Weiß Kreuz

Title:Weiß Kreuz
Knight Hunters
Weiss Kreuz
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Notables: KOYASU Takehito
SEKI Tomokazu

The five members of the Weiss Kreuz (White Cross) are experts in their field. Working in their flower shop during the day, they accept afterhours assassination contracts on those who are above the law and beyond prosecution. While each member has different reasons for being on the team, together they are almost unstoppable. Only after an apparently random series of assassination assignments do they begin to see a faint string of connections between their targets, and start to wonder if there might someone with a deeper and darker agenda working behind the scenes, someone who is using them to serve their cause.

Released in 1998 under the Japanese title - Weiss Kreuz.

Total of 25 episodes in this series.

Licensed by Media Blasters (R1 release under the title - Knight Hunters)

See also: Weiss Kreuz Gluhen, Weiß Kreuz (OAV)

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Rent 7 5 8 9 7 8 Aya [series:88#1626]
WHAT? Weiss Kreuz is a misunderstood anime...People judge it right away because of its graphics. Many great animes have sucky graphics, this happens to be one of them. Yet you must respect the story line. Koyasu Kun did great job on the storyline and Kyoko Chan did a wonderful job on the character design (especially Schwarz, props for her!). Each episode has its own moral which makes the series worth watching! The story as follows Aya(Ran) who experienced a tragic accident. His beloved sister gets hit by a car and Aya suspects it was Takatori's doing. So from then on he swore revenge and wishes to kill Reiji Takatori. He joins Weiss to earn money for his sister's medical bills. And the story get more twisted when Omi is somehow related to a person in Aya's death list...

Last updated Sunday, October 10 2004. Created Sunday, October 10 2004.
Watch 4 4 5 7 6 MarX [series:88#1033]
Man, the animation for Knight Hunters: Weiss Kreuz was terrible (Cut and Paste, man..)
I bought the series and I guess I really dont regret it.. I mean it isnt too bad. Well, there are some parts that I cant give away that were good. There are a lot of plot twists. But sometimes the plot in one episode leads to another one five or six episodes later.
Not really too much to say about Weiss except some of the characters Ive had seen are a little cliche.. Still, I liked it.. Like Aya *slash* Ran, his sisters dilemma, and his blood vendetta..
It took me about a month to finish it.. It was a slow month for me... (It shouldnt have cost $100 *American*)
Try the OVA...
x x

Last updated Sunday, January 11 2004. Created Sunday, January 11 2004.
Rent dhrachth [series:88#962]
Okay, the animation isn't very good, the characters are cardboard cut outs, and the plot is laughable, BUT I enjoyed it.
It's one of those shows that so bad it's good. Basically, turn Charlie's Angels from three girls to four boys, add in some gratuitous violence, loads of melodrama, and, strangely enough, a dash of Scoobie-Doo and you have Weiss Kreuz.
I wouldn't recommend watching the whole series--one can only snicker at idiocy for so long. However, checking out the first couple episodes with a few friends so that you can mock and laugh as a group could be fun.

Last updated Friday, September 26 2003. Created Friday, September 26 2003.
Avoid 4 4 7 5 5 Kari [series:88#798]
I want a refund. I didn't buy all the Weiß Kreuz DVDs because of character designs...I'm not a fangirl. I bought them because I had read many reviews saying it was such a great show. The reviewers raved about this as if it was Cowboy Bebop. I guess I should've known better by the way they all rambled on about how cute Aya and Yohji were, when those character's aren't even real.

The premise of the show is pretty good, but the personalities of the characters drove me away. Aya is the stereotypical silent loner, complete with a depressing past, crappy attitude, and lots of angst built up inside him. He's also the 'leader' of Weiss' group...naturally. Yohji is the cigarette smoking womanizer, who occasionally wears halter tops. Ken's the naive jock, who's far too trusting. Omi is the youngest of the group, who seems to always be in high spirits...up until a certain point. All of these characters are full of angst, and fangirls like using this as a set up for slash fanfiction.

The members of Weiss fight characters that are basically just spin-offs of themselves, but on the bad team instead. Each Weiß Kreuz guy has a member of Schwartz and Schreient they fight against...repeatedly. Schwartz is like I said, basically just an evil version of Weiss. Just like the Weiß Kreuz boys, there are four members of Schwartz, and Schreient is Schwartz with breasts.

The animation is crappy. The character's don't look the same throughout the entire show. Ken's eye color even changed four different times.

There was one thing I liked about Knight Hunters, and that was the acting. Tomokazu Seki voiced Ken, so there were no problems there. In all honesty the acting was the highlight of the series, but I don't want to pay money just to hear someone's voice. I don't like the dubbed version of this either.

