Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season

Title:Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season
From Me To You 2nd Season
Reaching You 2nd Season
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Notables: R1 License - NIS America
Due to her long black hair and dark aura, Kuronuma Sawako's classmates avoided her and called her Sadako. However, after entering high school, she met Kazehaya Shouta. Kazehaya possesses a bright personality and is popular with everyone. Sawako gained the courage to change her life from Kazehaya and has experienced much since that time. During all this, Sawako's feelings towards Kazehaya grew ever deeper, and now she must come to grips with them.

School life continues as the budding relationship between Sawako and Kazehaya develops.

Note: Although this season is marked as 12 episodes, there's actually 13 if you count episode "00".

Also see season one: Kimi ni Todoke
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Rent 7 8 7 7 7 8 Dreamer [series:2454#2279]
Having enjoyed the first season, I instantly picked this one up when I got the chance. I was hoping for more of the same however....

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Not sure if it's me, but I think the quality of the artwork has dropped a bit from the previous installment. As like the previous, it was a bit different and takes a bit getting use to. Character designs were slightly below par as well.... or rather, seemed not as good as the first installment. Also, they looked slightly different. Maybe different set of artists?

The OP was not of my flavor. It was a light alternative (I think) piece with male vocals. Sounded a bit too metro-sexual. The soundtrack was hardly noticeable. Actually come to think of it, it was mostly sound effects or light short clips of musical compositions purely for effects.

Series and Episode Story
The first thing I noticed (as mentioned above) was the artwork and how it seemed to have dropped in quality a bit. At least I didn't think it looked as good as the first installment.... which itself wasn't that great either. However, after a few episodes, I got use to it.... as I did before.

The plot this time around is focused much more on the budding relationship between Kazehaya and Sawako. Actually, to the point where it got pretty sappy and had me rolling my eyes a bit. There was quite a bit of flashbacks throughout the series.... flashbacks to the first season, which sorta took up a sizable amount of time that should have been dedicated to developing the plot further. Instead, it took 12 whole episodes just to marginally develop the relationship betwen our two main characters. Now I'm not saying that it was a total loss.... but rather, it wasn't as interesting as before. Nevertheless, it was still enjoyable watching all our characters and seeing a bit more development between them all.

Overall, it was enjoyable but with a slight let down. Was good, but not as good as the first installment. It's still a watch in my opinion.

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