Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch Season 2

Title:Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch Season 2
Code Geass - Lelouch de la Rebelión R2 (Spanish)
Code Geass 2
Code Geass: Hangyaku no Lelouch R2 (Japanese)
Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2
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Notables: Animation - SUNRISE
Music - Ali Project
Original Concept - OOKOUCHI Ichirou
It's been one year since the failure of the Black Rebellion and the supposed death of Zero. Britannia has assigned Area 11 a "correctional education" status, where Elevens are made an example of by brute force, to try to prevent any future uprisings and suppress rebellious thoughts. Unsuspecting high school student Lelouch, oblivious to his rebellious past as Zero, stumbles upon a scheme on his life and the life of a mysterious woman known as C.C., who reveals to him his forgotten purpose and his "true" self. Destroying his assailants and declaring himself Zero once again, Lelouch sets out to finish what he started. (Source: ANN)

This series (sequel to Code Geass) first aired on Japanese TV in April '08. The English dub of this Series will start airing with (US-Cable) Adult Swim channel on Nov 8th , '08, in the 2am time slot (as reported in ANN)

R1 Licensed by: Bandai Entertainment.
25 TV Episodes.
Also see side-story: Code Geass: Bōkoku no Akito.
R2 Series Opening - Video

The series is taking a "3 week break" and won't resume until after the Christmas break. Series will begin airing again on Jan 10, 2009 with the normal viewing schedule. (Source: ANN)

An ANN news article is hinting that Sunrise (the animation team for Code Geass) might have a 3rd season of this series in the works...

Before episode 8 of the series on January 18, 2009, Adult Swim decided (by themselves) that the series will now air on a new time slot of 1:30am instead of the normal viewing schedule of 2:00am with no advance warning. One may assume that 1:30 is the new time slot so watch out for the series at this new time.

Adult Swim has offered recent episodes of the series to be seen on their official website, The eps will be available starting that next Wednesday. Be wary that they all have expiration dates.

ANN reports that Code Geass R2 will be put on another hiatus period until further notice. Until mentioned otherwise, its safe to assume that Code Geass R2 will resume it's normal schedule on May 2, 2009 (!) with episode 16.

This title is now scheduled to air the remaining episodes in pairs every week from this point forward! From episode 17 on, each week will air two episodes starting May 9th.
Episode Details 
01, 02, 03, 04, 96, 97, 98, 99
OverallArtAnimationCharacter Design MusicSeries StoryEpisode StoryReviewer
Rent 8 10 10 7 7 10 Silence [series:1764#2939]
This season shows a very significant change in maturity level from the previous. Exodus of a million people is simply ludicrous unless geass was cast on them. The whole Chinese empress issues was rather ridiculous, since she is just a figurehead. The eunuch generals are ever so typical of the "tell everyone your plans" villains. The series started showing into the typical signs of failures like the fighters speaking their minds to their opponents during action. Then, all of a sudden, Lelouch was kicked out of the Black Knights, and became the emperor of Britannia. Then he went on to take over the world. And what's with the absolutely ludicrous ending??? The series became crazy very early on, and I simply stopped caring about whether things made sense, and just enjoyed.

Stretch puts it very well. A good anime is not about whether the series is plausible or not. If so, most fantasy shows will not make it. It is about how the series makes us suspend disbelief and make us feel. Hence, in this aspect, it excelled. Sort of like Melody of Oblivion, where you cannot help but love the series despite its very evident flaws.

The series had a very good way of making us feel for the characters. While I would not say that Lelouch is badass (think Simon or Kamina from Gurren Lagan), I found myself empathizing with his every move. He is smart, proud but vulnerable too. Hence, he acts tough and places everyone's burden on himself. The confession to Suzaku before the Black Knights struck again was very evident of this. In the end, I felt very deeply for him, and teared at the very end. The other characters are very distinct despite the large supporting cast. Karren is probably my favourite female character now. Hence, the highest score for character. However, towards the end, the logic completely screws up and becomes ridiculous. This severely affects the rewatchability of Code Geass 2.

Music was very unimpressive. Did not like either op or ed. Animation was still excellent.

So despite the poor story concept and very childish mistakes, i say buy, simply because the immense amount of enjoyment i got from this. This sort of anime really invokes love hate relationships with the fans, and I feel it very evidently. However, I lean towards the love side more. That said, this series is like junk food; enjoyable but nonsensical. A high rent is all i can give.

