Mamotte Shugogetten

Title:Mamotte Shugogetten
Protect Me, Heavenly Moon Guardian!
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Notables: KAWASUMI Ayako
KOUDA Mariko
After peering into the magical artifacts sent by his father from China, Tasuke awakens two goddesses. One is humble and kind, the other brash and very outgoing. They have been rivals for 2000 years, and in their sworn duty to protect Tasuke, they create constant turmoil for him and his friends instead.

22 TV Episodes
Animation by Toei Animation

Also see OVA sequel - Denshin Mamotte Shugogetten!
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Buy 9 9 9 7 7 Carrot [series:153#548]
Have a very similar story line to Oh my goddess. The character were cute and the story was funny and quite predictable. A nice relaxing series, don't need to do much thinking.

Last updated Monday, May 05 2003. Created Monday, May 05 2003.
Buy 9 9 9 9 9 Anonymous #130 [series:153#130]
haven't seen too much (only 6 episodes) But it really reminds me of Oh My Goddess, a refreshing story. I hope i get to see more :\

Last updated Thursday, January 25 2001. Created Thursday, January 25 2001.
Watch 5 6 6 7 5 Bryan [series:153#14]
I didn't intend to order this show. Or, rather, I thought it was something else when I did.

It really is not all that bad however, and I could never give anything featuring the acting talents of Kouda Mariko (Miki-chan!) too low of a rating. However, this is one anime that is aimed at a very young audience. As such, it really didn't do a lot for me.

The overview really says it all. There is Tasuke, whose father is an archaeologist putzing around in China. As he comes across various, magical, artifacts he mails them home to his son. From these objects come Shaorin, a "shugogetten" or, I think, a moon goddess. Next comes Ruuan, a sun goddess. The two have a long history of opposing one another for different masters. This time they are both called forth by Tasuke, and thus sworn to protect him. Ruuan, the "Mean Goddess" (not really mean, just sort of selfish and quarrelsome) tries to come between Tasuke and Shaorin, while the "Nice Goddess" Shaorin just goes around being nice (well, what would you expect form Miki-chan?).

Over the course of the first 8 episodes, they do what goddess do in anime... decimate their surroundings. They level Tasuke's house, his school, his school festival, his school again. Well, you get the picture. Ruuan can animate anything. This involves the "romanced" object sprouting a face and little, vestigial appendages. This is way too cute for my tastes, registering quite high on the cringe-ometer. I did like Rishu, this hyper-cute, diminutive "transmitter" that Shaorin uses to track Tasuke's movements. This is just a tiny little girl whose voice can only be heard by Shaorin.

The supporting cast is completely unoriginal. There is the "Bad Girl" who has a thing for Tasuke, the dashing rival, the two lecherous school chums etc...

The character designs were quite simple, a cut above Pokeman, but definitely a little below average. Shaorin was kind of cute in a vaguely Ruri-ish sort of way. Her wardrobe looks suspiciously like she lifted it from Video Girl Ai. The backgrounds are not very well done. Nothing very stylized here, more like average Saturday morning fare. Thus my low rating as MS is simply a pale reflection of a lot of other similar stuff.

The humor was, again, aimed at a young audience. None-the-less, there are a couple of good laughs each episode. There is also a little more Japanese culture than usual in the series. This is kind of neat, with references to various types of food and traditions. Shaorin has a battery of cute little, uhm, I guess you would call them helper spirits. This include a flying dragon, two little guys in a tank and a very hungry bird. I think all of these all have some basis in Japanese/Chinese culture, though being completely naive about these things, I can't say what.

The op and ed are kind of catchy, though the background music is vanilla synthesizer.

Last updated Thursday, May 18 2000. Created Thursday, May 18 2000.

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