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Title:Dirty Pair Flash
Dirty Pair Flash OAV
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Notables: KOSEKI Hazime
KOUDA Mariko
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)

Kei and Yuri are incompetent members of the 3WA organization. Yuri is constantly late for work and often doesn't even bother showing up. Kei has disciplinary problems. Both have been suspended from 3WA many times. Forced to team together against their will, they are assigned the legendary code name of "Lovely Angels". But Yuri is mainly only interested in dates and Kei is only interested in not being bested at gunplay. Can this duo stop bickering long enough to actually get the job done and stop Waldess? And what happened to the original Lovely Angel team?

[6 OAV episodes]

3:34min Series Opening & Ending - YouTube Video
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Watch 7 6 7 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:513#1552]
My previous impression of this series was from having seen it over a decade earlier. Now having seen all earlier installments of the Dirty Pair franchise, I guess I can say my thoughts from years ago aren't much different here. This attempt at a 90s revamp of Yuri and Kei water down their characters where they are more obnoxious and somewhat more incompetent with their jobs. Granted, the series was notable in that our two heroines were known to cause frequent collateral damage with their cases. But Yuri and Kei in the original series at least were competent detectives who made for a cohesive team despite their occasional spats and personality quirks. Here though, Kei's much more hotheaded and not afraid to break protocol to get what she wants, while Yuri is nowhere as smart as she was from her original counterpart and would care more for trying to sneak off for a date in most instances. This OVA is a first for the franchise in that it features an ongoing plot where the 3WA cross paths with a corporate CEO with ties to a criminal syndicate. The plot's nothing groundbreaking and the OVA is more focused on developments with Yuri and Kei. The comedy with this didn't get me laughing too much, except for a crazy scene from episode 5 involving a 3WA case at a spaceport. Beyond that, not much else to say. While I'm not a big Dirty Pair fan myself, you'd be better off just tracking down anything from the original 80s anime if you want to see more of the franchise.

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Watch 7 7 8 7 6 6 AstroNerdBoy [series:513#436]

This isn't Dirty Pair as you might remember it. This remake of that classic anime took things down a few notches. Yuri often whines about missing dates because her 3WA job gets in the way. The way her seiyuu Kouda Mariko plays her in a soft-spoken way just makes her even more annoying -- like the co-worker who never wants to do any work! Kei is not much better with her complaining about other things. The original series had Yuri and Kei argue but not because they hated each other or were selfish, but because they were very competitive and wanted to be the best. But they were a good team. This Yuri and Kei are a team of luck where their raw tallents for an energy weapon (Kei) and an energy sword (Yuri) help them get by.

The main story itself is uninspired and rather uninteresting. A businessman named Waldess wants to make the galaxy in his own image and get rid of the filth he sees around him. To do this, he's going to use the massive communications station his company builds called Siren. The "B" story deals with the former 3WA team that was known as Lovely Angels, but it will be very obvious where that goes. In fact, there's nothing unobvious in this tale. There is no way you can miss the signs that say, "HERE'S AN IMPORTANT THING YOU NEED TO KNOW AS IT WILL COME UP LATER!!!" So in the end, this becomes just fluff.

The DVD was a bit disappointing. The video quality had not been cleaned up and as a result, this looked like a VHS-Rip. But all six episodes are on one DVD, though when you come to the end of an episode, you'll have to watch the preview for the next episode as it won't let you chapter-skip to the next episode.

Bottom line: A step down from the original. People unfamilar with the original series may get a slightly higher enjoyement factor. Also, the newer look of this over it's 80's counterpart will be a plus for many.

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