title looks like a double-edged sword. The action is through the roof and the fan service is good, but those are the only themes to be certain of. Its going to be a hardcore fighting anime for damn sure and it doesn't have to break a sweat trying to prove it. The story premise is solid, though it might take another viewing of the first ep to fully grasp which side is evil and which side is in the right as "Needless" are among both sides in a sense. Blade is our muscular main lead, Eve is our alluring female lead, and Gido is a scientist who keeps the pair informed and patches them up when injury occurs. They meet Cruz, a young boy of the resistance group, and the story is set in motion. There is comedy to mention, but that coin can land either way. The jokes are constant and I laughed hard during some parts, but the other parts were really dumb. Some intended funny parts were just bad and it brought the enjoyment factor way down, especially when it came down to the blatant baka, Eve. She is your "typical air head" and it really shows. Unfortunately, she is still sexy, so all is forgiven. As the world continues to spin on its axis, the same issues present themselves in this title. The dialogue speed is painful and being an action/fighting anime doesn't help much I'm afraid. Looks like another title to watch with peripheral vision (V_V). The fan service is on normal levels (at least for the first ep anyway) as you get bouncing breasts, cleavage, and lots of skin as your eye-candy. All that stuff is standard nowadays so there is no concern there. The problem (or extra treat depending on your point of view) came from those ridiculous end-credits. It had three girls who are seen (^ ^) enjoying themselves (^ ^) all to well for your viewing pleasure. It had nothing to do with this title and seemed like a shameless way to make the anime seem more ecchi than it needs to be. This is quite a lot to say for a first impression isn't it?

So there you have it. With some powerful upsides kept in check by some really bad downsides that are indeed "needless", I'll decide to invest in this title and hope to enjoy it in the long run...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:2129#967]
The summary of this series sounds vaguely like Darker than Black, or perhaps s-CRY-ed.

Well, the first episode is out and I am not very impressed. While the animation is good and the characters moderately interesting, the story comes across as being a comic book tale of stylish and excessive violence. After the first episode, I know very little about the main characters other than they are very violent, have monstrous powers and like to blow things up - some three or four city blocks so far and the body count was well over 400. And what's with the ecchi yuri loli ED??? Its almost perverse....

More later.

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