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This wiki supports a wide variety of name spaces on its wiki links. A name space is the part of the link that precedes the ":". The name space is used to indicate pages elsewhere on this site and on other wikis. You'll see the markup for these as the [PermaLink] on many pages. The following name spaces are supported:

References to reviews and reviewers

Including other wiki elements

References to Discussion Forum entries

References to external sources

Additionally, any site in the ↗InterMap is supported. The full list can be found here.

Of special interest, are the non-wiki, non-blog links. For instance [cache:url] will create a link to the Google cache for the specified url. [dictionary:word] will create a link to the definition of "word". [google:search] will create a link to a google search for "search". [IMDB:title] will link to the IMDB. [GoogleGroups:search] will link to a GoogleGroups search.

The only wiki I can imagine linking to regularly would be Wikipedia ([WikiPedia:topic]).

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