Last updated Tuesday, November 24 2009. Created Friday, October 02 2009.
Watch 9 9 8 5 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:1764#1552]
Well, this was quite the lackluster roller coaster ride. Continuing from the first season, Code Geass R2 shows the aftermath of the Black Rebellion from the end of the first season, as well as Lelouch resuming his quest of revenge against the Britannian regime. Unfortunately, this season proves to be weaker than the first one as its over-the-top plotting from the end of season one returns in full force. While this series tries to pass itself off with more dramatic scenes than the first season, the way many of the scenes are conveyed are so poorly expressed that they are hard to take seriously. Just pay attention to the faces of the characters in a number of scenes and you'll be laughing instead of being shocked at what just took place. In addition, the first half to the series has several episodes loaded with enough fan service to shake a stick at, especially the Student Council's giant pizza maker episode. There's even enough deus ex machina at a number of points in the series to shake a stick at that felt placed in just to conveniently place in more sub-plots or to push the main plot along. The focus on the Japan-Britannian conflicts of the first season seemed better executed than the global scale conflicts that occurred this season. The music for this season is even worst to listen to than the first season where it sounded nauseating and tries too hard at being cool or dramatic. On the plus side, animation's still as fluid as ever in mecha battle scenes and the series does well enough at sucking you into seeing how messed up the plot and characters become next. It's the latter that keeps me from giving Code Geass R2 an Avoid. Beyond that, this isn't a show I would be willing to watch again anytime, if ever.

Last updated Tuesday, September 22 2009. Created Tuesday, September 22 2009.
Watch 10 10 10 10 10 10 Violet D [series:1764#1393]
It took me awhile to get intersted.But once I did I couldn't stop watching it. Had to a few times online because I would fall asleep right before it came on Adult Swim. I watched the last episode today. It ended sad too. But It is an excellent one to watch and holds your interest. I loved character design in this.

Last updated Monday, June 15 2009. Created Monday, June 15 2009.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 10 Xenoknight [series:1764#2967]

Complete. 25 English dubs watched in all their irrefutable glory...

These next three statements are fact without a shadow of a doubt (any titles mentioned in these statements will refer to all related seasons):

Code Geass is the Greatest Story ever Told...
Code Geass is the Greatest Story ever Written...
Code Geass is the Greatest Story ever Conceived...

Now, I command you to watch Code Geass right now!

Final review in progress...

If you never thought an anime could make you want to fall from your seat and laugh from the depths of your soul, then I have two words for you: CODE GEASS. The series just started and it has escalated to "PERFECT status". I couldn't believe the events that transpired during episode 2. Yes, I said episode 2, not 22 or 23 near the end of the series. This title is a MASTERPIECE right from the jump! If you saw the prior season, then you already know that this title is only going to get more corrupt, twisted, and sadistic as it continues. Theoretically speaking, if you looked in the dictionary for the most "G" status character in anime history, you would see Lelouch's face! Let me be crystal clear: The Code Geass series (both seasons) will surely stand as the greatest anime title of all time.

Ep 3: Lelouch continues to make his enemies look like children in a sandbox! Suzaku looks stronger than ever with the Lancelot (his time will surely come soon enough). I must say that it is really disheartening to watch the other characters who have certain "abilities" continue to make Zero's life difficult. I have no worries though as he will still hand out divine punishment on a silver platter and execute his plans with devastating effect! I love this series so freakin' much!!! (^_^) What other title can make you have "hour-long" discussions about an episode of a particular anime and talk about future possibilities and scenarios! My brother and I go into detail about a multitude of things after every ep of this masterpiece and it has become a ritual for us since we never plan on it!

Ep 4 had more of Lelouch's masterful mind work come to fruition. He is such a "G" that I don't know if he can surprise me anymore. He has an ability to steal victory from the jaws of defeat and he never settles for anything less then perfection. My type of hero indeed.

