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Title:Soul Eater
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Three shinigami students have been assigned partners who can transform themselves into weapons. They must train themselves and their weapons, and then eat the souls of 99 evil people and one witch in order to graduate into proper shinigami.

Based on a shounen manga by Ookubo Atsushi serialised in Shounen Gangan.

It has been announced that this series will be aired with two 'versions' of each episode. A day-time version and a night-time version with additional footage.

[TV series, 2008, 51 episodes, 25 min]

FUNImation is streaming some episodes of this series to their YouTube Site -> Click here to visit.

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3:21min FUNI promo (dubbed) - YouTube Video
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Watch 7 6 7 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1774#1552]
Soul Eater is another in a long line of shounen battle anime with its premise revolving around a school called Shibusen that teaches shinigami and their weapon partners that can go in and out of weapon form in hunting evil humans and witches. Three duos/ trios of students are focused on in their developments with Maka and Soul, Black Star and Tsubaki, and Death the Kid and the Thompson sisters and a looming evil threat arises that starts off from a series of events triggered from the witch, Medusa Gorgon. The series essentially mixes around action, adventure and comedy with the Shibusen students and personnel battling against evil threats with their abilities, learning of evil threats and milking comedy off a number of the odd quirks of the characters.

Before I go into particular issues that Soul Eater goes into, I might as well address the comedy to this series. Many attempts that the show makes at comedy are rather obnoxious and usually kill the mood for serious scenes that develop, particularly during the middle of the show's run when Medusa's plans come to light. A number of the character quirks in the series such as Black Star's hyperactive persona, Death the Kid's obsession with symmetry and Excalibur's egotistic persona are more obnoxious than funny and I have to wonder why the makers of this series would think these would be funny as well. While the comedy of the series does tone down in its second half with the gradually more serious developments, it still makes its presence felt as such where it was more a nuisance than a joy for me.

In terms of plot, Soul Eater uses the first six episodes of the series to introduce the major characters of the series and the exploration of its world and dynamics such as the Meister/ Weapon partnerships, witches and kishins. Later episodes introduce us to Medusa Gorgon and her cohorts as Medusa manipulates Shibusen into fulfilling her goals and exploring the ramifications of those plans when events escalate in the second half of the series. Medusa made for an intriguing villain for Soul Eater as she was very crafty and manipulative in pushing the members of Shibusen and her cohorts to fulfill her plans and not afraid to get her own hands dirty if others confronted her. Her abuse and manipulation of son Crona also contributed a tragic storyline to the series as more about his character comes to light. On the other hand, Asura, Arachne and the members of Arachnophobia aren't too effective as villains being either rather flat in terms of personality or not getting enough screen time where their characters could be further fleshed out.

In terms of other characters, they are a mixed bag. Dr. Stein was an intriguing character with the show focusing on his struggles in resisting his dark persona while teaching at Shibusen. Some like Soul and Maka are tolerable as characters, while others like Death the Kid and Black Star are rather unbearable at many points in Soul Eater thanks to their obnoxious personalities and/or quirks. Others introduced like Justin Law and Sid Barrett don't get much in the way of fleshing out as they only exist as either comical relief or to advance the show's plot.

The final episodes of the series are rather infamous for deviating from its manga source material since it was still ongoing at the time the anime aired. While I haven't read much of the manga, the later episodes still left much to be desired. Asura doesn't have much presence in the series until the show's final quarter despite being hyped as the biggest enemy threat in the series. While being an interesting villain, it was unclear what Medusa's plans clearly were as it seemed she wished to use Asura's power for her own gain in the first half of the series yet had no qualms with him being destroyed by Shibusen in the show's second half. The final episodes also rely too heavily on sudden power upgrades in the final battle with Asura when our main pairs/ trios and comes with a rather underwhelming conclusion that went against what the series was seemingly developing with the relations between the group.

