Cute Girls with Guns

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In the spirit of Stretch’s Kendo Girl Scrapbook wiki page, I feel that we
should consider honoring those cute and wicked anime girls who are into the
explosive weapons of the 20th century. So a wiki page has been created for
those Cute Girls with Guns to allow any reviewers to call attention to and
share some PICs of those fun anime characters that might strike our creative fancy.

Well, these types of wiki listings appear to be popular, and have spawned another
spin-off image list - Mecha Chicks.

If ever there was a anime girl who deserved to be described as armed-to-the-teeth, it would be Tachibana Misato of Nichijou. Actually, her revolver, assault rifle, anti-tank missile, minigun and rocket launcher are all metaphors for the rising stages of rage which she experiences as part of her love-hate relationship with male classmate Sasahara. As Sasahara once put it, "She seems to be in a bad mood today".

Asobi ni Iku yo!: Aoi Futaba (black hair) is "a multi-national entry special agent" who is intimately trained in the handling of firearms. Kinjou Manami (brown hair) is "a Japanese local associate of the CIA" who is not so familiar with guns but would very much like to be. After being discredited with their employers, both find an unexpected new line of work: as security guards for the alien Katian embassy, which just happens to be located in the home of their mutual friend, Kio Kakazu.

Akane Mishima is truly a girl with dual personalities: the shy, brown-haired school librarian, and the sassy, red-haired pistol packing alter ego into which she can transform. She is a Kampfer ("combatant"), and a Gewehr (gun-armed) Kampfer to be exact. How a person becomes a Kampfer, why they undergo bizarre changes while transforming, and why they fight each other are mysteries; what's clear is that having a gun in her hand turns Mishima's personality 180 degrees.

Amanda Werner of Blassreiter is a member of the elite Xenogenesis Assault Team, a special unit formed in Germany to deal with appearances of "Demoniacs", which are strange, zombie-like creatures capable of amalgamating themselves with vehicles and machinery. Being highly capable and professional, Amanda is a definite credit to the XAT. Her partner is the fiery Hermann Salza, who she keeps in balance with her own level-headedness. Uninterested in romance, Amanda is devoted to her adopted brother Malek, who has been getting into trouble at school lately.

Cute Girls who ARE guns! Liz and Patty, the "Thompson Twins", are in fact the weapons of ace Shinigami candidate "Death the Kid". The girls can transform themselves into Death's pistols in Soul Eater; if the Kid isn't available, they can take turns transforming into a gun while their sister pulls the trigger.

You do not want to screw with supernatural postwoman Fumika, who takes her job of delivering Shigofumi (letters from the dead) very seriously. Along with Mayama, her ornate staff with a mind of it's own, the humorless Fumika packs an equally fancy automatic pistol and isn't afraid to use it when the situation calls. Could Fumika--if that really is her name--have been human at one time, and does she have a shocking secret to keep?

Described by her comrade Elis as "A strong and cool girl", Akari of Night Wizard is also a distant and odd character who seems unfriendly to Elis at first. She employs an awesome magical firearm, the "Gunner's Broom", for which she can summon shells out of thin air.

Lucia of Venus Versus Virus packs a revolver which is no ordinary gun: it fires special bullets which contain a vaccine designed to eradicate soul-stealing "Viruses". She also carries a concealed throwing knife, just in case. You do not want to look her in the (left) eye!

Bounty hunter Nadie of El Cazador de la Bruja finds it hard to believe that the naive blond-haired girl Ellis is guilty of murder, despite the fantastic reward on her head. She finds herself obligated to protect Ellis, partly because there are those who would prefer to collect the reward on a dead Ellis rather than an alive one, and partly because her "corn fortune" demands it.

Aika Sumeragi of AIKa R-16. Any relation to Agent Aika? We'll find out soon! (See also: Rion Aida.)

A member of the elite Criminal Narcotics Investigation Squad, Tachibana Kurara of Juusou Kikou Dancouga Nova keeps enough weapons in her closet to equip a small army. Frustrated by the never-ending battle against crime, she cannot resist the chance to serve as one of the pilots of the mysterious Dancougar mecha--perhaps because it possesses fantastic firepower.