Ep 5 had everything in one. Drama, Fanservice (a sizeable amount), Action, Comedy, and a ending that will leave you speechless. What are his options now? Does he fight this new opponent (how can he) or does he quit and put the Black Knights to rest once and for all? He is so screwed... (LOL)

Ep 6: O...M...G... Brilliant episode That's my boy! A man always deals with an issue at the heart of the problem. Lelouch takes the fight directly to the new Viceroy of Area 11! He tries to reason with her (without revealing his identity) but to no avail. While he is wasting his breath, we have the battle of the century outside with Kallen (God, do I love her) taking on 3 (yes, count them, 3) of the Knights of the Round and holding her own against them (she was a "beast-warrior")! If that wasn't enough to make your jaw hit the ground with excitement, then I would have to tell you that you're watching the wrong anime. I was flipping out (nearly had a heart attack) watching the Black Knights go from deep s*** trouble to a one woman wrecking crew! The whole episode (beginning to end) had me on the edge of my couch and I didn't want it to end. Don't think I forgot about who the emperor said was his big brother either, which means that person is Lelouch's ... (I don't even want to think about it)! This anime is PERFECT and i'm tired of having my breath taken away every week, but I will continue to tell the world why this anime is perfect (for however long it takes). That is why this title won honorable mention from me and deserves much more. Even the crappy intro music is growing on me now (i'll call it even with a 5 for now). If you still can't understand why I said this story is Easily, The Greatest Story Ever Told!, this episode is another reason why. Perfect... Brilliant... Astounding... Exceptional... Flawless...

Ep 7 was a very painful one indeed (depression and drugs involved) with a newly determined Lelouch appearing at the last minute and crushing all of his enemies while issuing one order that the Black Knights had no idea was coming. I loved this ep as it showed just how desperate Lelouch's situation really is with this new opponent (its funny how he can crush anyone with the blink of an eye but this new opponent has him completely beaten with no options to turn to and this person didn't have to lift a finger to do it). He spirals into depression (understandably so) and resorts to unfavorable methods to cope with the pressure but comes to a new decision after Kallen (man do I love her) drills some sense back into him. Sazuku thought he was slick and almost had the Black Knights beaten until the big daddy finally snapped out of it and assumed his destiny as Zero again (he beat Suzaku's entire naval fleet with some bubbles - LOL. think about that for a moment and tell me Zero isn't the definition of bad-a** in the dictionary). Two very important things to mention above all others though. Lady Kagoya (the little girl of the house of Kyoto) said that she, Kallen, and C2 are the three ladies of his court (?). As if this anime wasn't already perfect, they throw in this easy to point out harem suggestion even though it probably won't come to fruition. The other thing was whose name C2 called out when she had another discussion with her invisible friend. She called it out before during the last season but it didn't hit me completely until now and I let out a scream that could have awoken an entire city! If it is who I think it is, then I will probably have to dub this title with another award just like the prior season! I can't begin to describe how this anime has taken me to heaven and back with the action, suspense, determination, comedy-relief, fan-service, and downright story perfection! My respect goes out to this title and all those involved. Perfect... Brilliant... Astounding... Exceptional... Flawless...

Ep 8: Unbelievable!!! Just when you think Zero has really lost it with that last order he gave, he proves once again that it is a sin to ever doubt his intentions. This anime is the greatest anime in the world and every episode proves it and reinforces the validity of this fact (you tired of hearing this yet, because i'm not). This ep featured what you already know would happen with this title: action, suspense, drama, intrigue, a massive amount of trust, philosophy, morals, the "ever-waging" battle between good and evil (who is who is still up to debate as Zero and Suzaku's reasons are fair and just but both are wrong in their methods), and the intelligence to outsmart all of Britannia once again! Every episode is as good, if not better, than the last and once again my jaw hit the floor with the stunt Zero pulled in the end. Some important things to mention was the fact that Suzaku said Zero cursed him to live knowing that all he wanted was the punishment of death (think about that for a moment), Britannia has that bit** Nina working on the bomb again after she failed last time (we see that back then she really did push the trigger and tried to kill everyone! that stupid bit**), and the Chinese guy with the sword didn't look so good. As for the events of this ep, Zero forced (tricked) Suzaku into letting one million Zeros (Japanese civilians in disguise) be exiled from the country and find freedom at last. You may find yourself asking this question as I have, "Should a person as powerful and determined as Lelouch be allowed to live?" For every force, there must be a counter force. Otherwise, something will have to give as the world cannot support one singularity that is too powerful. When I say powerful, I don't mean his Geass. This anime truly is the best! Brilliant... Perfect... Flawless... Astounding... Exceptional...

