Kimi ni Todoke

Title:Kimi ni Todoke
From Me To You
Reaching You
君に届け (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - Production I.G.
NOTO Mamiko
Original Concept - Kodansha Manga Award Winner
R1 License - NIS America
Sawako Kuronuma’s single wish is to make friends and have a happy high school life, but her long black hair and pallid skin scare the other students. They have even taken to calling her Sadako - after the scary ghost character from the popular ↗Ring horror stories, but with the help of the laid-back and easygoing Kazehaya-kun and some other classmates, her luck begins to change. (Source: ANN)

Story based on a very popular manga series authored by SHIINA Karuho.

25 TV episodes (~24 min)
R1 licensed by VIZ media.
Produced by Production I.G
Scheduled to begin airing on Oct 6th, 2009
See also: Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Buy 7 8 7 8 8 9 Dreamer [series:2068#2279]
Normally I don't do romance tales but somehow this ended up being an excellent and thoroughly enjoyable series even if it's simple and nothing complex.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
I must admit, the artwork at first was a turn-off. It seemed low-grade, sub-par and lifeless. However, as with the music, the artwork also grew on me. After watching it through episode after episode, I began to feel it was more "artistic" in presentation than it simply being lower quality. Character designs were of the same "lower" quality but at times, it would shine with great facial expressions and animation sequences. I actually turned out liking it a lot. Animation was however, the norm.

The OP wasn't bad at all. It was a nice, soft alternative piece ( I think it was alternative), with female vocals. It actually grew on me as I listened to it more and more.

Series and Episode Story
Ok, so this is nothing more than a romance story but somehow I came to really enjoy it thoroughly. These were simple stories (episodic) with not a whole lot happening, but the stories were still enjoyable, at times funny and other times heart-warming.

Our protagonist (Sawako, who everyone calls 'Sadako' instead in reference to 'The Ring'), was my fav character and normally the main character isn't my fav more times than not. What makes her really loveable is her innocense and constant desire to "do good" for others, which makes "her" feel good. Her two sidekicks were a great pair.... one being the "comic relief" (Yoshida) and smart adult-like Yano.

Overall, this turned out a lot better than first appearance and somehow got me engaged in the "normal" everyday school life of our characters. Not bad at all.

Last updated Tuesday, June 01 2010. Created Tuesday, June 01 2010.
Watch 10 10 10 10 10 10 Violet D [series:2068#1393]
I actually found this when I was looking at my Anime site. I just watched the first episode and also read some of the manga. I didn't realize it was the same I had read. I'm so excited I want to watch more episodes. What can I say I'm in to Love and Romance this week. I think this Anime is a simple and sweet love and Romance. I like how Kazehaya-kun says he isn't always what she thinks he is. In other words he isn't perfect and has faults too. But his kindness is really special. I just like to watch scenes like that. It is one way I relax watching Romance. But I'm going ahead of myself here. My point is it is simply done but still enjoyable to watch. If you like Romance this is a good one.

Last updated Wednesday, June 30 2010. Created Monday, March 22 2010.
Unevaluated Forbin [series:2068#1573]
Watched 4 episodes then dropped.

Last updated Friday, December 04 2009. Created Friday, December 04 2009.
Watch 6 7 6 6 6 7 Xenoknight [series:2068#2967]
Complete. Final review soon...

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Sunday, April 25 2010. Created Thursday, November 05 2009.
Watch 7 6 6 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:2068#1552]
Kimi ni Todoke is standard rom-com fare in its focus on social outcast Sawako eventually finding friendship and potential love from classmate and all-around popular nice guy, Kazehaya. This eventually leads her to gain additional friends and deal with other students who develop jealousy and hostility toward her due to her closeness to Kazehaya throughout the series, as well as her relationship with Kazehaya slowly budding into love. It doesn't really break any new ground for a romance title as all the characters have their character types that they fulfill and while there is some depth given to all of them, they don't really have much to show in regards to dimension. In addition, I got quite a bit annoyed with Sawako's character at a number of points due to how utterly clueless she could be with knowing any hint of hostility shown toward her by other students and getting overexcited at the slightest developments she undergoes while interacting with her friends. Overall, I was mostly indifferent to Kimi no Todoke's focus on Sawako as there were points where her character irked me and the series doesn't offer much to break the mold of shoujo rom-coms to make me care more for it. I doubt I'm gonna hop into this show's second season anytime soon, if ever.

Last updated Sunday, February 18 2018. Created Saturday, October 10 2009.
Watch Stretch [series:2068#628]
(Watch- or Avoid)

(Four episodes watched):

I was looking forward to the silly premise of Kimi ni Todoke, thinking that it would probably be used as a comedy. But this in fact is more of a school romance series, and didn't particularly intrigue me. I kept getting the feeling that this show strongly reminded me of one or more other shows of the type which I had watched in the past. Sawako's personality seems confused and frustrating; there's lots of crying and strong emotions without explaining very well why she feels that way. Characters in general felt undistinguished and uninteresting. The people-think-Sawako-is-creepy gimmick seemed to have been largely done away with by the end of the episode; while it lasted the jokes were modest and I can't help feeling that little was made of it. Character designs are simple even when not in SD mode. This series just seemed very generic and I didn't detect anything novel to make it truly worth watching.

I kept going for awhile, in hopes that KnT would get better. But the rumors-are-going-about business in episode four just made me groan. I've seen this countless times before, as some spiteful person (I'm pretty sure I know who it was) starts cruel rumors and blames them on the innocent main character. Coincidence after coincidence, each more unlikely than the last, inflates the seriousness of the situation. The characters draw the wrong conclusions from offhand remarks made by each other, which makes things even worse. But it is all so unoriginal and implausible that I just want to throw my hands up in dismay. This is like a poor man's Peach Girl, and that was by no means a rich man's show to begin with. The problem with this show is that it has virtually nothing original or intriguing about it. It's as if a brief summary of a good school romance series has been taken and stretched out to occupy the timeslot of another one, but without any of the interesting details which made the first series worth watching. I think I've had enough of KnT; I'm getting a little uncomfortable at how many Fall '09 series have proven not worth the trouble of watching.

Last updated Monday, November 09 2009. Created Friday, October 09 2009.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:2068#967]
The first episode is out and I am happy to share that we have a fun high school romance tale for our Autumn 2009 anime season.

This is the type of romance story that The Wallflower should have been and what We were there was trying to reach for. And it does not hurt that the animation was done by Production IG.

If you're a fan of high school romances such as Toradora! (or perhaps Itazura na Kiss), then this is a title for you.

Last updated Thursday, October 08 2009. Created Thursday, October 08 2009.

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