Visually, Soul Eater's presentation is rather standard in terms of visuals and soundtrack. Still for visuals, it does offer some unique elements that add to the show's setting implementing a Halloween-style theme with a number of the settings and character designs such as Dr. Stein's attire, the outside of Shibusen's headquarters, the twisted looking sun and moon, and Sid the zombie. The series often resorts to animation shortcuts at points such as reused animation frames, speed stripes and jump cuts. But for the most part, fight scenes are enjoyable to see thanks to a number of the characters having rather unique abilities that they use in battle, if you are watching Soul Eater for the action. The soundtrack to the series mostly consists of comical or energetic insert tracks with opener and closer songs consisting of generic J-Rock songs. They're rather unmemorable and don't have much that let them stick out from other shounen battle titles.

Overall, I'm mostly indifferent to Soul Eater. While having a few interesting characters, it doesn't do much to break the mold for a shounen battle anime, has some obnoxious characters from the show's poor attempts at comedy and has a rather underwhelming final arc due to heavy reliance on plot conveniences and lack of screen time from major villain Asura in the buildup towards it. Unless you're a diehard fan of shounen battle anime, you aren't missing out on much here.

Last updated Sunday, October 19 2014. Created Sunday, October 19 2014.
Watch 10 10 10 10 10 10 Violet D [series:1774#1393]
I watched this on the weekend and thought it was really good. I have watched it a few episodes twice because I like the plot and the characters and the humor. Enjoyable to watch.

Last updated Monday, February 07 2011. Created Monday, February 07 2011.
Buy Forbin [series:1774#1573]
Analysis : 49 Fansubs Watched.

  • Drama : Low / Med
  • Action : Med
  • Comedy : Med
  • SciFi : High
  • Ecchi : Low/Med (Blair is all of it)
What a wonderful little shounen title!

It's all about children who have the power to stop evil by...well Eating it.

You know after 5 episodes we DON'T see them eating people. They stop that fairly quickly. Err that comes back in episode 48.

My favorite parts?
  • Maka and her father.
  • The Kid and the Sun
  • Excalibur - He is so hilarious
  • Medusa - What a great villan, uses little kids, her own children, anything that she needs to go forward
What I didn't like about it?
  • Excalibur - Gah he is so annoying.
  • Arachane - Not really much of a villan.
  • 12/2 - Don't say much but this is on my MUST WATCH list.
  • 01/29 - Now we are in the next Arc Stein + Medusa sitting in a tree, K I S S I N G! Gah
  • 3/5 - The Shinigami vs Asura round 2 is about to begin
  • 3/26 - Don't know if I like what happened to was too quick.

Last updated Monday, March 23 2009. Created Tuesday, October 14 2008.
Rent aoneish [series:1774#1615]

an excellent series. the artwork is pretty gothy whimsical but what do you expect when it deals with reapers? there* is* the shounen feel in the way things are progressing, with soul resonance and growing more powerful and everything, however, unlike the bleach and naruto and other 389243+ episode shounen, this one seems to be progressing nicely and in timely fashion. the animation is awesome <3 the fights, the comedy is hilarious-an all around, excellent anime.

and then, despite the still continuing manga, the anime ends with what is probably the worst ending ever.

Last updated Tuesday, July 14 2009. Created Thursday, July 24 2008.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:1774#628]
(Eight episodes watched):

At first Soul Eater seemed nothing like Bleach or Yu Yu Hakusho or all the other fight-and-fight-and-fight-again series, what with colorful characters and the whimsical encounter with the "Blair Witch". That was good news to me. But since then it has gotten steadily more serious, more about the fights and less about the farcical comedy. The result has been that my interest has steadily dropped off, to the point where watching another episode is almost more of a chore than something to be looked forward to. 51 episodes seems daunting and the best course for me seems to be to shelve this show for the time being.

At first glance of the characters I'd have sworn this must be a Gainax production. Ironically, at first I kept this one at arm's length, having such a scary title as it does. My first impressions were that the characters are goofy and there is a definite comedy element. 'Looks like The Nightmare Before Christmas meets FLCL. However, after awhile I tired of this show and set it aside.

Catch Liz and Patty's montage at the Cute Girls with Guns page!

Last updated Tuesday, October 19 2010. Created Thursday, May 29 2008.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1774#967]
Can we say that this is the next Bleach-style hit series?

Last updated Wednesday, April 09 2008. Created Wednesday, April 09 2008.

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