Like I said I'm not a fangirl, and I don't watch shows for character designs, I watch them as a source of entertainment. Weiß Kreuz is far too cliched for me to enjoy watching, but that's just my opinion.

Last updated Wednesday, January 17 2007. Created Saturday, July 26 2003.
Rent 6 7 10 10 8 Ileenka [series:88#669]
first and foremost, the art and animation is NOT top notch, that's for sure. there are a couple of things that certainly can't be said 'logical', but then again, why need logic when u're watching anime!? it's supposed to be entertainment. the music and songs are good. the characters are well done. i can say much effort has been put into the 4 main characters and each of them have their own uniqueness, that's what makes the 4 of them incredibly human to the audience. the storyline and plot is a little bizarre what with all the cult activists stuff at the end, but i'd recommend a rent. in terms of character developmen, this is a thumbs up.

Last updated Tuesday, October 04 2005. Created Thursday, July 24 2003.
Watch 9 10 10 10 9 8 Anonymous #493 [series:88#493]
I have first to say that I absolutely love both versions of the opening and ending of the series! Weiss kreuz (along with X the series and Vampire Princess Miyu) is one of my favorite animes! It is too bad they don't show blood, it just doesn't seem right. Although the OVA is nothing but blood (the OVA is very cool)
Though the whole floeists at day, and assasins at night is kinda... creepy, I still like the series as a whole. The ending needed a little more explination though, as well as the OVA. maybe a continuation is in need.... or not.
I cannot necessarily say you should buy Weiss kreuz, because, well, some people might be apauled at the fact that the four bishonens are indeed flourists, but I advise people to at least watch it! It is funny and creepy and a drama all in one!
Schuldich, by the way, is the best! ^-^

Last updated Tuesday, January 14 2003. Created Tuesday, January 14 2003.
Avoid 3 2 3 3 2 The Coyote [series:88#64]
Ouch I have Seen only half of this series and yes I will finish it when I get a chance but so far it has been very poorly wrighten animated and done. they have taken an idea with great posibiltys and really done a half heartded job at best. even the brother sister storyline dosn't save this for me. it has the animation Quality of Scooby Doo. (no offence scooby fans) this is anime trying to become american animation. Defiate avoid. Rated PG

Last updated Wednesday, September 11 2002. Created Wednesday, September 11 2002.
Buy 7 5 8 8 6 6 angelfury_13 [series:88#360]
Well....I have to admit that I really do like this anime. However, I'm biased as it is the first subbed anime I ever bought. (fansubs, weeeee!!!) Now, I have to be realistic about it. The art, while good in the beginning, slowly deteriorates until it's almost unbearable, which really is a shame considering all the main characters are bishounen. The plot is slow, and doesn't really pick up until around the middle. And...MELODRAMA!!! Very, ver much so. However the music is wonderful, and will get stuck in your head for weeks.

Last updated Wednesday, August 07 2002. Created Wednesday, August 07 2002.
Rent 9 9 7 7 6 6 Chichi [series:88#149]
Although this series has a great drama like beginning and there is a hint towards character development, it is far too little in my POV.
Each character does have a dark past that eventually comes out as the story does on. However the plot is more focused on the killing/assasinations that are going on right now.
I would recommend renting this series to first see if it's your type. It does have bishonen, and mysterious pasts (like in Gundam Wing) but it lacks the twisting plot that makes it a favorite. Each episode is detailed along the same plot making the story, after a while, a bit boring. I still enjoyed the animation and the music though, the opening song is very catchy ^_^

Last updated Wednesday, March 14 2001. Created Wednesday, March 14 2001.
Rent 6 6 6 6 6 6 Epoch [series:88#85]
I have now seen all the episodes of this series and therefore must change my review. This series is about 4 assasins who kill the criminals that the police can't arrest for various reasons. Why they took this job and why they act the way they do is all revealed in their dark pasts that you learn about as the story progresses.
This anime is good but compared to the manga (which tells how the main character Aya joined Weiss) and the radio dramas (the events that happened after the TV series), the story seems a bit short and pointless.
The animation is very good for the main characters and only in some episodes. Some other episodes of the series have horrible art that I could hardly stand to watch. Also the supporting characters are drawn somewhat carelessly and usually appear very ugly.
The music is catchy and fun to sing along to if you know the lyrics.
In all I recommend that you rent this movie if you can, rather than buy it, there are far better anime out there to spend your money on. However if you're one of those bishonen crazed fans, then this is the anime for you.

Last updated Thursday, April 19 2001. Created Saturday, October 21 2000.

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