Kanon: Kaza Hana

Title:Kanon: Kaza Hana
Kanon: Kazahana
カノン 風花
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Notables: HORIE Yui
KOUDA Mariko
Original Concept - KEY
SEKI Tomokazu
Yuuichi and ALL of the girls are back for this special episode. The events (appear to) take place just prior to the end of episode 13 of Kanon where Ayu and Yuuichi have their date. A few minutes are spent getting the viewer a look at each girl and what they are currently doing.

[OAV, 2002, 1 episode, 20 min. This is a special sequel episode made for those Japanese fans of Kanon who spent a ton of money buying Kanon products.]
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Watch 8 8 7 7 7 7 Dreamer [series:682#2279]
After watching the series, I picked this one up even though the series didn't get a high rating from me. However, I was simply curious to see what this would reveal in the world of Kanon.

After watching it... it didn't reveal anthing new. It simply was more or less a piece of entertainment for Kanon fans.

As for my typical remarks on the various characters like art, animation, etc, etc, see my review on Kanon here.

Overall, it was still fun to watch.

Last updated Monday, May 11 2009. Created Monday, May 11 2009.
Watch 8 7 7 8 6 Ggultra2764 [series:682#1552]
This OAV seems to be an extra treat for fans of the 2002 Kanon series. The events of the OAV appear to take place on the same day as Yuuichi's date with Ayu following her hospital recovery. Viewers are re-introduced to the characters as there are glimpses of how they are doing following the events of the series.

There's nothing new revealed in this OAV episode so unless you are a big fan of anything associated with Kanon, this will only be worth a single watch as a farewell to the 2002 anime adaptation of the popular Key storybook game.

Last updated Friday, March 28 2008. Created Friday, March 28 2008.
Rent 8 7 9 7 8 5 Devil Doll [series:682#752]
This cute special seems to be a compensation for the way several of the lead characters had left the stage during the story of Kanon. Although all the girls' problems had been identified, in not even one case there had been a solution of which we could be certain to have a lasting effect; so it is a relief for the fans to see all of the characters being "alive and well" (or whatever the equivalent might be in the case of Makoto).

The 'reports' about the state of Mai & Sayuri, Kaori & Kitagawa and Makoto & Mishio are of minor importance to me; then again I was really happy to see Akiko walk around again. And what a fun it is to see Ayu, the girl who always refers to herself als "boku", complain about looking like a boy...

But what I consider most important about this special is that it presents two scenes that are really missing in the series. First of all, we see Shiori-chan talking to Ayu-san, and while Shiori considers Ayu her senpai it is her who shows initiative this time. Second, we see Yuuichi and Nayuki having a talk at last, instead of leaving so many things unsaid.
Still, these two scenes might well have had much more content, so I am a little disappointed about what they made of it.

So half of this 20 minutes special is just music, trailer, and mood; Kazahana provides some bits of information but cannot match any regular series episode in respect of content.

Last updated Friday, April 08 2005. Created Sunday, January 25 2004.
Rent 9 9 8 8 7 Jan-Chan [series:682#967]
Another 20 minutes of animated bliss for those fervent Kanon fans who cannot get enough. With almost a retrospective or nostalgic view, each of the special people and loves in Yuuichis life are briefly revisited and reviewed. And even Makoto, the first love in Yuuichis life, manages to make magical appearance.
It ends with Ayu waiting to meet Yuuichi at that special bench near the train station, and their situation and conversation coincides with the last closing scene of the 13th (final)episode, which gives it a very ephemeral (surreal or short lived) feeling.
My take is that this episode works to be the reprise (or closure) that is missing in the Kanon series. With a feeling a slow moving river or a gentle breeze on a hot summer afternoon, each of the five young ladies tied to Yuuichi are revisited on the same day, or same afternoon or perhaps even in the same few moments in time. The events in this episode, while being very personal to each of the different characters, dont really add up to a story line, but generate a feeling that existed when we first met Yuuichi in the first episode. With this feeling, we can end the series with an understanding that everything and everyone is OK in Yuuichis world, (and that even Makoto is happy is her meadow.)
If you are a Kanon fan, then you will find a good measure of enjoyment in this episode. If not, one could easily feel that it is a beautifully animated waste of time.

Last updated Monday, January 12 2004. Created Monday, January 05 2004.
Rent 9 9 8 8 6 AstroNerdBoy [series:682#436]

This is another one of those OAV episodes done for fans of the series. I'm working on confirming this, but it seems this episode actually takes place just prior to the date that Yuuichi and Ayu go on in the 13th episode of Kanon. So all the episode does is give us a look at the five girls Yuuichi was romantically linked with INCLUDING Makoto! There's no explaination for this, but there you go. I liked seeing Makoto again, but after her departure in the TV series, I didn't see that possible. But then this is Kanon where anything is possible. Should they do more episodes at some point, an exploration of Makoto is in order.

So, is this episode needed veiwing? No. But if you loved Kanon and are reading my review, you most likely are really wanting to see the episode anyway...like me. There's no story as that's not the point. As I mentioned, we get a look at all the girls and where they are now. Then Yuuichi meets Ayu for their date and that's that.

Bottom line: Strictly for fans of Kanon. While I give this a "Rent", should Kanon be licensed in R1, I will want it included in the DVD set.

Last updated Sunday, November 14 2004. Created Monday, October 27 2003.

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