Ginrei of Giant Robo and GinRei Special is the member of the Experts of Justice who help Daisaku and Giant Robo fight the Evil Forces of Big Fire...Ginrei also has cool teleporting abilities, but basically, she looks cool shooting a gun...

Yoko of Tengen Toppa Gurren-lagann battles beast-men in a post-apocalyptic world with her electrically-powered rifle. She's an expert shot, and she's definitely cute!

C.C. of Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch. C.C. is a mysterious green haired woman...

Shirley Fenette of Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch. One of the Student Council members at Ashford Academy...

Euphemia Li Britannia of Code Geass Hangyaku no Lelouch. The third princess of the Britannia Imperial Family...

Marie-chan, of Tonagura has assumed the thankless task of keeping her perverted older brother Yuuji in line. For her own protection, and to "persuade" Yuuji, her father has provided her with an arsenal of air rifles, which she likes to conceal within hand puppets or stuffed animals. Her definite favorite is the replica M-16--"Isn't it cute"? Actually, she does get a bit of a thrill out of the job, though you'd never know by the expression on her face. Her catchphrase: "Threat eliminated. Mission accomplished".

Angelica Barnes of Coyote Ragtime Show describes Madame Marciano's Twelve Sisters as "the pride and joy hit squad of the Criminal Guild". In spite of their looks, these Goth-loli paratrooper assassins are in fact cyborgs which kill without mercy or pity.

Inspector Angelica Barnes of Coyote Ragtime Show. Any questions?

Levi is a modern kendo girl. Doing duty as a pirate on the torpedo boat Black Lagoon, she favors fully automatic weapons and grenade-launchers to maximize her creative mayhem.

Maya from Burn Up Excess is a total gun freak who is liable to go into withdrawal if she spends too much time without taking a shot.

Xiang Ying (a.k.a "Glass Heart", a.k.a "Number 27") from Angel Heart was raised from childhood to be a heartless professional assasin. Ironically, it is precisely her heart which causes her to turn over a new leaf.

Forte Stollen from Galaxy Angel. This (relatively) mature woman cannot help throwing her morals to the wind when offered a collection of rare guns in exchange for doing some dirty work.

Mikura from Mezzo : DSA. This pink-haired cutie is in fact the muscle behind the Danger Service Agency.

Tatsumiya Mana-chan, student #18 in Negi-bozo’s first year middle-school class has a number of different hobbies – in addition to being a biathlon enthusiast (an Olympic ski & shoot event), she helps defend the school from magical incursions. If you would to see her in action, then you might want to check out Mahou Sensei Negima!.

(pls credit Astro-n-boy for this entry)

Yao Sakurakouji from Miami Guns. Her weapon of choice is a Mauser M712 pistol that was given to her by her dying mother (don't ask what it was the mother died of, though). Her catchphrase: "Once more, justice is served!"

Jo from Bakuretsu Tenshi is a mysterious girl who doesn't take ---- from anyone. Anger seems to be almost the only emotion she is capable of--otherwise, she seldom smiles and is often in a near comatose state. Her catchphrase: "Assholes like you piss me off the most!"

Kosuna from Sunabouzu is a little girl who has appointed herself the apprentice of the infamous "Desert Punk", all in hopes of becoming "The baddest beauty in the Great Kantou Desert". Ironically, while she admires tough men who work hard and take risks to provide for their women, Sunabouzu sees nothing wrong with living off the money Kosuna is earning. Indeed, he hopes to raise her as his "ideal woman". Needless to say, it doesn't exactly work out that way...

Quite possibly the ultimate Cute Girl with a Gun, Tendou Rusyuna from Grenadier is an "Enlightened", i.e., one who is well experienced with a gun. Actually, she prefers to avoid violence, but, as she puts it, "I say all that, but I find myself shooting". Especially impressive is her technique for quickly reloading her revolver when she's in a pinch.

Natsuki Kuga of Mai-HiME is a high-school student when she's not fighting alien monsters. She can draw her spherical-cylinder revolvers in an instant, and commands an autonomous mecha "child" sporting an auto-loading heavy rifle. She likes motorcycles and frilly lingerie, and has a BAD attitude.

Sister Rosette from Chrono Crusade is a young nun who isn't afraid to employ some firepower as an aid to exorcising demons.

Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa of Taiho Shichauzo! (OAV). Both are roommates as well as officers of the Bokuto Police Station in Tokyo. Natsumi is the more athletic and outgoing of the two, while miyuki is pretty good at fixing cars and is more technical.

Henrietta from Gunslinger Girl is a traumatized child who has been brainwashed, given cybernetic implants, and converted into a killing machine by a shadowy government agency.

Kaname Chidori of Full Metal Panic. Ok, so Kaname probably held a gun once, but hey... she is the best looking one out of the FMP girls...IMHO...So I had to squeeze her in here...

Tessa Testarossa of Full Metal Panic is not only the captain of Mithril's assault sub, but also knows how to handle a gun.

Melissa Mao of Full Metal Panic. Melissa Mao was dispatched, along with Sergeants Sousuke Sagara and Kurz Weber, to protect Kaname Chidori against the threat of being kidnapped by the KGB or any other nefarious group that would attempt it. As a Sergeant Major, this attractive 25-year-old outranks both Kurz and Sousuke, and comes off with an air of maturity about her that is not commonly found in those her age.(Copied from ADV site)

Kiddy Phenyl from Silent Mobius. Perhaps not the prototypical "cute girl" and often losing her temper, she's a dedicated police woman, and the only AMP member able to withstand the recoil of the Gravitron (due to some unusual characteristics of her body).

Maki and Reimi from Burn Up! are two traffic control division policewomen who take matters into their own hands when a friend is kidnapped by a white slavery ring.

Makimura Kaori from City Hunter. Though her weapon of choice is a gigantic mallet, Kaori is prepared to employ some heavy weaponry--especially when an orphanage is threatened at Christmas time.

Saeko Nogami of City Hunter and Angel Heart. Described by ace sweeper Ryo Saeba as "the only woman I ever loved", police detective Nogami has a curious relationship with him. She repeatedly promises her love to Ryo in exchange for his help on difficult cases. But, for one reason or another (which she skillfully plans in advance) he never receives "payment" for his services. However, Ryo is keeping a tab and fully expects Saeko to make good her debt someday...(copied from Absolute Anime)

Fujiko Mine of Rupan Sansei and a whole bunch of other Lupin shows...Sometimes his partner, sometimes his rival, always the love of his live, Fujiko Mine's reputation as a master thief hangs right up there with Lupin himself. Where Lupin has his wits and his Houdini-like skills, Fujiko has her own abilities...

Chiyo-chan from Azumanga Daioh (TV). Don't let her looks fool you--this murderous child kills just because she can.

(just kidding)
Mireille Bouquet and Kirika Yumura are a pair of female assassins known only by their codename, Noir.

Armitage of Armitage III. This irreverent detective of the Martian Police Department certainly packs a gun, but is she really a girl?

Rally Vincent from Gunsmith Cats is a 19-year-old gunsmith and bounty hunter.

Aika Sumeragi and Rion Aida of Aika. In commemoration of Aida R-16 coming out soon, and the speculation that Agent Aika and her are one in the same, I put up some pics of her with Aida to show how she looks in the future. (Aika Sumeragi is added twice to this page.)

Sawaguchi Kome from Blue Seed provides the Terrestrial Administration Center with it's conventional firepower.

Faye Valentine of Cowboy Bebop is an amnesiac, awakened from a 50-year cryogenic slumber. She is tricked into assuming the debt of the man that woke her, and constantly attempts to gamble on quick cash as a solution to her problems. Her past (a mystery, even to herself) is unravelled progressively throughout the series. (copied from wikipedia)

Misato Katsuragi of Shin Seiki Evangelion is a member of NERV...Yes she drinks too much, but those sit downs with Shinji are memorable...

Sawa from Kite seems to be a cute schoolgirl, but is in fact an expert assasin who employs a special pistol that fires exploding shells.

Iria from Iria Zeiram the Animation is a bounty hunter in some apocalyptic future world, apprentice of her beloved onii-san - but the events make her stand on her own feet sooner than she thought she had to.

Yuri from Angel Beats! is the leader of the "Like-Hell-I'm-Dead-Battlefront" and uses uses a pistol and a combat knife as her weapons, she is a very efficient but blames others mistakes on herself.

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