Ep 9: Definitely a political episode with the "Code Geass" quality elements added in. This ep had numerous "big-wigs" all over the place (mainly Chinese though) and Zero made his move right in the middle of it all (he has some enormous "family jewels" for what he did but this is Lelouch we're talking about here...). He didn't fair too well against his half-brother (!) at the chess game and hesitated even though the stakes were enough to nearly end most of the issues that Zero was still worrying about (what was that all about Lelouch?), but they were interrupted by the "ever-vengeful" Nina! Later, Zero makes his presence known (to everyone's dismay) and he forcefully turns the tide on the situation in his favor (that's my boy, as evil as ever I see...). Also, this ep had a fair amount of fan service to enjoy (lots of low-cut tops and very revealing ball-room dresses). Looks like Jeremiah got an upgrade and is ready to face Zero and C.C. again!!! Bring it on Orange boy...! ^_^ Great ep...

Ep 10: KALLEN!!! NOOOOOOOOO!!!!! What the hell!!! She always has to fight and can easily win every time, but something "semi-plausible" has to happen and she gets into trouble. It's never because of her fighting skills, but dumb luck that ends her well-fought victories abruptly. It happens all the time when up against the Lancelot and now with this new enemy. Don't worry though, her time to "cut-loose" and make up for all the wasted battles will come eventually (it just has to). Speaking of new enemies, this one is extremely bad-a** with the cryptic music and everything (I was scared myself), and he wants Empress Tianzi back, or ELSE!!! This new (but familiar) knightmare, the Shen Hu (Divine Tiger), is more than a match for Zero's "Kallen-less" forces at only 40% of total output!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LOL). Only Tohdoh "the miracle worker" was able to withstand its attacks and hold his own against it. Even at this extreme strategic disadvantage, Zero still reminds everyone that he is the best (though even he admits to being outsmarted this time...). He gives the enemy forces one last thunderous blow before regrouping at the "Mausoleum of the Eighty-Eight Emperors" (how fitting, wouldn't you agree?). He is sick of being pushed around like this as his new enemy has merged with his former enemies (oh crap), and he announces that he will set his grand plan into motion on this sacred stage (even now, he still has something planned - he is such a "G"). Meanwhile back at the academy, (?) is that another Lelouch. This ep was through the roof with military battle strategies and superior cunning! I was lost in this episode as things went from bad to worse for Zero! It was a crazy fun ep with all the bells and whistles one could expect coming from a title of this caliber. My God, this episode was ridiculously fantastic... Absolutely Amazing...

Ep 11: ...And once again, Code Geass reconfirms its right to the claim of "The Greatest Story Ever Told"! Lelouch is such a "G" and he is only getting smarter and more powerful as the story progresses! Performing his own miracle with the help of his Black Knights, he is able to turn the desperate situation into instant victory once again. Not even Li Xingke was immune to Zero's miraculous powers of stealing victory from the jaws of defeat!!! Li Xingke was about to meet his maker until Zero granted his deepest wish. With a newly designed and completely original kightmare, the Shinkirō (Mirage), Zero can stand on the same power level (if not higher) as the Gawain (you know what that means)! It looks sick as hell, yet very strange. Zero walks away from the battle with 2 new (and extremely powerful) allies to add to the list that hold with them the support and strength of an entire nation (Britannia doesn't look so powerful now, do they?)!!! Meanwhile back at school, two new students have entered the academy and they are very familiar. Shirley's role in this story is about to be brought to light once again... Fantastic ep...

Ep 12: Every masterpiece needs a break and this title is no exception. This ep was a stall like you wouldn't believe, but that's okay though. That being said, I'll just stress the bigger points. No more Milly to deal with anymore as she finally graduates (thank the lord), Cornelia is still alive and kicking (or should I say slashing) and she wants answers from all the big wigs, Shirley and Lelouch hit it off again (thanks to Milly), and Orange boy gets a MAJOR upgrade that involves geass and it can cancel other geass powers! The stall portions of the ep were about Milly calling a cupid day and the whole school was chasing after Lelouch like all the other times. Anya actually brought out her Knightmare to find him (she is one of those "must be told the difference between right and wrong" type girls - she is like a robot herself with no emotions). We finally learn more about Sayoko and her "role" in Lelouch's grand plan. Looks like Sherley is back and she is ready to face her father's killer once again. Stall ep with lots of fan-service and nude female skin...

