JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (OVA)

Title:JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (OVA)
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About a hundred years after his cataclysmic battle against one of the Joestar family, the vampire Dio has been fished out of the ocean and freed. Thus begins the adventure for Jotaroa as he learns from his grandfather of a long running family feud with Dio, a feud which has taken the life of father. The Joestar family has been cursed with a special terrifying psychic ability which allows them call forth a spirit warrior (they call them STANDs) to fight on their behalf. An ability which may permit them defeat Dio.

OVA, 1993, 6 episodes.

In 2000, 7 additional OVA episodes released under the title of JoJo`s Bizarre Adventure (2000) which have been described as a continuation of the story.

See also: JoJo no Kimyo na Boken: Phantom Blood (Movie, 2000)

[edit] The Jojo's Bizarre Adventure franchise:

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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:854#967]
I am currently reviewing this series, and it is looking very good .. (if you are into violence and dark drama ..)
more later

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