よつのは (Japanese)
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Four friends--the boy Ma-kun and the girls Tomo, Yuzu and Matsuri--have agreed that three years after graduating from Mochizuki Academy they will return there for a sort of reunion. The keynote of the reunion will be their unearthing a sort of time capsule which they buried while students. But they find that a notorious teacher has found the capsule, moved it, and left them a set of clues to deduce it's new location...

2 episode OVA released to help market a game by Haikuo-Soft.

Animation by Hal Film Maker.
Scheduled to be released Feb '08.

2:45 min promo/advert - YouTube Video
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Watch 7 8 6 7 7 9 Devil Doll [series:1718#752]
[Score: 70% = Watch+]

Beautiful backgrounds; character designs are okay (the loli and the big boobs girl are over the top). Too many scenes in darkness, making it difficult to see lots of details (this caused a downgrade for Art). The Music is hardly noticeable.

The Characters are one-dimensional but mostly likable. The Story is too short to be really deep but plausible enough; despite the flashbacks orgy the narration style is fine; the course of events (including the ending) took me by surprise which made watching this OVA more than a waste of time and led to Episode Story getting the highest rating here.

Last updated Tuesday, December 01 2009. Created Sunday, July 05 2009.
Watch 10 10 10 5 2 2 NekoShana [series:1718#3072]
Completed- Well to be honest i would want to put this one as an 110% buy, however a large portion of that would be becouse of the ending witch for me is an rare (i would really like to use the word non existing) supprise. Telling why i feel that way however is impossible without giving away the end. As i knew from the start my mind went completely blank when i started typing and me trying to type something with a blank mind always ends up making no sense, but ill try.

In the ways of art, animation and character design i would say they all fall under the "most common" category, atleast to me since it looks just like the other 90% of anime series i'v seen. And I love it. This is how an anime is supposed to look. Good/plenty colors, clean lines and cute. Look at the picture up top for reference.

Music: I cant remember any other than opening and ending themes where i like the opening, a happy sounding song with some pace, but don't like the slow ending song witch reminds me that it has ended. And i don't like it when an anime ends...

Series and episode story: Three school students bury an "time capsule" in the school grounds and make a promise to meet each other again here in 3 years to dig it up. Now 3 years later thay do meet up just to find the "time capsule" dug up and hidden elsewhere by someone. To find it thay need to find the clues first... And so they start looking through the school and every time they enter a room they go: "oh this is where we had -subject X-" <Flashback> or "this is where -person X- got in to -situation X-" <Flashback>.. And so we get a <Flashback> feast. What i feel is; ....What story?.... Its all just about flashbacks. Until last 5 minutes of OVA 2 where we get some romance. Still i found it somewhat entertaining.

Since its so short i do think you should watch and see for your self.

As for the supprise ending i will with a spoiler warning tell you what made me soooo happy..

-SPOILER- For once the girl our male lead liked wasnt the oh so common "same age, same or just 1cm shorter in hight, never below c cup(not counting anime's where entire cast is kids), mature personality (or in case of comedy more mature then the rest) childhood friend or meet before or the first girl we see in the first 10 minutes of the first episode." girl. well in this case the last note dosnt apply... The number of anime's with some romance iv seen i cant count to, its a 2 digit number not to far of 3 digits? Out of those i can count on 1 hand where an anime has broken that common image. Yotsunoha did.

Last updated Monday, January 05 2009. Created Monday, January 05 2009.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:1718#628]
(One episode watched):

This show got off to a good start with Tomo-chan departing from home despite the advice of her strange sister--I wish more had been (or will be) done with her. The OP song was fun, and so were occasional instances of SD comedy. But in general there seemed little that was unusual or particularly interesting about Yotsunoha. The characters seemed pretty stereotypical to me; Tomo is the Moe character, seeming like an elementary school student compared to the others. Yuzu is the ditzy girl, and Matsuri is the Tsundere one, since she wasn't on good terms with Ma-kun when they parted. In general this first episode completed a satisfactory tale of a make-up between Ma-kun and Matsuri, and a general reunion between old friends, but I couldn't help feeling that there hadn't been much that I hadn't already seen numerous times in other shows. It was modestly amusing and entertaining (and I'll watch part two), but doesn't stand out from the crowd of dating-sim inspired anime. Little progress has been made yet towards finding the time capsule. One interesting thing: apparently in Japan schools are left unlocked during weekends or summer break, and the characters simply move in!

Last updated Thursday, March 06 2008. Created Thursday, March 06 2008.

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