Ep 13: Depression and drama raise the bar even higher for this title... Shirley's impact on the story will forever be a strong one. Though she was mostly on the annoying side of things, she always found a way into my heart as well as Lelouch's. She could always bring out a side of him that he didn't know was there (that is what love is all about) and perhaps if he wasn't condemned to this life of war, he could've lived a happy life with her as a normal guy still growing up. One could always wonder as the story comes to a close as far as Shirley is concerned. Orange boy thought he could do as he pleased, but Lelouch saw to silencing him quickly enough. After recruiting a new and extremely powerful member to his cause, Lelouch finds a certain someone and stays with her in her final moments. Emotionally charged and heart-felt ep...

Ep 14:

Kick-a** ep...

The world must've stopped spinning when this ep was on. It was like they put on one of those hypnotize screens and everyone that was watching fell under the spell. I could've sworn that when it started, I was wide awake ready for the action and I must've blinked once and the next thing I knew, I was watching the credits role!!! It was just like that I tell you. The ep was so ridiculously fantastic that I couldn't even recall anything that happened around me. The essence of time was not a factor anymore. The gates of hell could've opened up right next to me and I don't think it would be enough to get me out of the trance I was in!!! Lelouch is the anime equivalent of ..... (I'll let you fill in the blank). I no longer need to say it, do I?

Ep 15:


I can say this with complete confidence: Without a shadow of a doubt, this is the greatest story ever conceived!!! Now that Zero has risked it all and bet his life (and the entire world) on this "game", his most powerful ally (the one that keeps him in check and the only one who is able to save him if he screws up), C2, is in trouble and he doesn't have a clue where to begin to save her. The greatest story ever told breaks the anime mold yet again...

Of coarse, this title has obviously become too powerful of a show for "normal" Americans to handle, and knowing this to be fact, "the brilliant minds that be" decided to milk the show for all it's worth by restarting the series from episode one! It will continue once it gets to where we left off, at ep 16. Only problem is that we have to wait until May 2, 2009 (or at least until further notice)! Until then, the world may continue it's normal rotation without interruption.


After a massive stall effort to milk this title for all of it's worth (a great deal obviously), we resume where we left off with ep 16.

Ep 16: With C.C. rendered helpless for the time being, Lelouch is forced to play his hand with a more forceful nature. He quickly rallies the people with his plan to create the UFN (United Federation of Nations). With 47 countries under his command and only one military force (The Black Knights) to uphold them, the UFN is born and immediately calls war on the holy Brittanian Empire. The UFN encompasses roughly 50% of the world, while Britannia still holds the other half, so it is clear that the winner of this war will control the world. Nina finally completes her bomb from the first season and she asks to equip the Lancelot with it as a weapon!!!!!! Lelouch worries for his sister's safety and calls the one person that can truly understand his honest request, Suzaku! After some talk, Suzaku gets Zero to admit to him that he is Lelouch again and that he has to meet Suzaku alone in private. It's obviously a trap, but what choice does he have? This is for the sake of Nunnally, the very reason Lelouch's heart is still beating...


Ep 17: Li Xingke put up a hell of a fight at the start of the battle. He was going against a sizeable Britannian force and still was able to hold his own. He even was able to impress the Knight of One! The talk between Suzaku and Lelouch was tough to watch. We see Lelouch pour out his soul to Suzaku in an attempt to make him protect his sister. Lelouch admitted to every one of his crimes (though he didn't tell Suzaku the whole story which would prove his reasons) and was on his knees! Suzaku's foot was stompping on Lelouch's head and the scene immediately after that can't be described with words alone. With the help of a former enemy and his mindset confirmed with Suzaku's betrayal, Lelouch prepares for the battle with only one objective.


