Dirty Pair: The Movie

Title:Dirty Pair: The Movie
Dirty Pair: Project Eden
Original Dirty Pair: Project Eden
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Notables: KOBAYASHI Osamu
MORI Kouji

Yuri and Kei bust thieves attempting to sell stolen Vizorium, a rare metal that is used in warp cores. In the process, one thief gets away and an orbiting station ringed around the planet is destroyed. Undaunted, the pair move to find out the cause of a dispute between the cities of Edia (the miners of Vizorium) and Uldas (creators of the mining technologies). It seems that monsters have begun to attack facilities and no one knows for sure who's behind the attacks.

Heading to the site of one of the attacks on the dark planet Agerna, Yuri and Kei find they are not alone. The thief Carson D. Carson, who previously escaped their custody, is also at the site and looking for something other than Vizorium this time. After being attacked by monsters, Yuri, Kei, and Carson are forced to join forces as they come upon the well-shielded lab of the mad scientist Professor Wattsman. Where are these monsters coming from? Who is behind the attacks? What is Professor Wattsman after? And what is the secret behind the crystal Sadinga and the metal Vizorium?

Movie, ~90 min.

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Watch 7 6 6 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:732#1552]
More Dirty Pair, eh? Project Eden was the only movie outing that the franchise received that shows off all the typical elements you can find of the franchise (fan service from the girls, collateral damage, the two girls in action), though it felt like segments of the movie seemed to be added as padding to drag the movie's length out as it showed off the very 80s soundtrack used in the film during montages of Yuri and Kei in action or surreal animated sequences during the intro and ending of the film. Essentially, this movie's only likely to please Dirty Pair fans.

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Rent 7 8 8 5 6 AstroNerdBoy [series:732#436]

Ah, more fun and destruction from Yuri and Kei, THE Dirty Pair. This time we are given a 90-minute movie for them to play in and play they do. As is typical with a Dirty Pair story, it only serves as a vehicle to carry the action. The story isn't so much interesting as watching Yuri and Kei work their way through the story. Typical stuff, yet it always is fun for me to watch.

On the serious downside is the horrible 80's music used in this movie. In order to stretch the time out, there are a few lengthy musical interludes playing cheesing 80's music which will germinate inside your brain like a virus and grow. *shudder* To make it worse, some of the songs are in English thus ensuring English viewers (even on the Japanese audio) will have at least one of these awful songs in thier head for a while. I think the worst one was in the climactic battle at the end. And if that weren't bad enough, some of the incidental music wasn't good either.

Still, one doesn't watch any Dirty Pair title for anything other than fanservice, both sexual (Yuri and Kei's various outfits) and the non-sexual (ships, tech, guns, explosions). So with that in mind, I'll forgive the horrid music this time.

Bottom line: fans of the classic Dirty Pair series won't be disappointed. There's plenty of action and plenty of Yuri and Kei doing what they do best.

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