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Dirty Pair Flash

Kei and Yuri are incompetent members of the 3WA organization. Yuri is constantly late for work and often doesn't even bother showing up. Kei has disciplinary problems. Both have been suspended from 3WA many times. Forced to team together against their will, they are assigned the legendary code name of "Lovely Angels". But Yuri is mainly only interested in dates and Kei is only interested in not being bested at gunplay. Can this duo stop bickering long enough to actually get the job done and stop Waldess? And what happened to the original Lovely Angel team?

Dirty Pair Flash 2

The new Yuri and Kei continue their adventures as the legendary team known as Lovely Angels. This time they are given the unglamorous assignment of being the bodyguards for a gifted programmer named Touma. The main computer on the 20th Century Earth theme park planet (World's World) has been infected with a powerful virus and since Touma created the system, he is the natural choice to fix the problem. Unfortunately, things are more complicated as someone is out to kill Touma. Further complicating matters are ghosts, con artists, a local florist, and an AI computer program. Will Yuri and Kei be able to protect Touma? Will Touma find the woman of his dreams? Will you care when this DVD is over?

Dirty Pair Flash 3

Yuri and Kei return as the legendary Lovely Angels in this third OAV series. This time, Kei is forced to become a surrogate mother while Yuri, complaining about missing a date, comes to the rescue. Then a cute 15-year old female assassin comes to take them out causing Yuri to get angry about being stood up for a date, before coming to the conclusion that her beauty must have caused the killer to go insane. Then, the pair are assigned to a beach volleyball tournament where Yuri worries about messing up her perfect figure (and thus lose dates). Then Yuri has to be there for an extremely rich wussy kid who's Yuri-bot was accidentally destroyed by Kei. Yuri figures to score big on this mission. But does the kid like the robot better or another girl? And finally, some loser thug wants to kill Kei and Yuri's boss, meaning Yuri will have to miss more dates. But it beats writing apology letters by hand.

Dirty Pair Flash Mission 2 Watch See Dirty Pair Flash 2
Dirty Pair Flash Mission 3 Watch See Dirty Pair Flash 3
Dirty Pair Flash OAV Watch See Dirty Pair Flash
Dirty Pair Flash: Angels at World's End Watch See Dirty Pair Flash 2
Dirty Pair Flash: Random Angels Watch See Dirty Pair Flash 3

Dragon Half
Rent A dragon-half girl (she's half-dragon, that is) named Mink seeks to become human and love her hero, Dick Saucer! - ehhh, who happens to be a dragon-slayer. Meanwhile she comes into opposition with Saucer's other fan, a ... slime-half??

Fushigi no Kuni no Miyuki-chan
Watch Miyuki Chan gets into the mirror

Haunted Junction
Buy Saito High School is haunted, and it is up to the Holy Student Council to keep the spirits at bay. Led by Hatoru (Son of a Christian Priest, and wanting nothing more than to quit the insanity of the council and be a "normal student) with the ahem help of Mutsuki (the Daughter of a Shinto Priest, with a perverted fetish for boys under 12), Kazumi (Son of a Buddhist monk, who always seems to get possessed by some spirit or another), plus seven friendly spirits, Hatoru and company fight the forces of evil--in their own way...
HAUNTED じゃんくしょん Buy See Haunted Junction

Buy Yuuichi is a high school student who can't remember much of his past. When he returns to the town he used to visit to live with relatives, his past catches up with him as he meets various girls, some of which he knew as a kid. And with time, more and more questions are demanding an answer: What is it that Ayu is searching so desperately but can't remember? Why does Kaori claim not to have a sister? Why can't Makoto remember the reason for the grudge she bears Yuuichi? Why is Nayuki trying to keep a stray cat? Why has Mai to fight monsters every night, leaving traces of her battles all over the schoolyard? And why did Yuuichi forget so many things about his past? Prepare for finding out that there aren't simple answers for certain questions, and keep your tissues within reach.

Kanon (2006)
Buy One snowy winter's day... I sit on a bench near the station, waiting to meet my cousin Nayuki Minase; it`s been seven years since I last saw her.This place is far from the town where I was born and lived until yesterday. This is where Nayuki lives with her mother, who has offered to take me in, now that I am forced to move so suddenly. And this is the town in which my faintest, cloudiest childhood memories are set...
Kanon Remake Buy See Kanon (2006)
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