Ep 18: This ep was the biggest fight in all of Code Geass! Every single star player was on the battlefield. Most of the Knights of the Round, Lelouch and most of his generals, the Emperor himself, the snake in human form (Schneizel), and one last "captain of a certain squad" that completely turned the tide of the battle!!! She has been away for a while, but her return was most welcome as she saves Zero and begins to decimate the enemy!!! The "Vampire of Brittania" (Knight of Ten) was simply no match for The Black Knight Ace, and she was able to tear his Knightmare asunder! Suzaku was no different! He fought her with all his might, but later found himself missing most of the Lancelot. As all hope for him began to fade and he came to terms with death himself, a certain power wouldn't let him die and he is able to launch the F.L.E.I.J.A. bomb!!! This act ended the battle instantly with both sides suffering extreme casualties. In fear of a certain person's death, Lelouch (once again) begins to lose his mind. If this person's death turns out to be fact, then Lelouch is going to lose it for good this time with no one (C.C.) to guide him back to sanity. The series draws ever closer to the end and every single ep is better than the last by exponential proportions. The human mind can only take so much stimuli before it gives way. I just hope I can survive to see the end of the series before that happens. This title is the "King of Anime" for all those who still can't see it.


Ep 19: This series has transcended all normal forms of recognition and sheer dominance...

HOLY SH##!!!

Ep 20: Words alone are irreverent at this point, but I'll keep trying...


Ep 21: Lelouch used his geass on .... and became the ..... of Britannia! Lelouch is a "G" for eternity! The most emotional ep in all of Code Geass!!!


Ep 22: He turned the entire world around in no time flat with a certain friend by his side and a new (but very familiar) opponent rises to the challenge to stop Lelouch!!! This show is too much to mentally grasp...

Ep 23: Cornelia was... Lelouch declared... Schneizel used the F.L.E.I.J.A to force... The Black Knights had to fight... Lelouch used the sakuradite mines in Mount Fuji to...!

This is the greastest story ever told!

Ep 24: C.C. noitces a change in herself regarding Lelouch, Kallen and the Black Knights... Lelouch manages to... Suzaku and Gino... Lelouch confronts his greateast enemy as she has found something that she thought she never had!

This is the greastest story ever told!

FINAL EP: This is the greastest story ever told.

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Monday, June 08 2009. Created Sunday, October 19 2008.
Buy 10 10 10 10 10 aoneish [series:1764#1615]

update: lelouch? is the most badass character in the history of anime. ; . ; and the ending of this is the quite possibly the best i've ever seen. plus, it's set up brilliantly, ending whichever way you want it to end, though some feel it's pretty obvious what actually happened. ^^

a real nail biter. more craziness and suffering brought about by war and huge twists that could change the balance of everything. if you liked the first season, this one will fail to disappoint.

Last updated Wednesday, October 08 2008. Created Thursday, July 24 2008.
Unevaluated Big Fire [series:1764#2441]
(ALL episodes completed)

I like Mecha, I like Aristocracy, I don't care that some mecha's don't get hurt while others get blown up...That is the same formula that has worked for gundam right? from sunrise as well. What this show has that other don't is Geass and now in season 2 we have more Geass. Throw some school scenes into it, and you got me hooked.

*Btw, i ran out of gas trying to do the episode updates...cuz i suddenly got busy at work... if there is 1 series i will do an episode detail of it is this one, so i hope to get back to it someday. if not here is an update after watching episode 9...

Zero is not really a fact i think he is someone should take him down... Shneizel is cool...although he likes weird things, there is something about him that is ICEY...Milly...yeah yeah not a main character but WHOA!!! on that dress...Finally britannia, chinese federation, and the Elevens/blacknights/ is all too confusing...i like simpler...bad guys versus good guys...

Ok I am punting rollo from my list, i suspect he is going to be against lelouch shortly... Also WHOA on Orange Kun...WTF?!?!!?!

After Episode 15...some thoughts...Schnezel has got a what? the emperor is immortal...Lelouch cannot use Geass on him, so where does that leave us? Lots of subplots no end in sight...Will CC be able to enjoy pizza again? I still can't believe shirley is dead...
After Episode 19...Wow, what an episode...I think it is pathetic how everyone turned on lulu, and what happens to CC now? Rollo going down like that sucks...Looks like maybe Suzaku and Orange Kun might become allies? With Lelouch maybe? I am really enjoying this season...Yawn on the Emperor though...I really don't care for his part in all this, although yeah we need him for the story...

WHOA what an ending...not exactly what I had in mind, but there is closure, no if ands or buts, there will not be a third season. I dunno what else to say, everything went according to plan? I wouldn't want an ending like that if that is the case...

Top 3 Favorite Characters this season...
    1. Kallen
    2. Schneizel
    3. Rolo

Last updated Tuesday, November 04 2008. Created Monday, February 04 2008.

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